Cut&Paste: Chapter 266 – Joint Wedding (4)

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「Aisha, Sylphy, Sasha, I’m sorry but I’ll be going to the royal palace right now」


I told my brides as such before running out of the room.


Then, entering into an empty room and confirming that nobody was around, I used【Unique Magic・Spacetime】and head to the royal palace.

……Well, I’ve rushed to the royal palace as soon as I could, but ultimately, I do not know where Sheila is.

Guess I should call Metia-san at a time like this.


Confirming my thoughts, I rang the doorbell of the room.


The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the room.


……After awhile, I heard a knocking sound coming from the room’s door.


As usual, she’s quick.


「Hello Metia-san.」


Answering the door, she opened the door and entered.


「……Oh? If it isn’t Myne-sama?」

「Ah yes, sorry but I’m in a hurry right now. Do you know where Sheila………I mean where Princess Sheila is at?」



After saying that, she placed her finger and index finger on her mouth, pondering.


「Ah right, Brother-in-law mentioned that she is staying in the royal palace as a guest……」


And after I said that, she took a second to think before pointing her fingers up.


「Our guests from Laurasia, I shall guide you to where Sheila-sama is.」




When I asked Metia-san about it…


「……It seems that something major happened in their country, and their family has fled here apparently?」


If I’m not mistaken, Fenrir-sama did mention about this before……。


「Because of that, the Laurasia Family is currently staying in the room just next to us.」


The royal family you say???! And what’s more it’s next to us?


I suddenly shouted.


「Uhmm, is it possible to visit them right now?」

「Oh no, Your Majesty has said that you must be accompanied by him, if not you would not be able to go to the room……」

「Then, would you mind telling it to the King?」


When I asked, Metia-san gave a bow before walking out of the room.

After waiting for a while, the door opened and Fahren-sama came inside.


「Myne, do you have something to talk about with the Laurasia family?」


「……Uhmm, as Brother-in-law came to our clan house and discussed about the wedding date, we would also like to confirm the date with Princess Sheila as well.」

「I see. But Myne, it isn’t necessary to marry Princess Sheila, however, it is up to you to decide.」


Eh? What does he mean by that?

I thought that the Laurasia family has been destroyed by Shiva-sama. So as they needed a successor, I was told to marry Sheila to continue the next generation.

What’s more, there’s just too much that I don’t understand, saying that the Laurasia family is currently residing in the royal palace as well.


Checking this situation is at a high priority it seems.


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