Level 1 Guy: Chapter 303 – Dungeon City Tennessine

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At night, inside the salon of the mansion.

It has been awhile since I’ve chill with my teammates after an important job.


Right now, we’re inside Emily’s space.

Even though it’s at night, there still lingers a soft and gentle warming light that can lift anyone’s fatigue out.


“G-Good job out there Ryouta-san.” (Elza)

“Ah, thanks Elza.” (Ryouta)

“Here you go.” (Ena)

“Ena too.” (Elza)


The two besties of the Swallow’s Repayment has joined in.

When I received a glass from Ena, Elza too was holding onto glasses of beer.


“Ah, I’m sorry.” (Ryouta)

“No, it’s alright. Ah, I remember Ryouta-san teaching me that drinking beer cold is delicious, so I did it.” (Elza)

“Did I?” (Ryouta)


The beer was properly draft.

To be honest, I wasn’t used to drinking beers that aren’t cold over here. 

If I’m in a pub, I would call for a cold beer, but most of the time I would just drink it as is.


Beer is tasty as is, so trying to get a European style beer is but a dream for now.


“So you chilled it for me.” (Ryouta)

“Yes!” (Elza)

“Do you know that this girl went and purposely bought a Magic Fruit just to learn some ice——-” (Ena)

“Wa! Wa! Wa! Wa! Enaaaa!!!” (Elza)


Ena screamed as she tried to bury Ena’s words.

Seeing a bright red Elza, Ena smiled cunningly with her successful teasing.


“Magic Fruit? Just for this?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, I thought it would be impossible to get the Ice magic on the first try, but I did it..” (Elza)

“Seriously…….” (Ryouta)

“That’s not the case~” (Aurum)


Elza declined while shaking her head, then Aurum interrupted the conversation from the side.


I can see Aurum and Nihonium hugging onto Mike. And that was how it has been for the past few days. However, Mike tends to refrain from speaking, and Nihonium is still getting used to talking to others, so the conversation starter is usually Aurum.


Ena who was confused by Aurum’s words tilted her head and asked.


“Is that so?” (Ena)

“Yeap, I’m sure Ryouta gets it as well.” (Aurum)


After she said that, she pushed Nihonium towards me.

Nihonium who was caught in such a situation was showing a troubled expression where her mouth opens and closes…… It seems so.


“I get it now.” (Ryouta)

“You do, Ryouta-san?” (Elza)

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s thanks to Nihonium who could pinpoint the exact magic that’s inside the fruit.” (Ryouta)

“Heh, so that was not a fluke.” (Aurum)

“You’re kidding.” (Elza)

“Fueeee!?” (Ena)


After Aurum cleared it up, Ena made a huge cry.


“It’s unbelievable, but you did say that you’ve done it before.” (Elza)

“It’s possible, but only we can do it.” (Aurum)

“Aah, so that’s how it is. Only Spirits are able to detect it.” (Elza)

“That’s right~” (Aurum)


Aurum nodded, and Elza was finally convinced.


“Because~ What you’re trying to do is just crazy, so if I didn’t lend a helping hand, it would’ve been impossible to get it.” (Aurum)

“I don’t mind if it’s impossible……” (Elza)

“As long as you can fulfill that love of yours~~” (Ena)

“Wa! Wa! Wa- Wa- Wa!” (Elza)


This is the second time Elza has screamed out loud.

And her friend Ena was crying out loud.


“Ena!” (Elza)

“Ahahahah, I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.” (Ena)

“Muu….” (Elza)


Elza puffs her cheeks and looks away.

I have only known her during work, and I know that she’s a very capable person, but to see her acting like this off-duty, it’s really adorable.

What’s more, when she’s officially partnered with us, I could see so many sides of her that I’ve never seen before, which sort of makes me happy.


My eyes unknowingly shifted downwards, but I was careful not to look further down than my nose.


“Low level.” (Eve)

“What’s wrong Eve.” (Ryouta)


This time it was Eve who spoke.


The bunny suits wearing girl who wears that for battle.

Since she’s inside the salon, she’s wearing her bunny costume instead.


Looking at such a cute creature, I thought that it was interestingly cute in its own way.




For some reason Eve chop me on the head.


“Why did you suddenly chop me?” (Ryouta)

“Lost of carrots.” (Eve)

“Aah.” (Ryouta)

“When is Low level’s carrots going to reopen?” (Eve)

“Sorry about that, I’ll get more tomorrow for you.” (Ryouta)

“Really?” (Eve)

“Really really. As usual you love your carrots.” (Ryouta)

“I want to live together with low level in the dungeon.” (Eve)


Hearing such a powerful word from her made me skipped a beat, but I knew that wasn’t what she meant.


“Something like bringing a knife to a deserted island?” (Ryouta)

“……An auto knife?” (Eve)

“That’s too convenient! Rather, please deny the knife part.” (Ryouta)


I laughed bitterly while drinking a gulp from the cold beer that Elza brought over.


“Eve-chan, do you drink carrot juice?” (Elza)

“I do! Even if heaven and earth were to flip, and the stars, moon and sun were to swallow everything inside the dungeon, Bunny will still drink!” (Eve)

“Please don’t kill us~” (Aurum)


The Dungeon Spirit, Aurum, laughed as she objects.


“Here you go nanodesu.” (Emily)


Emily with her sweet and gentle smile, handed a cup of carrot juice to Eve.

Even then dived in tongue first, however since I’m used to such a sight, I wasn’t surprised anymore.


Seated slightly away from us was Celeste who was staring at us with a notebook, so I approached her and looked over her shoulder.


“What’s that?” (Ryouta)

“Hyaa! W-What is it Ryouta-san. Please don’t scare me like that.” (Celeste)

“Sorry about that. Anyway, what are you doing?” (Ryouta)

“I’m putting together a notebook, information about Tennessine which I’ve heard stories from Ryouta-san.” (Celeste)

“Ooh, I did hear you mentioning about it.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, I thought it would be better to have it than never. So if we’re there, you can just ask me any question.” (Celeste)


Celeste the magician.

She has the highest level of AOE magic, and the top in our family. Also, she has a high degree of knowledge about dungeons.

Including every dungeon in Shikuro, she is now even learning about the other dungeons that I’ve been to.


Then, Celeste would summarize those knowledge into the notebook.

What’s more, the notes that she’d written down were easy to understand.


“Heeh, that’s amazing of you. It’s really well done. Aah, it’s not just Tennessine that you’ve written.” (Ryouta)

“I’ve found out about other information when investigating about Tennessine.” (Celeste)

“That’s amazing. As expected of his teammate.” 

“……When did you even come here.” (Ryouta)


A face that I’m used to seeing now.

Neptune naturally participated in our conversation.

If I look closely, even the H20, Ril and Ran are here.


The two girls were drinking carrot juice that was brought out by Emily.


“Ahaha, this is a wonderful place. It’s beautiful and it calms me down. Aah, thanks Great Mom.” (Neptune)

“You are most welcome nanodesu.” (Emily)


Neptune received a drink from Emily and thanked her.


“What, Great Mom?” (Ryouta)

“That’s her 2nd nickname, didn’t you know? The underground boss of the Ryouta family, Emily, also known as Great Mom, is a super celebrity.” (Neptune)

“I knew that she was famous, but to be that famous……..” (Ryouta)


Looking at Emily, she smiled embarrassingly.

Seems like she knew about it.


“First time hearing about it.” (Ryouta)

“Isn’t it perfect for her.” (Neptune)

“Guess so.” (Ryouta)


I nodded.

I’m convinced that she would have a grand name like that.


Rather, we should just call her God Mum.


“But still, this is a nice and amazing place.” (Neptune)

“Amazing?” (Ryouta)

“I can’t believe there’s 2 spirits here, not to mention these great adventurers hanging around casually.” (Neptune)

“That’s wrong~” (Alice)


Alice who was playing with her monsters came this way.


“What’s wrong?” (Neptune)

“Mera-mera.” (Alice)

“Hm?” (Neptune)


Neptune who was confused by Alice was looking at Mera-mera at Alice’s palm.


“Mera-mera is also one of them.” (Alice)

“…..Fumu?” (Neptune)

“He’s Phosphorus.” (Ryouta)

“……..Aah.” (Neptune)


Neptune struck his hand.


“I knew about Alice Phosphorus, but I didn’t expect the spirit to look like that.” (Neptune)

“He’s been like that since the day he was born~” (Alice)

“Seems like it.” (Neptune)

“It’s thanks to Ryouta, right Mera-mera~” (Alice)


Mera-mera sparkled with flames.


“No no no, I didn’t do that much.” (Ryouta)


Looking at Neptune’s expression, it was something familiar, so I asked.


“What happened?” (Ryouta)

“Hmm, seems like I can’t fool you. There’s nothing wrong, but there’s something I want to propose to you about something.” (Neptune)

“A proposal?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, I’ve thought about various ways, and you’re the only one I can ask.” (Neptune)

“I’m scared of how you hold me so highly.” (Ryouta)

“No, this time there’s no danger involved, that I promise.” (Neptune)

“That scares me even more…. So what is it?” (Ryouta)

“Would you like to purchase Tennessine?” (Neptune)


At that moment, the inside of the salon was dead silent.

Neptune and his mate closed their eyes and looked at us.


By the way, the only person that wasn’t interested was Eve.


“What happened?” (Ryouta)

“After my client heard of the report, he wanted to build a human pillar method.” (Neptune)

“…..For real?” (Ryouta)


Human pillar.


I understood what it meant.

Since it was I who solved the mysteries of Tennessine.


No, we did.

Remembering back how the black company used humans as livestock, this time they want to create a “human pillar”.


“And that’s kinda, a no no. So the only way I thought of that can prevent that from happening is to buy Tennessine.” (Neptune)

“I get it now.” (Ryouta)


I think for a moment while my friends were watching.


Suddenly, I saw Eve.

I remembered the conversation with her.


It gave me one possibility.

But I had to think of how to make that a reality.


“I wonder how.” (Neptune)

“Moreover.” (Ryouta)

“Hm?” (Neptune)

“Let’s make a town.” (Ryouta)

“A town?” (Neptune)

“Yes, a town in Tennessine.” (Ryouta)


Now that was an unexpected answer that Neptune was stunned.


After awhile, he returned with his usual smile.


“You really are a wonderful person after all.” (Neptune)

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