Level 1 Guy: Chapter 288 – Meeting Nihonium face-to-face

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In order to help Neptune out, I need to drown my sorrows first by completing Nihonium dungeon.


Continuing to keep the promise with Plumbum, I also continued farming in Nihonium, and around evening, I would automatically head back home to rest.

And doing that for 3 consecutive days.






Strength  SS

Endurance SS

Intelligence SS

Mentality SS

Speed SS

Dexterity SS

Luck  SS



“Ooh….” (Ryouta)


Checking my status with the Portable K-I-A Board, I instantly jumped in excitement.


This really brings back all the memories I had when I first discovered that I was an All F, and now looking at my cheat character-esque status after years of training.


Having to collect the seeds one by one everyday, I’m deep in emotion.


Okay, I can finally do this.

It is time to meet with Nihonium.

Now that I think about it, the reason why I wanted Repetition was because of Nihonium.


Going back to the mansion for a moment, I used the Transportation Room once more to the room just before the spirit’s room.


The 5  meter square cube fleshy cube was there.

The unpleasant looking object is still there.


Anyways, I went around it and operated the K-I-A Board on it.

It checked all of my status, and each of the SS would shine on the display.


HP            SS

MP            SS

Strength        SS

Endurance        SS

Intelligence        SS

Mentality        SS

Speed        SS

Dexterity        SS

Luck            SS


After that, chunks of meat starting melting off from the cube.

It slowly fell to the ground, and sizzled on the ground before disappearing.


Taking a distance away from it, I waited for it to completely melt off.


“Another Zombie Dragon!?” (Ryouta)


After all of the meat disappeared, a Zombie Dragon appeared right at that place.

It was the exact same Dragon from the ninth floor, and even the size and smell that reeks off of it was similar.

The only thing different was the counter on its head that shows a [9] on it.


I thought of just defeating it and continue onto Nihonium’s room, but then I stopped and thought for a moment.


“I have to defeat it anyways. But since it has 9 counter, Which means——” (Ryouta)


An alarm rang from within my head.

I don’t know whether to call it an intuition.

But it was a comprehensive judgement based on the abundant of experiences I accumulated——so you can call it a hunch or an intuition.


And this experience of mine told me to stop attacking.

Because these past few days, I tried changing the way I attack based on the number the Zombie Dragon has on its forehead.


But this number, it can’t be just a coincidence that it appeared just like that.

Nihonium has 9 floors, and to have the number 9 pop up in this …Coincidence, I think not.


I think that if I can’t defeat it in 9 tries, something terrible is going to happen.


“………Repetition!” (Ryouta)


The first thing that I tried was to use the strongest farming magic on it.

But the counter decreased by 1, then soon after, the 3 headed Zombie Dog appeared.

And all 3 of it has the counter ‘8’ on them.


“I knew it!” (Ryouta)


To have the undead dog heads appeared without me knowing, I knew that there must be some sort of condition to clear this.

All 9 floors, and all 9 types of monsters.

Everytime I defeat 1, the counter would minus by 1 and another appears.


Which means, I have to defeat all of them in 1 hit, and show them what I got from all the growth I’ve been through.


This made me hyped up.


“If that’s the case——-Wait a minute!” (Ryouta)


I almost tried defeating the three headed dog zombies with my usual method, which is fire the Homing Bullet, but I noticed that it takes 2 hits to defeat.


So, I used the Beads of Time to stop it, then fired the Homing Bullet, then the moment I see where the bullet is heading, I fired at that head and the counter decreased by 1, followed by it being defeated.


For the 7th, it was the Electric Mummy.

6th, the Poison Zombie.

5th, the Red Skeleton.


All those, I safely defeated them with 1 hit.

For the 4th counter—–They were the mummies.


“Oh yeah, I needed two hits to fight them!” (Ryouta)


So, similar with the three headed dog zombies, I used the Beads of Time, then used the Growth Bullet which I’ve spent using it for such a long time to defeat it in one hit, then use the Flaming Bullet to burn the bandages.


Finally, it was the Mummy, Zombie, and Skeleton.


With all nine of them defeated, I waited for a moment, and an entrance appeared.


It was the long awaited entrance, the place where Nihonium lives.


When it appeared, the air around me changed.

From experience, I know what it is.


I took a deep breath, and entered with expectations.


“I have been expecting your arrival.” 


There, a woman dressed in a life-size Tomesode.


The woman who I met many times, but a miniature version.


There lies, the spirit of this dungeon, Nihonium.


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