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TLN Note: Hopefully I remember this, but I’ll be changing the Martial Arts for the weapon skills to Weapon Arts instead, it sounds much better and makes more sense in general. I might also change all of my previous chapters if I’m free, or once I’m done with the series.


「Captain Franz, and Gantz-san, we’ll be going off, so I’ll leave taking care of the house to you then.」


Since we’re finally heading out for the dungeon, our Clan House would be thinner in numbers, and that’s why Captain Franz and Gantz-san is here to protect Amy-san and the house while we’re gone.


「「I understand. Please leave it to us.」」


Captain Franz and Gantz-san said as they placed their hand on their chest and bowed down.

There’s also a reason why I did not want to bring Captain Franz with us to the dungeon.

Since I wanted to hurry back to the Clan House once we’re done exploring the dungeon, I would like to use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to shorten the time spent travelling.


What’s more, I’ve been to the place before once with Jormungandr-sama, it was much easier to just use the movement skill to head there.


#Prison Dungeon, Basement First Floor#


「……So this is what the entrance looks like.」


There lies a splendid gate made of stone like the Dungeon of Power.

When staring at the gate, some sort of excitement rushed in me.

When using【Sense Presence・L】, I confirmed that there was a dense magic being activated on the gate.


This is by no means a new dungeon at all.


「Danna-sama, are you not going to enter?」


Sylphy already has her Linus Sword on her hands, itching to enter as she spoke to me.


「Alright, let’s go!」


I said, as we stormed into the entrance together.


『Myne, something’s coming.』


Waffle warned me as he sensed something with his nose.


Yeah, it seems that【Sense Presence・L】is picking up something.

Something is coming towards us just 50 meters away.


Using【Sight Strengthening】to confirm the target, I then used 【Appraisal】on it.





Race:Dragon Tribe




One-handed sword・Holy

Shield Art・Holy

Dragon Language






……So that’s the rumoured dragon race that Jormungandr-sama was saying?


Even the subspecies of the dragon holds such incredible skills.

Instead of pasting these skills to me, I think giving it to Sylphy would benefit her more than me.


「……Everyone be careful, there’s a dragon approaching us.」


「Who are you lot. Did you all come here knowing that our Dragon King is sleeping in this dungeon?」


「We came here with the permission of Jormungandr-sama. 」


I stood in front and immediately answered.


「What is your purpose here? Are you trying to cause harm to our king? If that’s the case, I shall not let none of you pass.」


……Sigh, I guess we can’t avoid fighting after all.

Welp, for now let’s just【Cut】his skills.


『Sylphy, I’ll be giving you some new skills.』


While telling it to Sylphy, I【Paste】the skills from the enemy to her, then took out a Buckler from my storage bag and handed it to her.


「……Your opponent shall be me.」


It was now Sylphy’s turn to stand in front with her sword ready for action.


「……Fumu. So you all are indeed our enemies.」


On her right, she was holding on to her Linus Sword, and on her left, the buckler.


『Be careful alright Sylphy, even if I took out his skills, he’s still a formidable opponent.』


Though I said that, she smiled at me in return.


「Don’t worry, just put your trust in me.」


After saying that, she used the skill【Strong Arms】which I’ve pasted onto her before.

With that prepared, she clashed swords with the Dragon.


Oh, I didn’t know that the Dragon has his own sword as well, let me check it out.





Grade:Super Class


Special Attack:Dragon

Remark: Occasionally deals two times the damage.

Weapon Arts:Shandish・Crush


(TLN Note: I would assume this is a MonHun reference?)


Uwah, what an extremely powerful sword. Truly a good fight against the Linus Sword.

I guess this is one of the rare drops from the monster?


『Sylphy, the weapon he’s using is quite strong.』


While trying to tell her through【Telepathy】her sword shone in a bright bluish white colour.


「Take this !【Weapon Arts:Sacrifice・Zwei】」


After hearing my advice, Sylphy took the initiative, but the dragon flew in the air with his wings on its back, and evaded Sylphy’s blow brilliantly.

To be able to fly is……rather cheating.

Obviously attacking from the air is overwhelmingly advantageous.


However, since it was Sylphy we’re talking, she did not get impatient, but instead began to run towards the wall, then jumped and kicked the wall while using her momentum to run upwards.


Oh right! She has the Ciel Sourier boots to fly as well.

I wonder when she started to train for that move.


「……Hime-sama has trained lots you know.」


While looking at her soaring through the air and fighting the humanoid dragon, Aisha murmured.


Looking at it face front, it seems that Sylphy is gradually winning the fight.


Also, while she was fighting, she casted【Unique Magic・Lightning】to stop the movements of the humanoid dragon.


What’s more, she managed to land a few blows on it, and since there’s 【Regeneration】 on her Linus Sword, there’s no need to worry about the sword breaking.


「Hume girl, you’re not bad, but this will be the end. Weapon Arts:Shandish・Crush」


As he said that, his sword started glowing red.

Oh no, he’s going to use his weapon’s skill.……However, nothing happened. I think the user of the sword needs a certain skill in order for it to use.

Since the humanoid dragon didn’t do anything, Sylphy took the opportunity to counter attack by slicing it in half, breaking the sword in the process.


The broken piece of the Armas Sword landed right in front of me.

With that, the battle has ended with Sylphy winning by a huge margin.


「We’ve won right? So please let us pass through.」

While saying that to the humanoid dragon, I used【Recovery Magic・L】on him.

「You may proceed, but don’t think you’ve won, there are much stronger opponents ahead of me.」

「I’ll be taking this broken sword as well.」Sylphy declared as she picked the sword up and kept it.


「……Do what you like, since I can’t use it anyways.」


「Danna-sama, can you fix this up, then we can let Pillows use it.」


She’s right, we might face more battles in the future, so it’s better to get better equipment as well.

She handed me the broken sword.

So, I hurriedly pasted【Regeneration】on the hilt of the broken sword.

Then, not even 5 minutes have passed, as the Armas Sword has returned to its original shape.


Sylphy took the Armas Sword back from me, and handed it to Pillows.


Pillows thought for a second before taking the sword.


「Just facing against it, it’s performance is as strong as the Linus Sword. If Pillows have it, then you would be able to fight properly as well.」


Sylphy said.


If we compare it using【Appraisal】, it’s true that the Armas Sword is slightly better than the Linus Sword.

Because Sylphy has the advantage with【Regeneration】on her sword, she was able to break the sword easily. So since Pillows has the Armas Sword with the same【Regeneration】pasted on it, she would not be easily defeated by other monsters or people who wields a weapon.


With the other piece of the broken sword, I kept it inside my storage bag.


After the battle, we continued moving onwards, and not even 50 meters ahead, we felt an immediate chill on our body, as if winter has come.


「……N-No matter how cold it is, this chill is just odd, isn’t it?」


Pillows said.


When using【Sight Presence】, I confirmed something huge just ahead.


「Be careful, something huge is in front of us.」


Then, using【Map】to confirm further, what was in front was a huge dragon tribe.





Race:Dragon tribe




Absolute Zero

Specialty・Wide Range Extreme Ice Magic

Spike Flail




Frost Blaze



I quickly【Cut】the skills.

I pasted【Absolute Zero】on Aisha,【Specialty・Wide Range Extreme Ice Magic】onto me,【Spike Flail】and【Flight】on Waffle, and lastly【Frost Blaze】on Kuu.


We’ve just started exploring this dungeon and we’ve already collected so many amazing skills……。

And based on what the【Map】have shown, it seems like we need to pass by this dragon in order to proceed ahead.


「Waffle and I will be fighting the dragon ahead of us, so is it alright to leave it to me?」






Specialty・Wide Range Extreme Ice Magic new!

Dragon Language new!





One-handed sword・Holy new!

Shield Arts・Holy new!





Abosolute Zero





Spike Flail new!

Flight new!





Frost Blaze new!


■Acquired Item

Armas・Sword「One-handed Sword」×2


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