Cut&Paste: Chapter 275 – Prison Dungeon (2)

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「Why only Danna-sama and Waffle……..Wouldn’t that be more dangerous?」


Sylphy worriedly said.


「Don’t worry about me. So, can you leave it to me without any worries? Also, I wonder what drop would the dragon give.」


I do believe I have the capabilities to defeat the Isgebind.

Waffle would disturb the enemy, and I would deal the finishing blow with Twirling.


「Ah, before I forget. When you see Waffle activates his Demon Eyes of Gravity, I want all of you to attack the Isgebind with all you got. Use whatever means you can, even throwing a rock at it is fine as well.」


I’m sure this enemy would give a ton of experience once defeated. So if they don’t participate in the battle, they won’t be able to gain any exp.

There’s no point in having only me and Waffle gaining all the exp.


「We’re all fine with that, but wouldn’t it be too hard on Sheila?」


Sylphy questioned.


Right, Sheila doesn’t have any long range attacks.


Well, I can just paste some magic for her then.


「Uhhm, for now, I’ll paste some skills on Sheila, Sasha and Pillows.」


The most important thing is to paste【Regeneration】on all three of them, followed by【10 times EXP gain】and【Unique Magic・Lightning】.


Once that’s done, I explained to them the skills that they’ve acquired.


「Can you use the skill【Unique Magic・Lightning】that I just pasted?」


「Dear……I can already use magic by myself.」

「Sasha, your magic is a wide range attack, so you might end up hitting Waffle as well.

Alright, report to me once you’ve hit it at least once.」


『Waffle, it’s time to (duel)battle.』

『Wafu! Leave it all to me!』


『Alright, for now, can you use【Flight】to fly around the Dragon and distract it first?』

『Here comes Flying Waffle, Gao~』

『Next, can you use【Demon Eyes of Gravity】to stop its movement? And I want you to continue using it until everyone has hit the Isgebind at least once.』

『Wafu! I got it!』

『Once that’s done, I’ll use【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to get behind and attack it with Shark Glow.』


That’s the gist.

When I faced against the Orc King or the Troll Gazer, this move usually seals the deal. It’s one of my strongest attack.


『Myne, I just remembered something. Isn’t it better for Myne to use the Demon Eyes of Gravity instead?』

『I’ll leave it to Waffle this time.』


「WIth that, let the battle begin!」


Declaring so, Waffle jumped with enthusiasm

Then, he started flying just above the ceiling.


『I’ll be going then!』


He said as he lift his right paw to me before flying towards the Isgebind with style.


I thought for a moment that the Isgebind did not notice Waffle flying around him, but it roared violently.


However, before it could do anything, Waffle has already activated【Demon Eyes of Gravity】to stop the Isgebind from moving.




Sylphy uses her trusty Linus Sword and pierced the Isgebind.

Then, Aisha fired her arrows, and Sheila, Pillows, and Sasha fired【Unique Magic・Lightning】at it.


Confirming that they’ve all attacked, I used【Realize】to create Twirling, then comboed with【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to get behind the Isgebind.

And with all my strength, I activated【Weapon Arts:Shark Glow】.


The Isgebind made a huge cry before falling down on the ground.

After it was defeated……




Grade:Holy Class



Remark: Deals 4 times the damage occasionally

Weapon Arts: Blue・Impulse



It’s a Holy Class weapon, it even has its own Weapon Arts.

What a good haul.


I need to thank Jormungandr-sama for this.


「Myne, there seems to be something here.」


Seems like Waffle found something on the ground.

I ran to where Waffle was, and there, a herb type of grass was growing there.



Name:Spiritual Grass

Description:A material that is used to make an Elixir. If magic and water is mixed together using 【Alchemy】, one will create an Elixir.


……What is this?


「Hey everyone, do you know anything about this Elixir thing?」


After asking, Sheila was the one who replied.


「No matter the sickness or injuries, this miracle herb will cure it all. Why would you want to know about it? 」

「…… It seems like I can create that Elixir……」


When I said that, everyone’s eyes were wide open, and jaws dropping.


「D-Danna-sama, if we have that, then can’t we cure Aeiry’s sickness?」


Sylphy said excitedly.


I picked up whatever’s left of the Spiritual Grass, and put them into my storage bag.


「Is it possible to bring the Dragon back?」


Aisha suggested as she looked at the Isgebind.

That’s true, it is kinda big to fit into my storage bag. Let’s just【Cut】it up, shall we?


Before I got to use【Cut】, Pillows stood in front of me with her hands wide open and told me to stop.

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