Cut&Paste: Chapter 264 – Joint Wedding (2)

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……It’s true. As what Alto-dono has said, the ability of the moving door.


「……This is really the Town of Lucas.」


It can be confirmed that after looking at Stashion-sama who had a surprised look on her face, that we’re at the Town of Lucas, since she once lived here.


Without even letting us recollect our feelings, Alto-dono started walking forward.


And after he stopped, we arrived at a building that was built quite recently.


「Alto-dono, where are we right now?」

「Oh right, this is the Clan House of Myne.」


While having such a conversation, a female knight clad with armour was at the receptionist.


「I wonder who was it that came by, but if it isn’t the Prince himself……Do you have some business with Myne-sama, or is it the Princess you’re looking for?」


After the knight saw that it was Alto-dono, she blatantly asked him.


「Hm, are you used to working here, Melissa?」


It seems that Alto-dono is acquainted with the female knight over there.


「Yes, it is very peaceful when Captain Cecil isn’t around.」

「……Cecil huh, that idiot has some mental issues at times. However, he has recently been well behaved, so I think it’s for the better?」


「I would need to meet with Metia-dono in the future.」

「Aah, I’ll tell her that. Anyways, I do have business with Myne, but also Sasha Lion-sama as well.」


The female knight whose name is Melissa looked at the two of us, nodded and went off.


「Who was that lady?」

After asking, Alto-dono said that she was once a subordinate.

But right now, she’s working under Myne-dono, the Fortuna family.

Although she was an excellent knight, she disliked the fact that that guy named Cecil would constantly sexually harass her, so she asked for a transfer by her close friend Slyphid-dono.


……I’m glad. I thought since Alto-dono looked close to her, she was a mistress of Alto-dono.

But after understanding that there was no such nonsense……. By having these feelings, does that mean I love Alto-dono?


After Alto-dono sat down, both Starsion and I sat behind him, and we waited for the knight to return.


……After waiting for about 5 minutes, a knocking sound was heard from the door in our room.


[Nee-san! Are you inside?]


……This sound, it’s my younger sister, Sasha Lion.


「Come in Sasha.」


After hearing me, she slowly opened the door.

However, the person who came in wasn’t what I thought, it was Syphid-dono.


Then, I saw my sister Sasha from behind and also Myne who came along as well.


「Brother, what brings you here? You even shocked Melissa.」


Sylphid-dono spoke, but with a sort of anger in her tone.

Seems like Alto-dono has a short temper.


「……N-No you got it wrong、I’m actually here to talk about our wedding ceremony with Myne, and wanted to know what Sasha Lion-sama would pick for her wedding date.」


After Alto-dono said, I started talking to my sister.


「Sasha, do we have time to wait for Father and Mother to arrive? So I think it’s better to discuss our date of our wedding」

「……Hmm, if that’s the case, why don’t we move to the indicate desk and sit down.」


Meanwhile, Alto-dono was speaking to Myne-dono with s soft voice. I wonder if it’s something that we can’t hear……?

While thinking about it, Alto-dono then left the room with Myne-dono.

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