Cut&Paste: Chapter 269 – Joint Wedding (5)

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Lewis, Luka-sama, and Sheila joined me and returned to our clan house using the transportation door.


Since it took more time than I originally had anticipated, I wonder what is Brother-in-law and the rest doing?


『Sylphy, AIsha, I’m finally back from the royal palace. Sorry for making you wait. I’ve also brought along Sheila, Lewis and Luka-sama with me. Can you prepare some chairs from them as well?』


I report to them with【Telepathy】first.


『I’ll go and prepare the chairs.』

Aisha replied swiftly.


Alright, let’s quickly head to the room.

I started moving at a quicker pace, all while taking the hand of Sheila who was looking around the surroundings.

Lewis has done the same as he took Luka-sama by the hand and followed suit.


When we arrived at the front of the room, I knocked on the door gently before someone rattled on the door knob.

Surprisingly, it was Brother-in-law who opened the door for us.


「You took your time didn’t you?」


「I’m sorry…..Actually.」


I genuinely apologized before explaining the conversation thus far.


「Then, you’re not going to marry Sheila?」


Aisha asked in a less amused tone.


「……For now, yes.」

「I am always ready for you. And thus I would like to know you better」

「……Let’s decide on the time of date, shall we」


Shion Nee-chan tried changing the topic desperately with sweat popping out on her forehead.

Then, brother-in-law followed up with Shion Nee-chan’s words.


「For the time being, the ones that takes the longest to arrive would be Oose and Ritz right? Anything you can do about this Myne?」

「I would like to go to those countries and install the transportation doors.」

「Hmm, but isn’t the transportation doors our most important treasure and secret in the country?」

「「Ritz will never do anything detrimental to Augusta even if he gets that information! !」」


Sasha and Stasha Lion declared to us with a strong tone.


「……Oose is the same as well. What’s more, Oose has received great blessings from Augusta that we can never forget.

That gratefulness shall forever be indebted into our country.」


Luka-sama said next.


……Sylphy then followed up.


「Danna-sama, brother. This is just my opinion, but it’s not like you’re in a hurry with the wedding itself? So can’t we just use the horse carriage as a mode of transportation?」


……That’s right!

Recently, we’ve been too reliant on the【Unique Magic・Spacetime】skill to go around that it’s become the norm for us.

So, it’s not like we can’t move around the normal way. All we have to do is account for the date of the wedding ceremony.


「Hm, it’s as what Sylphy has said. There’s no need to panic.」


Brother-in-law said as he stood up.


「Which means, the first one would be Oose, since it’s the furthest away from our country.」


Next was Aisha who said.


「……You’re right. It takes around 3 days to move from Oose to Augusta if there’s no trouble.」


Luka-sama answered quickly.


So it won’t be a problem if we hold the ceremony one week in advance?


「How about having the wedding ceremony in late June?」


Brother-in-law then draws a conclusion.


Yeah, since June has just begun, we can take our time.


「I’ll make the invitations and send them to each of the country.」


Sylphy got up and proposed.


Alright, with this, the schedule has been set.


「By the way Myne, how are we going to do with Fenrir-sama’s contract?」


Ah right.


『Fenrir-sama, Fenrir-sama……I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a request for you.』


I immediately spoke to Fenrir-sama through【Telepathy】.

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