Cut&Paste: Chapter 277 – Prison Dungeon (4)

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「If you came all the way here, it means that you have defeated even Warrior Isgebind?」


The two-handed sickle dragon, Tiger Bane, said with what seemed to be a bad mood on his end.


「We’re here under the instructions of the Divine Beast, Jormungandr-sama, and we mean you no harm. But it seems like you’re not going to retreat either?」


No matter how hard I tried explaining to him, it seems like he just smiled and choose to ignore my words.


「Even if you mean us no harm, we have our own agenda. Which is to fight with strong opponents.」


Well, I guess there’s no avoiding this one either.


「Which means we have to fight no matter what?」

「Of course, we will not forgive anyone who tries to get close to our king.」


『Well Kuu, I’ll leave him to you.』


While the Dragon was swinging its huge sickle round and round and approaching us, Kuu flew there slowly and nonchalantly.


Since it was the first time he saw a whale type monster, he froze and was stunned by the appearance.


Not giving up on this opportunity, Kuu immediately dashed out her【Bubble Shower】skill.


The countless amounts of bubbles that Kuu let out headed towards the Tiger Bane.


「What the, are you saying that this pink thing is going to be my opponent? Are you belittling me?」


「We’re not looking down on you. Kuu is one of our best fighters, and in terms of ranking, she would be the first or second. Plus, she’s the daughter of the Divine Beast, Cetus-sama.」


After replying to him, the Tiger Bane let out a growl, then used his sickle to wipe off the【Bubble Shower】.


However, the【Bubble Shower】was reflected by the huge Sickle, and it flew to a different direction.


Kuu saw it as an opportunity to use【Divine Beast’s Rush】by rushing straight towards the Tiger Bane and smack him right in the solar plexus.


The Tiger Bane who took a direct hit spewed blood out of his mouth, and kneeled on the spot.


『It’s Kuu’s win! Ky- kyu kyu kyu, kyuu kyuu ky- kyu kyuuuuuu!』(TLN: If you can guess what that is, I’ll give you a virtual high five)


「Our Kuu has won the battle, do you still want to continue?」


I slowly walked towards him and said, while he still had a smile on his face even after taking a substantial amount of damage to his solar plexus.

Then, he slowly bring himself up whilst holding onto his stomach, turned towards Kuu who was beside me and bowed down, admitting defeat.


「Oh wow~, that is one strong attack you have there!……I don’t think I can handle another one. It’s my lost. Sorry yeah, for saying that yer looking down at me before the fight.」


When he said those words, Kuu was undoubtedly flushed with happiness, as she swam around and spun around us. Then, she went to pick up the huge sickle and handed it to Tiger Bane.


「Take this as your reward. I don’t need it anymore.」




Even though Kuu took the trouble to take the sickle for him, he didn’t accept it. Thus, Kuu had huge droplets of tears running down from her eyes.


「I just have a question. What happened to Isgebind-sama?」

「I defeated him.」

「Are you going to defeat our King as well?」


By King, does he mean the dragon race that is further down the path?

But compared to Isgebind, there were no changes to the temperature, which means it’s not an attributed dragon.


「Is there a way for us to prevent a fight once we head onward? Or maybe you can tell us the dragons that we’re going to be facing?」

「I will never relay any information about my King.」

「Got it. Well, then I guess we shall proceed then.」


Going forward through the hall that we fought against the Tiger Bane, I felt a huge presence ahead.









Magic Damage Absorption

Spike Flail




Paralyze Blaze


(Image of what it looks humanoid v.s actual dragon)


This is the dragon we’re gonna be facing next.

Even though it has no attributes, but this【Magic Damage Absorption】is an incredible skill.


As I expected, even though its level is high, but I feel like I can use the same method to defeat it similar to how I fought with Isgebind.


Before even meeting with him, better【Cut】his skills first.

Originally, I’m here for their skills, so it’s not like I want to fight with them.


Since I have the Dragon Language that I’ve obtained from the previous Isgebind, I decided to converse with Nidhogg.


『Nice to meet you, my name is Myne, and I came here under the guidance of Jormungandr-sama.』


『I have heard from Jormungandr-sama that you’re here to take away our skills……』

『Yes, and I will apologize in advance as I have already taken your skills.』


『I see, so that is how you defeated Isgebind. Are you going to fight with me as well?』


『No, I would just like to head to the next floor without fighting.』

『Where you want to head next is our King, the Dragon King. So, if you pass through me without doing anything, I will be punished by my King.』

『It is not as though we are here to take your lives. So please, retreat for the time being.』

『……Alright, I shall allow it.』


So, I pasted【Spike Flail】and【Paralyze Blaze】onto Kuu, and 【Magic Damage Absorption】on Sasha.

Last, I pasted【Flight】on myself.






Flight new!






Spike Flail new!



Paralyze Blaze new!



Name:Sasha Lion・Fortuna



Magic Damage Absorption new!






Blood・Weapon new!

Two-handed Sickle・Extreme new!

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