Cut&Paste: Chapter 276 – Prison Dungeon (3)

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Pillows stopped me from using【Cut】on the Isgebind.


「What’s wrong Pillows?」


As I genuinely asked what was wrong, Pillows thought for a moment before answering with.


「You still have something you have to do, right?」


I was further confused as I have no idea what she was saying, but she hinted another thing after saying the word「Chimera」to me.


Chimera? What in the world?


「Myne-kun, are you sure you don’t want it to turn into an undead?」


Aisha finally told me what Pillows was hinting at.


「Aah, I get what you mean now. Instead of making the Isgebind into a material, I should see whether I can turn it into an undead right?」


That is another option I can go for.


If it really turns undead, I can again increase my party’s fighting prowess, and I can still take the materials if it were to die.


But then again, I don’t think I can just take a 10 ton Dragon into my storage bag and bring it back home.


This calls for a new larger storage bag to be made in the future.

For now, let’s turn the Isgebind into an undead.


When I used【Turn Undead】on the Isgebind, its body was bathed in white, before soaking into a more light purplish colour, and finally it turned full black and rose up, roaring in the process.

It slowly walked towards me, then sat down without moving an inch.


Then, I used【Repatriation of the Dead】which immediately made the huge undead disappear before us.


「Dear! What did you just do to it?」

「Myne-dono, what just happened?」


Sasha and Sheila were shocked, and fired questions after questions towards me.


Luckily, Sylphy saved me by explaining everything to them.


「Well, about that……..」


With that, I can call out 2 undeads, the Chimera and the Isgebind.


Both undead are at least an S Class monster, so I can’t really summon them anytime I like. 


……I can’t believe Pillows would remember something like that. Even I have forgotten I have that skill……I guess I didn’t even use this skill after【Cut】it right?

……Seems like I still have a lot to learn about utilizing the skills I have.

It would be a lost for me if I didn’t know I can use my skills for a greater purpose instead of mindlessly doing the same thing every time.


「Let’s keep going onward.」


Once I was done with the job, Pillows urged us to move onwards as she leads the way.


I’m sure there are even more sub-type Dragons down the next floor.


「I’ll fight the next Humanoid Dragon.」


Pillows declared once more.


「But Pillows, you can’t fly right?」


She doesn’t have Ciel Soulier equipped.


「Even if I can’t fly or float, I can still win on my own.」

「You can leave the next fight to me.」


Sylphy cut in without hesitation.


「Don’t be stupid, it’s my turn next, so be a good girl and stay put.」


Pillows did not give up as she put up a fight.


「…… Pause for the both of you! If you continue to quarrel, I’ll be the one fighting.」


「KyuKyuKyuKyuKyuuuuuu, it’s not good to fight amongst each other, so please make up with each other! 」


Kuu flew between the two of them and tried to stop them both.


As a matter of fact, Pillows can’t fight in the air, only Aisha and Sylphy could potentially do so.


But since Aisha doesn’t have any defence, but only offensive moves, I don’t want her to risk herself.


If I fight, I have【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to move around, plus I have a ton of long range magic to fight as well, so even if I can’t fly, I can still handle myself.

So, the only ones who can fight airborne enemies are Aisha, Sylphy, Waffle, Kuu and me. And if I think about it, the next fight should be Kuu.


「I want Kuu to handle the next fight.」


『Kyu? Kyuu Kyuu~ Onii-sama, are you sure?』


For some reason, she asked me in a worrying manner.


『Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.』


……With that out of the way, we move onto the next floor.


When we arrived the next floor, we are met with another Dragon.





Race:Dragon Tribe





Two-handed Sickle・Extreme

Dragon Language






So he wields a huge sickle as a weapon.

It’s a rather rare weapon.

I wonder if there’s anyone who uses those as weapons?


……Let’s see whether it’s some good weapon?





Grade:Destruction Class



Description: Deals 10 times the damager occasionally


Weapon Arts:Catastrophe Excella



Wow, this comes with a special Weapon Arts!!

I’m not too familiar with sickles, but isn’t this an incredible weapon?

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