Cut&Paste: Chapter 278 – Prison Dungeon (5)

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With the permission of Nidhogg, we proceed onward to the next floor.


Different from the previous floors we faced above, this floor has one narrow passage leading us.

And, at the end of that passage, I can feel the presense of another dragon. However, it wasn’t just 1, but 2 of them.









Two-handed Axe・Holy

Weapon Arts:Jet・Cyclone

Dragon Language














Two-Handed Sword・Holy

Weapon Arts:Resolution

Dragon Language







「Be careful everyone, there’s 2 dragons this time.」

「Hmm, I will defeat them this time round」


When I was warning them about the dragons, Pillows couldn’t even wait as she held her Almas Sword up and declared.


「Alright, can I leave it to you and Aisha to defeat them?」


It’ll be a 2v2, plus Aisha has a buckler with her now.


Pillows is considered a power fighter amongst us. Even if the opponent is a two handed fighter, I don’t think she’ll lose to them.


「Pillows, you’ll protect Aisha while fighting.」

「Yeah yeah I know. I will never let them lay a finger on her.」


As they lead the way, we moved forward and saw the two dragons ahead.


「Huh, we know that you’re gonna be fighting us! But you can’t even fly can you?」


Laughing cynically, they lift their axe and sword up.


「Do you know? It’s much advantageous to fight in the sky….. And obviously we can fly! So you understand your position? Hahaha! !」


Ignoring their taunts, Pillows held the Almas Sword in the middle.


「Stop bullshitting and start coming.」


With her mocking personality, the two dragons were worked up by her words, as they charged towards her.


To put it simply, the attack of an axe and a sword is different.

Normally, it takes 1 swing from the axe to defeat Pillows.


And this is a two-handed weapon, so the length and weight of it is much heavier. However, the damage output is far higher compared to any other weapons.

The two-handed axe is considered the best weapon among the two-handed category, but the swing is slow. Whereas for Pillows, her one handed weapon is quick, but the damage output is low.


……However, what they did not know is that Pillows has obtained power through her fallen into darkness skill.

What’s more, the slender sword that she’s using isn’t just some sword, it’s a sword that a dragon once used.

It’s a sword that is comparable to even the Linus Sword.


「Danna-sama, Pillows seems to be at a disadvantage」


Sylphy worriedly spoke beside me.


It’s true that she’s at a disadvantage. Both physically and the weapon of choice. What’s more, the opponent is fighting in the sky, and she has to protect Aisha as well.

As Skyjetter flew up into the sky, Aisha released her arrows at the same time.


「Weapon Arts:Arching・Meteor」


With her bow, the Shining Shooting Star, she let out rains of arrows from the ceiling, which became huge flaming balls as it drops down.

What’s more, the ball bounces off the ground and flew towards Skyjetter.

Countless arrows hit him, and the Skyjetter flew back to the ground in a weakened state.

With that chance, Pillows ran straight to the Skyjetter and sliced his head in half.

Then, holding the axe, she threw it towards me.


「Next is you huh.」


Pillows immediately rushed towards the Grandjetter.


Aisha on the other hand, rushed to the wall like Sylphy, and used the wall as a stepping ground to float in the air.


「What did you say just now? Something about it’s better to be fighting in the sky right?」


Aisha taunts the Grandjetter as she fired one arrow at him.

It was a normal arrow without any arts, and only her【Bow・Holy】skill, which flew in the middle of his chest.

The Grandjetter shouted angrily as he wield his sword and swung the arrow down. 


Lurking in the shadow, Pillows was already behind him.


「What happened to your arrogance?」


However, he swung his sword immediately towards Pillows who was behind him, which made Pillows moved backwards.

Thinking that Pillows was about to be hit, Aisha once again fired another arrow at the arms of the Grandjetter, which shifted his trajectory.


Not wasting this opportunity, Pillows spun her body and using that momentum to slice the Grandjetter.


The sword beautifully sliced the body in half, and it fell down onto the ground like lumps of meat.


「Phew, sorry Aisha, and thanks for the help.」


At the end, they managed to defeat the dragons.

As expected of Aisha’s bow skills.


Pillows stood up again, then with the two-handed sword on her hand, she threw it to me again.

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