Level 1 Guy: Chapter 300 – Relief

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Looking at the Slime trying its best to go down the staircase but failed, I spoke to Mike.


“Can you try picking it up and see whether it can leave?” (Ryouta)

“I got it!” (Mike)


Mike then ran towards it.

When the Slime realized that Mike was closing in, it tried to attack Mike, but failed because she just opened her arms and grab the Slime.

Let’s see whether they can go down with this.


“I can’t go down as well Ryouta-sama.” (Mike)


She reported with a slightly troubled look.

Mike herself could go to any of the floors, but with the Slime, it’s as if its pulling her back to the floor.


“What did it feel like?” (Ryouta)

“Uhmm, it’s as though there’s an invisible wall that’s blocking us from going.” (Mike)

“I see. Right, try using the Transfer Gate and see.” (Ryouta)

“Aah….. I’ll try it now.” (Mike)


Mike then went up a floor and went inside the Transfer Gate, but when she arrived at the same floor and tried bringing the Slime back, it was the same result.


“It’s impossible Ryouta-sama, it’s the same feeling as before.” (Mike)

“Hmm. Alright we can stop now.” (Ryouta)


Following what I said, she brings the Slime back to me.


It’s time to try out 1 last thing.

Receiving the Slime from Mike, I tried bringing it out on my own.


Then, it felt like an invisible wall was pushing me back.

My hand managed to slip past, but it could only go as far as the palm of my hands, and it’s an odd sensation.


I tried firing the Trash Bullet towards the Slime who is near the staircase.


As usual, it moves at its own pace.

And when it reaches the Slimes body, it dents the body, but it still couldn’t get pass the staircase.


“Aah…….” (Ryouta)


A pop sound was heard.

Whoops, I overdid it.


Being sandwich by the invisible wall and the Trash Bullet, the Slime couldn’t resist it much longer, and it exploded.


“You accidentally defeated it.” (Mike)

“Ah shucks.” (Ryouta)


I bitterly laughed.


“I wonder what happens now though.” (Mike)

“Now that you mention.” (Ryouta)


When the Slime is copied, it can’t get out of that floor if the stars runs out.

So what happens to the doppelganger Slimes if the original Slime is defeated?


I immediately walked around with Mike to find out.


And it was clear what happens.


Instead of the copied Slimes, they reverted back to Shadow monsters.


“Seems like they returned back to their original form.” (Ryouta)

“It seems like it.” (Mike)

“Let’s test it one more time.” (ryouta)

“Should I go and catch another one?” (Mike)

“It’s alright, I have a faster method.” (Ryouta)


I took one Normal Bullet out and threw it far away from where we were.

After awhile, the rogue monster Slime was hatched.


I caught it, went around and find another shadow monster, then released it to let them duel.

I wanted to test it out on the Slimes again——-However.


“They didn’t change.” (Mike)

“Seems like it.” (Ryouta)


Even after supporting the Slime with the Recovery Bullet, the shadow did not take into the shape of the Slime.


Don’t tell me……..



“I knew you simply amuse me.”


During my third test, Neptune came to visit me as we have the Cockroach Slimes roaming about.


“It must be the original monster, or it won’t work, that’s why it cannot copy a rogue monster.I wouldn’t have guessed it if I were to explore it normally. First of all, we wouldn’t know for sure whether it turns into the fake version of the monster” (Neptune)

“It’s not my power, but Mike’s.” (Ryouta)

“I’m sure that kid wouldn’t have come to life if it wasn’t thanks to you.” (Neptune)


Neptune said with a smile on his face.


Mike is one of the unique monsters that I created when using the Bodore Ryouta.


“So, I see that you’ve tested out some stuff, so any additional information you’ve found?” (Neptune)


With that question, I thought about what to report to him before answering.


“First, if the shadow attacks either a human or an original monster, it will copy them. Second, if all 12 stars disappears, the original will never be able to leave the floor.” (Ryouta)

“What if they are not in their respective floor?” (Neptune)


I naturally thought of Neptune’s question. As our concerning factor is that we have our doppelgangers from the 1st till the 4th floor.


“I have Mike bring the monster back to the mansion. And after defeating all twelve of the doppelgangers, they will be forcibly summoned here.” (Ryouta)

“So they do.” (Neptune)

“But because they’re monsters, they disappear the moment they arrive.” (Ryouta)

“I see now. They’re not supposed to leave their floor, let alone their dungeons in the first place.” (Neptune)

“Which means, you’re forever trap once the stars are gone. But there’s no conclusive evidence.” (Ryouta)

“If that were really the case.” (Neptune)

“Then?” (Ryouta)

“In the future, we might need to recruit people to work permanently in the dungeon.” (Neptune)

“Huh? Ah so that’s what you mean.” (Ryouta)


I did not think of that.


I came to Tennessine in the first place to help Neptune out.

And Neptune came here to investigate the productions of this Dungeon.


Both of us came here for a different reason, so we have difference in ideas.


“You’re right. From what we’ve gathered thus far. We do need someone with low fighting power, and someone who can stay in the dungeon for all eternity.” (Ryouta)


With that sort of condition, I guess it can be done if the pay is extremely high, since the quality of the drops are top notch.


“Since they can’t leave their floor, we need to guarantee a safe and comfortable place to live.” (Neptune)

“Which means we have to collect taxes, but then——–” (Ryouta)


My eyes widen.


I don’t know why, but it was wide open.


“What’s wrong?” (Neptune)


I moved without saying anything.


I went to where Mike was, who was at a safe location safeguarding the Cockroach Slime, and defeated it, reverting the monsters on the 5th floor back to the shadow monsters.

Then, I took the Drowsy Slime and let it out to the shadow.


After attacking a few times, they all turned to Drowsy Slimes.


Defeating 6 of them, the original has half of its stars left.


“Mike, help me take this Drowsy Slime for awhile.” (Ryouta)

“Okay.” (Mike)

“What are trying to do?” (Ryouta)


Neptune was walking beside me.

Having them following me without paying them mind, we went up to the 6th floor.


The 6th floor has Dungeon Snow.

Encountering a shadow immediately, I asked Mike to release the Drowsy Slime, and the shadow attacked the Drowsy Slime.


Then, the original Drowsy Slime which was supposed to only have 6 stars, now has 12 stars.


A maximum of 12.


“Don’t tell me!” (Neptune)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)


We went back to the 5th floor again.

The Doppelganger Drowsy Slimes all returned back to shadows.


“Amazing, you never fail to amaze me.” (Neptune)


To not allow the stars to drop to zero, we can just go to a different floor and refill the stars again.

Knowing that that method exists, I breathed a sigh of relief.

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