Cut&Paste: Chapter 267 – Commotion in Laurasia Kingdom

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Checking the situation is the utmost priority, but it seems like I can’t hear more because of Fahren-sama.

Isn’t it quicker to just ask Sheila about it?


So, according to Fahren-sama’s story, I no longer need to marry Sheila.


……But, what about my feelings for her?


I closed my eyes and imagined Sheila right in front of me.


I went back to when we first met, where she saw the Beginner’s Dagger from me.

The first thing she said to me was that she wanted to go on an adventure with us.


Not only is she a recovery expert, but her recovery ability is on par with the Miko, Stashion Nee-chan.

Our clan doesn’t have anyone who can use recovery. It’s just a simple clan with brute strength in mind.


Having her is desirable, but then again, I can’t just tell her about my skills.


If we’re married, and we ask Fenrir-san to give her her blessing, then the problem would be clear, but………..


Is it alright to marry her just for that reason alone?

If she agrees with it, then I won’t have any qualms with it……


Having thought through that far, I closed my eyes again and imagined the appearance of Sheila in front of me again.


What’s more, the sole reason why she came here was to talk about marriage with me.

But why is it suddenly cancelled?

When I asked Fahren-sama about it.


「I got it. Then check it with your own eyes.」


After saying that, I accompanied him and head to the room next to ours where the royal family of Laurasia is currently staying.


When Fahren-sama knocked on the door, we heard a loud reply from inside.,

Listening to the voice, Fahren-sama was stunned for a moment, but opened the door with force.


…….In the room, a mature looking man dressed in gorgeous outfit with a gentle smile was what I noticed right off the bat.

And then, an elderly woman was standing behind that man.

Furthermore, dressing in a robe, Sheila and an energetic boy who looks younger than me was there.


「What do you want Fahren! If you don’t have anything then get out.」


The man with the gorgeous outfit is apparently the King, and he spoke in a rude manner.

When I showed my face.


「Don’t be so angry George, and don’t think bad about Myne. I came here to talk about the marriage of Sheila-dono.」

「Marriage talk!! And that poor looking guy over there is the guy called Myne?」

「Let me introduce Myne to you.」


Fahren-sama then introduced me to the man with a bad mouth.

He is the King of Laurasia, George Laurasia, and also the father of Sheila.

The woman behind me was introduced next.


Without guessing much, I knew that she was the Queen, Serbina Laurasia.

In other words, Sheila’s mother.


…..Wait a minute. DIdn’t the King of Laurasia lose his life after being punished by Shiva-sama?


Was what I thought, but thinking about it, there was a hero that could use revival skills.

Is it Ressurection of the Dead!? Which means it’s possible to bring back my dad and mom back to life?


If that’s really possible, I would like to ask a favour from him….


But I’m sure it’s not possible. If it were, there will be no dead people in this world.


Aah, I’ve side tracked too far.


In the end, as what I thought, the King who was killed by Shiva-sama was revived thanks to the hero.

And that’s one of the reasons why the marriage between Sheila and me is cancelled.


And another reason…… Is that energetic boy. His name is Kufim Laurasia.

Sheila’s brother…..In other words, the Prince of Laurasia.

So it seems that the Prince is going to marry the Miko’s younger sister, so there was no meaning to marry Sheila anymore. (TLN: other than to add another collection into the harem)


….So that’s why Fahren-sama told me to decide by myself.


After understanding the situation, my head hurts, then Sheila came in front of me.

With a desperate expression, she whispered 「Please, Myne-sama.」.

Appealing to me.


There’s one more reason as to why Sheila wants to marry me, and it made sense.


The reason to tie an alliance against the Demon King Army isn’t really meaningful seeing as the Demon King has died.

Sasha married to me in that sense.


「Princess Sheila, the reason for our marriage is completely gone, but do you still want to marry someone like me?」


When I asked, Sheila answered.


「If I don’t get married, would I be unable to enter your Clan then?」


……That’s the reason! If I can’t talk about my skills, then why not become a part of my family.


…..But now that the situation has changed.

Yes, it has.

At that time, I couldn’t reveal the existence of the Divine Beasts….. But since Shiva-sama has shown up in Laurasia.

There’s no problem in revealing Fenrir-sama as well.


That’s why if I want to reveal the existence of Fenrir-sama, she has to get into our clan to receive the 【Divine Beast’s Contract】.

But now, we don’t have to forcibly get married.

I don’t need anymore bride anyways.

……..I did refuse Luka-sama once, and the reason being is to avoid anymore marriage in the future.

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