Cut&Paste: Chapter 271 – Joint Wedding (6)

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After checking that everyone has gotten their【Divine Beast’s Contract】, we headed back to the meeting room in the clan house.


It’s about time we clarify the wedding and about my skills……。


「So the wedding will be held in late of June.」


The date was confirmed by Brother-in-law when he announced.

As for the invitation, a special envoy will be dispatched from Augusta tomorrow.


When this was reported to the King, the guys and girls were then separated.


「……It’s finally time for marriage.」


Brother-in-law said as he squints his eyes while crossing his arms. Whereas Lewis-sama was pacing around the room, seemingly restless.


「Aren’t you calm over there, Myne?」


Lewis-sama called out to me.


「……Well, this is my second time」

「That’s true.」

「Brother is not expected to have a child.」

「Speaking of kids……Are you going to have one Myne?」

「……I have no plans for the time being.」

「I’m counting on you to have your first child with Sylphy okay.」


……Even if you say that, whoever conceives one depends on the person.

Now that I’m going to have 3 wives (and more to come), it’s hard for me to have Sylphy conceive a child first.


While we were discussing such topics, the women were questioning Sylphy and Aisha in a separate room.


「Aisha-san, is it true that it’s difficult to make a meal?」


Princess Luka turned to Aisha and asked.


「Well, I have Myne-kun helping me out, so it’s not a hassle.」

「Hah …I wonder if I could make a meal as well.」


Luka sighed as she monologues to herself, then Sasha and Stasha both asked.


「How about you, Sylphid-sama?」


「……I-I’m, currently still in need of some training.」

「Since Hime-sama has some good muscles, so she could make some delicious meals in no time.」

「……Aah, I’m happy that you’re trying to compliment me Aisha……But I still need more training.」

「So it’s not possible if we could not cook at all then……How about you, Stashion?」

「Well yeah, since I’ve been living alone for a long time……My teacher has also given me some guidance in cooking as well.」


……Which means Alto can leave Stashion to cook in his house.


「W-When you said your teacher, you’re speaking of Myne’s mother?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

「That’s so good that you get to know both of his parents……I’m envious.」

「What are you even saying. Aren’t you a part of Myne’s family as well, Aisha? So you don’t have to feel envious of me at all.」


Even after we split up, the girls were having fun chit chatting.


「It’s about time for us to head back to the royal palace.」


Brother-in-law said, then Luka-sama who was silent the whole time stood up and sat next to Lewis-dono.

Then, Stasha and Shion Nee-chan moved quietly behind Brother-in-law.


「H-How about me…..?」


Sheila was the only one that remained seated alone.


It’s not like we’re going to get married, and we can have her stay in our house as well. However, it would be difficult to meet with her father when returning to the royal palace.


「Myne-kun, since Sheila-sama is going to be in our party, why not just let her stay here?」


Aisha said as she stood up next to Sheila.


Then, Sasha and Sylphy walked towards Sheila as well.


「……Is it alright with you?」


Sheila said while looking at me with an anxious expression.


「If Sheila is fine with it.」


When I said that, she smiled and stood up.


「Well then, I’ll leave it to you then Myne.」


Brother-in-law said, as I used【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to transport him back to the royal palace.

Since all of them had the contract, it doesn’t matter anymore that I showed my skill in front of them.


Thus, the groups that were headed back to the royal palace all jumped into the black vortex.


After seeing them off, I sent Fenrir-sama back to the spirit forest as well.


「……Well then, shall we head back home?」


It only takes about a minute to head home from the Clan House.

Leaving the room, the 3 of them followed suit, Aisha, Sylphy and Sasha.


Then, I called out to Sheila to follow us as well.


「Myne-dono, with this, am I officially in your party?」

「Yes, of course you are.

Since I’m going to head to the Prison Dungeon in the near future, it’s best to have you around with us as well.」

「Prison Dungeon!? I’ve never heard of that before.」


Well, that is to be expected, since even I didn’t know about it until Jormungandr told me.

Thus, I lightly explained to Sheila about the Prison Dungeon while walking back home.


「Wanting to obtain the dragon’s skills, that is simply absurd……」


When we arrived home, Sheila was speechless.


「Well, all of the skills will be pasted onto Waffle though.」


It is absurd to think that I would be able to obtain the Dragon Blaze skill over there.


And with that, we’re finally done with discussing about the weddings, and it’s time for us to focus on the Prison Dungeon.


……And the story went on from there.


The King who heard the date from Brother-in-law immediately arranged a horse for the invitations to Oose and Ritz Kingdom.

He also booked the wedding ceremony at the Grand Shine, and finally it was a day before the wedding.

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