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「Princess Sheila, there’s a way to get into our clan without us getting married.」



She raised her voice when I told her face-to-face.


「To be honest, just like how Laurasia Kingdom is somewhat in a relationship with the Divine Beast Shiva, our country is the same with the Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.」


When I answered, King Laurasia interrupted our conversation with his loud voice.


「A relationship with Shiva! ! Don’t screw around with me! That thing is a plague to us.」


Calling a Divine Beast a plague is a little……

Then again, the Divine Beast did want to kill them……

Although, it is your fault to begin with to do an illegal summoning for heroes, isn’t it?


「Are you speaking badly about the Divine Beast?」


Speaking to King Laurasia with a strong tone, Fahren-sama decided to join in the conversation.


「George, it’s not like I do not understand your feelings, but the original reason is because of you isn’t it?

I also understand that you’re neglecting Myne, but Myne has gained the trust of the Divine Beast, and has entrusted her child to him as well.」

「E-Entrusting him a child!!? A Divine Beast, to hume? Preposterous.」


『Waffle and Kuu, do you know where I am?』


Alright then. If you don’t believe it, then I’ll just have to show you my family then!


「Fahren-sama, right now I’ve asked Waffle and Kuu to come over, so can you open the door please?」


Fahren-sama exclaimed […..Hou] before opening the door.


「George, if you do not believe it, then the only thing is to see it with your own eyes. Soon, the Divine Beast children will come.」


『Wafu~ I’ll be there in a second! Wait for me.』


『Kyu Kyu~, Onii-sama, Kuu is coming as well Kyuー』


Just as they were using 【Telepathy】to talk to me, there was a knocking sound from the door.

Confirming that it was them, Fahren-sama opened the door, and a pink and purple object flew in with a tremendous momentum.


……That’s right, they’re my beloved family.


「……W-What the hell are these monsters??……」

「They’re the children of the Divine Beasts……」


「Come here Waffle」


When I called him out, he happily shook his tail and jumped on my back, climbed on top of my head, and fixed his position properly.


「This child is the eldest son of the Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.」


Telling that to King Laurasia, Waffle raised his forefoot, and waved it to him.


「Come here too Kuu.」


I called Kuu over as well.


Then, Kuu flew towards me aggressively.


『Kyuu Kyuu Kyuu Kyuu~~~』


「Wh-What is that pink object?」

「This child is called Kuu, the only daughter of the DIvine Beast, Cetus-sama.」

「……A Fenrir and Cetus.」


King Laurasia spoke out loud, squirting bubbles from his mouth, then suddenly collapsed.


「So, w-what is the best way to join your clan without getting married?」


Sheila danced while asking me.


After Sheila stopped dancing, King Laurasia who had collapsed, stood up.


「What was that dance just now?」


「It’s to heal……No, it was a dance to get your attention.」


Sheila replied firmly.


That is….. I was fascinated by Sheila’s dance when I saw it the first time.


「That’s amazing、as expected of a Miko, who is a renowned healer!」


After saying that with excitement、I explained about the【Contract of the Divine Beast】.


King Laurasia then interrupted our conversation.


「T-This is unforgivable!!!!!!!!! To have a Divine Beast’s contract. That is seriously something that can never be forgiven。If you have that then just get married already! ! ! You have my agreement。Now go! ! !」

「George……With this, will you stop hating the Divine Beasts? Also, the contract of the Divine Beast isn’t that scary. Almost everyone in my Augusta family has received it.」


Fahren-sama then continued speaking.


「If they get married, you will become his father-in-law. Then Myne can just convince the Divine Beasts to cease attacking you.」

「That’s true!You’re now responsible for persuading that Divine Beast.」


……Why do I have to do that……? Even though you’re the one who caused all of this.


「In the meantime, is it okay to put the marriage with Princess Sheila on hold? And even if we don’t get married, I can still help ask the Divine Beast about your case. 」


When I declared, Sheila suddenly felt sad.


「Then Fahren-sama. I shall return home, Brother-In-Law is waiting for me after all.」

「Okay. Then ask Lewis to follow you as well.」


……That’s true, better to ask Lewis-sama to discuss with us as well.

Since Luka-sama knows about the Transportation Door, we can just use it no problem.

And it’s better to talk things out with Sheila more thoroughly as well, so I decided to bring her along as well.


「Let’s go, Waffle, Kuu.」


Together with Sheila, we went looking for Lewis-sama and Luka-sama.


「Does Myne-dono not want to marry me at all?」


As soon as I entered the hallway, Sheila looked me dead in the eyes with a desperate expression.


「Uhmm, to be honest, I already have three beautiful wives, and I don’t think I’m suitable to have anymore than that. I even had to reject Luka-sama’s proposal.」

「F-for me, when thinking about marriage with Myne-dono, that is all I can think about……Hence why I wanted to meet with you. 」


Looking at Sheila’s serious look, her dance came to mind.


……Hmm, apparently I’m curious about her as well.


「Can you wait just a little while longer? I can’t just accept it without asking Luka-sama about it as well.」


No matter that Luka-sama and Lewis-sama gets married, there’s no way I can accept Sheila without asking Luka-sama about it.


……Now then, where would Lewis-sam and Luka-sama be?


『Waffle, can you sense where Lewis-sam and Luka-sama are at?』


I can rely on Waffle’s sensing ability.

After asking Waffle about it, he started sniffing his nose and looking around.


「Can Myne-dono communicate with the children of the Divine Beast?」


Sheila then asked a different question.


「Yeap, and right now he’s looking where Lewis and Luka-sama are at.」


『Wafu~ I’ve found them.』


Waffle started running in the opposite direction.


「Seems like he found them.」


After telling Sheila, I started running to follow Waffle.


We wandered around for awhile before I saw Waffle scratching at one of the doors.


『You can’t do that Waffle.』


I hurriedly stopped Waffle from doing that.

Then, Waffle stopped scratching and raised his right forefoot towards me and 「Wafu」.


『Myne~ They’re here.』


I lifted Waffle up and put it on my head before knocking on the door lightly.

Then, I heard the voice of Lewis-sama as he answered.


「It’s me Myne.」


Answering, he replied.


「……Ah, if it isn’t Myne. Please come in.」


After opening the door and entering, I saw Luka-sama who was hugging onto Lewis while trembling.


「The sound that was scratching the door just now was……was it Waffle?」

「Aaah, that was scary~~ Oh Waffle! !」


Luka-sama angrily pointed at Waffle while pouting.

Waffle who was being scolded by Luka-sama pretended to sleep on my head.


「……T-Then Myne, you have something to ask right.」


After gently releasing Luka-sama, Lewis-sama walked towards me.


「Aah yes. I’m currently having a meeting with Brother-in-law about the wedding dates, so I thought that I should call the both of you as well.」

「I see, I do have to see when both her parents can come……」


As expected of Lewis-sama, I don’t even have to say anything for him to understand the situation.


「That’s right. Right now they’re at my clan house, so shall we go?」

「……Got it……Hm? Is Sheila-sama coming as well?I did remember father saying that it isn’t necessary to marry Sheila-sama right……」


Lewis-sama said when she saw Sheila.


Then, Luka-sama talked to me with a smile.


「Myne-sama, if the reason why you’re cancelling your marriage with Sheila-sama is because of me, then please stop it. It is true that I liked Myne-sama. However, right now I have this person by my side. Sheila-sama, if you have feelings for Myne-sama, don’t refrain from pursuing it.」


「Yes Luka, I understand. Myne, so would you finally accept me?」

The thing we wanted to avoid has came back again.

As a result, we got permission from Luka-sama without even me saying anything……。


…If Luka-sama has no problems with it, then psychologically speaking, I feel much more at ease.

Let’s think about it seriously again.


「First of all, before we get the Divine Beast’s contract, I would like to spend more time getting to know you.」


After listening to Luka-sama, Sheila suggested it.


That is indeed a good idea.


We definitely need time to know each other.

For example, we can go on a journey to defeat the Rainbow Dragon.

TLN Note: Long chapter is long indeed.

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