Cut&Paste: Chapter 262 – Fahren’s distress and wedding

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After saying goodbye to Fenrir-sama, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】and went to the usual place which I go whenever I want to go to the royal palace, Sylphy’s room.


I’ll have to call Metia-san again……

While thinking about these things, I came out of the black vortex and lo and behold, the King was sitting there…….


「Ooh you’re back Myne! ! !」

「I have returned, and there are a few things that I have to report.」


With a slow and serious pace of how I was going about, Fahren-sama stood up and gulped in silence.


「Uhmm, King-sama, about the report, is it alright if we call in Brother-In-Law as well……」

「……Alto and Lewis? Isn’t it fine if it’s just me?」


Fahren-sama looked at me with displeased.

I-It can’t be helped right? Sine this concerns the next generation and also the upcoming King as well….


「……Alright I got it. Metia, call Alto and Lewis right now, tell them this is urgent!」


Fahren shouted at the corridor.


「Y-Yes. I understand.」


Metia-san who was waiting outside replied and ran as fast as she could.


「……So, what is it that’s so important?」

「There’s good news and bad nows. Which would you like to hear first?」

「……Hmm, is the good news something to do with Cayenne? And the bad news……is about the information regarding those stone statues?」


Fahren-sama said in a rather annoyed tone.

As the air became even more serious, we finally heard a knock on the door.


「Father, I heard that we have an urgent news.」


Ah, this sounds like Brother-in-Law. I’m glad that he didn’t come barging into the door like what Sylphy does all the time.


「Oh, Alto? Hurry up and get in, and is Lewis with you?」


After being granted permission, both Alto and Lewis opened the door and walked in.


「……Hm, Myne’s here? Is there another trouble, Father?」


……You’re horrible you know Brother-in-Law. Just because you see me, you think we have some sort of trouble. Well then again, it is a troubling matter.


「Alright Myne, please start with your reports.」

「Yes, I shall now explain everything.」


Sitting upright, I started explaining to them.


First about the Demon King Cayenne.


「……Based on my findings, the Demon King has been defeated by one of the Divine Beasts’ name Shiva.」


After saying that, Brother-In-Law looked happy as he did a little fist shake.


「And also, there’s a reason why the Divine Beast appeared to interfere as well.」

「……What is the reason?」


I then explain that the Goddess does not want any harm done to any Other Worlders, especially the heroes that were summoned recently. Also, those heroes were engaged in a fight with the Demon King.


「……Another thing is that the Divine Beast is going to the King of Laurasia to correct his wrong doings.」

「That damn George.……He deserves it.」

「And speaking of the King of Laurasia, the Goddess wanted me to marry Princess Sheila as a means of not destroying the bloodline of the royal family. 」

「……Hmm, so that’s how it is, I got it……let’s reconfirm your marriage then. Which means we have to hurry up and make this official.

Alto, Lewis, let’s make your wedding ceremony together with Myne as well.

Well then, what is the bad news?」


……Here we go! 


「Uhhhhhh、it is indeed concerning the stone statues……」


With my forehead and palms sweating profusely, I explained the whole situation about those monsters coming from another world called the UnderWorld.


「I thought that we’re done with the Demon King, but now we have this Shadow King to deal with. YARE YARE DAZE……」








「Alright, I’ve know what needs to be done, and I hope to trouble you again Myne……」


「Should we let the citizens know about it?」

「It’s best if we keep this a secret for now.」


Asking Fahren-sama, he immediately replied.


「There’s more good news……」

「Hmm? There’s more?」

「Yes. This story is the reason why I asked Brother-In-Law and Lewis-sama to be here with us.」


The first is that I’ll be getting another skill after reaching the age of 20 from the Goddess.




With his mouth still wide open, I then explained about the new battlefield where people would earn new weapons and armours after defeating the monsters from the other world.


「That’s amazing. Is it something like a dungeon weapon?」


Brother-In-Law said as he looked at his own Linus Sword.


「That is all for my report.」


I said as I stood up and bowed.


Even though I was standing up, the King didn’t mind it and was thinking with a serious expression.


Without wanting to interfere any longer, I used【Hide Presence】and slowly sneak my way out of the room.

As I was about to leave, Sylphy was standing outside.


「Danna-sama, I’ve been waiting for you. Aren’t you going to exterminate those stone statues?」

Right, if Brother-In-Law is here, that means not everyone is there to fight against those stone statues.

It’s my chance to test out the strength of those UnderWorld monsters as well then.

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