Cut&Paste: Chapter 263 – Joint Wedding (1)

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#At the Class Reunion 


「W-Wait, the one calling for Myne is Syphid-sama, right?」


「「Y-Yeah, we aren’t wrong.」」

「Ugh, I can’t believe he married Princess Sylphi, That bastard……So freaking envious of him.」

「Didn’t he marry Aisha-sama as well?」

「He really gets all the good stuff huh.」


#In the royal palace of Augusta


「So brother, what’s the date going to be for your wedding?

Anyways, I’ll go and talk to Starsha and Starshion about it, so for the time being you should check out with Luka-dono.」




「……And that’s the gist, so what do you girls think?」

「Fueeeee、Myne-chan is going to marry Sheila-sama as well? Master Yukino will surely be delighted in heaven when she sees Myne who has turned into a great man.」


「Ara?Starshion knows of Myne-dono?」


When I visited her and talked to her about it, she has a bright smile on her face.


「Yes. Myne-chan is my master’s son after all. I lived and studied at my master’s house for some time, and I knew about Myne-chan since he was just a little baby.」


「Heh, so how was Myne-kun like as a child?」

「Starsha-sama、Alto-sama will get jealous you know?」


「That won’t happen Starshion. I was only wondering what kind of a person my sister’s marrying, that’s all.」

「If you’re that curious, why don’t you just meet up with him?」

「Hmm, you’re right, but now’s not the time, maybe in the future. Leaving that aside, what are you going to do about the date of the marriage?」

「I’m fine with anything, but honestly this marriage is going to be bothersome.」

「Ehh? Why?」


「There are going to be 4 Princesses there. And isn’t your royal family going to merge with our royal family? I don’t think it’s going to be that easy of a merge?」


Listening to Starshion words, I was convinced and realized that I had to consider the time it took for my parents to move in.

As my father is the King, it’s not easy to adjust their schedule to travel to another country.


「……Oh no!! I have to meet with Sasha! !」


That’s right. My sister also has her own marriage on the same day, so as her sister, I have to ask her about it as well. I believe that she can’t decide it on her own.


「I’m sorry Alto-dono, but I would need to meet with my sister……?」


After saying that, Alto-dono smiled and held my hand with his right hand.


「Okay Stasha, I’ll follow as well.」

「Aah, I’m sorry.」

「Are you going to Myne-chan’s house? Then, should I tag along as well?」

Starsion offered to accompany us.


「I don’t think we need to, since Myne would probably still be in the royal palace……」


Alto-dono then held Starsion’s hands with his left hand.


Well all started moving together, and Alto-dono started looking around for Myne-dono.

Surely Myne-dono has gone back to his home. Even if for half a day, they’ll arrive there by night.


「Alto-dono, wouldn’t it be better if we hurry to Lucas……?」

「I’ll reveal a secret of the royal family because we’ll be together in the future, but promise me that you’ll never tell anyone about it.」


With a serious expression, Alto-dono advanced to the back of the royal palace while pulling our hands.

Proceeding deeper into the royal palace, we arrived at a stairs going all the way down to a basement.


「……Where is this Alto-sama?」


The place that we arrived was a dark hall. The strange thing was that there’s only 1 door in the middle of the room.


Starsion asked Alto-dono after seeing such a strange scenario.


First there’s a room in such a basement…. Then there’s a door in the middle of the room. This is weird no matter what.


「Both of you, you don’t have to be too cautious about it. This door is the secret that was recently born in the Kingdom of Augusta.」


……T-This door is the secret?


After hearing the secret from Alto-dono…. We couldn’t hide our surprise.


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