Cut&Paste: Chapter 270 – Divine Beast’s Contract (1)

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『What is it Myne?』


Fenrir-sama replied immediately after I contacted her.


『I’m actually asking on behalf of my new bride, and was wondering if I could trouble you to give her the【Divine Beast’s Contract】.』

『Hou, a new wife you say? I don’t mind it at all, since your wives are going to get to know me for a really long time.』


Fenrir-sama agreed willingly.


『……So, when do you want to come over? If you’re fine, I can head to your place right now?』

『R-Right now? Is it okay if Fenrir-sama waited for a little while longer?』

『Of course I don’t mind, since it’s your request.』


T-This is bad. If Fenrir-sama comes, I’ll have no choice but to use the【Unique Magic・Spacetime】skill.

……There are a lot of Princesses who do not know about my skills.And that’s the reason why I want them to have the【Divine Beast’s Contract】in the first place.

Maybe I can use it in another room.


……Yeah, that’s the only thing I can come up with.

I’ve decided on that so now I have to hurriedly go to my room.


Sylphy who saw how worried I was hooked her arms with mine and asked.


「……Danna-sama, what’s the matter? You don’t have to panic.」

「Well, it’s about Fenrir-sama, and she said that she wants to personally come here to give the【Divine Beast’s Contract】.」


After saying that, Brother-in-law stood up and said.


「The truth is, Myne possesses some tremendous skills, and it needs to be kept a secret……」


Brother-in-law explains to the twin Princess, Luka-sama, and Shion Nee-chan who doesn’t understand the situation.


「……And with that, besides Sheila-dono, those who wish to receive should raise their hands.」

After explaining, Sasha, Stasha and Luka-sama raised their hands.

Shion Nee-chan waved her hands up as well, similar to what Waffle would do, which means that everyone agrees.


「Alright, then Myne, please get it ready.」


As expected of Brother-in-law, so reliable.


I nodded, then rushed out of the room and into the other room with Waffle as well.


Afterwards, I connected【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to the spirit forest where Fenrir-sama is staying, and jumped into the black vortex.


As usual, the brothers of Waffle all jumped towards me fiercely.

Being attacked and was forced to fall down, the brothers vigorously licked my face.

Even their tails were shaking violently, which is hard to complain.


Using body strengthening on myself, I peeled all three of them and got up, and it was there Fenrir-sama was looking at me.


「You’re really loved by my children. So, are you ready?」


I replied with a nod, and we both went inside the black vortex together.


……Wait a minute? Why is Ruffle and Maple following us as well?

……Don’t tell me they want to come along as well?


「Mooom~, we want to go as well. It’s not fair that Nii-san always get to go.」

「I want you guys to stay here and protect this place.」


Fenrir-sama ordered them, and the two of them sat down on the spot with their tails on the floor.




Waffle who was on my arms was showing a triumphant look while his tail was wagging.

Then, Fenrir-sama slammed Waffle’s head with her tail.


Waffle went「Kyun」as he made a slight cry.

This Waffle, the same Waffle who fought against the Black Dragon, did not even shed a tear, and now he’s crying because his mom whacked him.


Ah woops, this is not the time to be impressed.

We then walked through the black vortex and arrived at the room.


「Please wait while I bring the people inside this room.」


I told Fenrir-sama, then hurried back to the next room.

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