Cut&Paste: Chapter 260 – Fenrir-sama and Goddess

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「……Well then, I’ll go to meet with Fenrir-sama immediately.」


Saying that, I bid King-sama farewell and held Sylphy by her hand.


「Sylphy, let’s go.」


Whispering into her left ears, Sylphy smiled sweetly and locked our hands.

Using that as a signal, I activated【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


The location is obviously the spirit forest, Fenrir-sama’s home.

Then, I called Waffle up who was sleeping on my head before jumping into the black vortex.


「Waffle, time to wake up. We’re about to meet with Fenrir-sama.」



With a sleepy tone, he barked tiredly while sliding down from on top of my head with his four legs flat.


『Wafu, we’re going to meet with mother?』


Waffle sniffed around the black vortex before heading in without hesitation.


……Hmm, I think I should be careful. I bet that as soon as I go in, the three brothers of Waffle will attack me.


Preparing myself mentally, I jumped into the black vortex, and as expected, the three little rascals vigorously pounded onto my body.


They stared at me intently with their tails slowly swaying from side to side.

For some reason, Waffle was doing it as well.


「Can’t be help, if it’s just a while. But I do have some important business as well.」


Thus, I took out a boomerang that was processed by wood the other day with 【Cut】 from the storage bag and showed it to the three of them.

I threw it forward after showing it to them.

The boomerang made a U-Turn with a surging sound and returned.




Saying that, the three of them immediately charged towards the boomerang.

I knew that the level wasn’t hard, as one of them jumped and caught it, which was Waffle.


「Nii-chan、not fair~ I’m sure you’re always playing with Myne.」


Waffle was looking at his brothers with a proud look with the boomerang on his mouth.




Waffle makes a happy sound as he looked at them.


『Hey Waffle, aren’t you the eldest one. Give your younger brother a chance.』


Using【Telepathy】to get Waffle’s attention、Waffle’s tails lowered and he looked a little sad.

But Waffle’s still Waffle, as he ran to his brothers with the boomerang.


『Waai、thank you Onii-chan.』

『Wafu wafu、I love you Onii-chan.』


While looking at the situation with a smile, I took a chunk of High Orc Meat from the storage bag.


「Come here everyone. I have snacks for you.」


Calling over to them while shaking the meat, the three fierce looking wolves rushed onto me with violent momentum.

After knocking me down, the meat dropped to the ground.


With a fierce looking gaze on the meat, I said to them:「Go ahead.」


After saying that, they happily shook their tail and started eating it.


『Myne, do you have some business with me? And boys, that’s about it, come over here.』


Fenrir-sama kindly called me.


『Waffle, I’ll leave them to you.』


After that, I slowly walked to Fenrir-sama.

Waffle then put his right paw over his head and said.


『Wafu, leave it to me!I’m the elder brother after all.』


……Alright, I’ll leave you to it.


『Is it about the Demon King, Myne.?』


Nodding to Fenrir-sama, continued speaking.


According to the Goddess’s policy, it is not allowed to bring people from another world that is not managed by the Goddess.

In addition, there must absolutely be no harm to the other worlders.

So, it seems that the Demon King himself wanted to kill the other worlders.

As a result, the Goddess was enraged by such action and instructed a nearby Divine Beast named Shiva to bury the Demon King.


……I see, so that’s why.

Though I understood the outline…. But I feel like I forgot to ask something very important.


Before I could think, Fenrir-sama continued speaking.


In the first place, it was because of the King of Laurasia who forced the heroes summoning, so Shiva wanted to bury the King as well.

Therefore, there’s also the problem of the destruction of the Laurasia’s royal family, so Fenrir-sama wants me to consider marrying Princess Sheila.


Well, if half of it is because of that, and if she doesn’t mind marrying someone like me. Okay, I’ve decided.


Sigh, so I’m going to have four wives then.

I wonder what father and mother thinks in heaven?

And out of 4 of them, 3 of them are Princesses……It’s seriously ridiculous thing as a commoner like me.

Oops, Fenrir-sama hasn’t finished talking yet.


So, it seems that the Goddess wants to return the heroes back to their worlds.

However, there is no such skill in the mortal world, so she seems to be troubled at how to return them.


And with that, she wants me to【Cut】the heroes’s skills.


This seems to be a direct request from the Goddess herself. The reward seems to be the skills that the heroes have.

I wonder what sort of skills would they have, but it reminds me of the hero skills that Maiya-san and Garnet-sama’s has.


So I’ll be rewarded with the skill……which means, oh right!!I’ve been so busy that I’ve forgotten to go to the Prison Dungeon!


I wonder if Jormungandr-sama would be mad at me?


Anyways, that’s the story about the Demon King.


Next is the business that I came here for.


I immediately asked Fenrir-sama about the stone statues that King-sama asked.


「……Hmm, the stone statue monsters? I know them very well. And that’s where the Goddess comes in to explain.」


Eh? The Goddess?


「Huh? You look like you don’t know how. Aren’t you forgetting that Maiya gave you the【Communicating with the Goddess】skill?

Try using that.」


Aah right, I certainly did get that. I was scared to use it as I don’t know what would happen.


「Afterwards, I will update you about what to do later, but try using the skill now.」

TLN Note: Just in case no one knows, there’s a manga for this novel. I’ll leave the link below, so if anyone wants to translate or have a read, feel free to do it~

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