Cut&Paste: Chapter 265 – Joint Wedding (3)

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「By the way Myne, is it possible if we discuss about the existence of the Divine Beast to them?」

「I don’t think there are any problems with that.」

「I see, I’m relieved to hear that. If we can talk about the existence of Fenrir-sama, then we can use the contract of the Divine Beast to explain about your powers」

「……You mean as an excuse of my skills?」

「Yes, since if we can talk about your skills disguising as a Divine Beast’s power, we would be able to bring our other country’s guests in no time.」

「I mean it’s good for Sasha and Stasha-sama to do that, but what would we do about bringing them back home? Isn’t it bad to show the skills in front of their parents?」

「We can just use the transportation door to have them return home.」

「And because of that, please create another door for us at the royal palace Myne~」


Brother-In-Law said as he lightly hit me on my shoulder.


That door does consume a skill seed, thus I don’t feel like making another door like that.However, it’s no doubt that it would solve our problems right now……。


「I got it. But please give me some time.」

「That’s no good. I would prefer the wedding date to be early.」

「Haa, then do you want to use my house’s door first?」


Since we don’t have much opportunity to use the door in our home, so there’s no problem if we don’t have it for a few days.

「Fumu, if that’s the case, then we can use it immediately.」


After we finished discussing, we went back to the room where Sasha and co are.


「Brother-in-Law, since we’re at it, isn’t it better to talk to Luka-sama as well?」

「I’ll tell Lewis and Luka-sama at a later date.」


Sasha and Stasha-sama who were listening on our conversation raised their eyebrows and stuck their tongues out.

They are twins indeed, as they look similar, and even their gestures were similar.


And both of them are without a doubt beautiful.


Both Sylphy and Aisha are beautiful women, but what happens if another beautiful woman were to marry me as well?

Ah wait a minute! Where’s Sheila at?

I’ll have to discuss with her as well.


「Sylphy, Aisha, do you know where Sheila is?」

「……She’ss currently staying at the royal palace as a guest.」


Brother-in-law was the one who answered my question instead of Sylphy or Aisha.


「Darn, I should’ve brought her along right.」


Brother-in-Law laughs loudly as he scratched his head, obviously not thinking about it before coming here.


Then, Sylphy and Stasha-sama looked at him with a disappointed face.


「Aisha, Sylphy, Sasha, sorry but I’ll be going to the royal palace now.」


Since everyone knows about the transportation door, I can just go there without explaining anything to them.

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