Level 1 Guy: Chapter 299 – The result of the star

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Tennessine, 5th floor.


Since it’s my first time on this floor, I just sat there and waited.

Also, I brought a friend with me.


After some time, the Transfer Gate opened, and out came Mike, the unique monster.


Mike then carried a Slime as big as her——Actually it feels like she’s carrying crates.

The Slime couldn’t budge at all.


“Sorry for the wait, it took some time catching one from Teruru.” (MIke)

“Don’t mind, and thanks for helping.” (Ryouta)


Saying that, I took the Slime from Mike, then used a Restraint Bullet to keep the Slime at bay.


As you remember, Mike is a unique monster which can bring anything from inside the dungeon outside without any consequences.

And Mike is the only unique monster who can do that.


Because she helped bring Aurum around dungeons, she is now dubbed Mike Aurum.


“Ryouta-sama, what do you want to do with that child?” (Mike)

“Watch and see.” (Ryouta)


Leaving the caught Slime in place, I fired another Restraint Bullet just in case the previous one breaks, and move away to a safe distance with Mike.

Then, the shadow monster appeared and swayed side to side towards the Slime.


The Slime wanted to attack, but couldn’t as it’s binded.

So, the shadow monster attacked the Slime instead.


Since Slimes are weak, I had to heal the Slime everytime the shadow attacks the Slime.


Following up with the Recovery Bullet, the Slime managed to escape death every single time.


Soon after, the shadow took shape.


“Mike, I’ll leave the Slime to you. Stay at where I can see you.” (Ryouta)

“I understand, leave it to me!” (Mike)


I went towards the doppelganger Slime, and let Mike grab the original Slime.


I also realized that there’s 12 「☆」on tattooed on the body of the Slime.


What’s up with today? Well, I wanted to find out what happens if all 12 stars were to disappear.

As a bonus, I can get the drop from the Slime, and I can also find out what would drop for this floor.


Seeing that Mike is holding the Slime tightly, I went——


“Ughh!” (Ryouta)


The Slime in front of me became distorted, and leapt towards me at a tremendous rate.


Both its speed and Strength can’t be compared to the doppelganger of Neptune, but it’s at least an A Rank Slime.


I fired a Growth Bullet at it, but it dodged as if it was nothing.

It then retreated, then jumped as high as a human’s head, and inhaled its body twice the size of a human body.


Soon after, it spit fire.

Similar to how a dragon spews fiery blaze through its mouth.


“Wow!” (Ryouta)


I reacted by firing both Freezing Bullets to block the fire.

Both chemicals reacted, and hot steam covered the entire area.


Already expecting that outcome, I kicked the ground and covered the distance between the Slime, using the steam as a smoke screen.


Since I know about its Strength and Speed, it’s time to test its Defence.

Using my fist instead of the revolver, I punched it.


The body of the Slime was hard, and it felt like a hard rubber ball.


“So the Endurance is around B?” (Ryouta)


The place where I punch it made an indentation, but it soon recovered with glittering light surrounding it.


I can’t believe the Slime can even heal itself.

Well, it’s obvious as this is the limit of a Slime.


Since I’m done with evaluating its skills, it’s time to get serious.


I rushed the Slime once again with both revolvers, firing Normal Bullets at it.

Then, I fired the Trash Bullet at eight different directions, aiming towards it.


This was a method I thought of a while ago.

The Slime that has been solidified from all direction is stuck, and gradually its body started breaking apart.


Although it takes some time, but it’s basically a better version of a Restraint Bullet.


This method is like jamming eight nails that can never be peeled off.


After some time, the Slime was defeated by the pressure of the bullet.


The drop was a lump of something white.

Mike approached slowly after the battle was over.


“What is that?” (Mike)

“It looks like…. Truffles.” (Ryouta)


I’ve only seen these things on the internet, so it took me a few seconds to figure out what it was.


“Anyways, what’s the situation with the star?” (Ryouta)

“It went down by one.” (Mike)

“Alright, let’s continue.” (Ryouta)

“I understand!” (Mike)


We leisurely walked around the floor.

Defeating Slimes with Repetition.

I can slowly see the star decreasing more and more.


And finally, we are left with 1 more star to go.


“Repetition.” (Ryouta)


After defeating the last Slime Doppelganger, the original Slime’s star turned zero.





I was prepared for what would happen, but nothing happened.

We waited for awhile, but then another Slime came, and I defeated it with Repetition.


“………Is this a bluff?” (Ryouta)

“It seems to be that way.” (Mike)

“Hmmmm, I don’t’ believe that nothing happened.” (Ryouta)


It’s hard to believe.


This number 12, and why would it decrease everytime you defeat one of its doppelganger, as if counting down on something.

I’m absolutely certain there’s a catch to this.


“Seems like nothing has changed. Mike release that Slime.” (Ryouta)

“Okay.” (Mike)


Mike released the Slime, and it attacked me with what seemed like an angry face.

Guarding the attack, the power remains the same old Teruru Slime.


“What is going on here?” (Ryouta)

“Uhm, how should we deal with the Slime——-Aah.” (Mike)


The Slime immediately ran away the moment Mike came to me.


“Wait—-” (Mike)


Mike frantacially chased after the Slime, and I followed suit.


The Slime continued till we reached the staircase down to the 4th floor, where it finally made contact with it.


But no matter how many times it tried going down, it bounced back.


It’s as though there’s an invisible wall on the staircase.


After catching up with Mike and seeing such a sight, I decided to look at it.


“Maybe……” (Ryouta)

“Eh?” (Mike)

“When all the stars disappear, the original becomes a Princess trapped inside a dungeon …or something?” (Ryouta)


That was my guess when I saw the original Slime not being able to leave.

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