Cut&Paste: Chapter 259 – End of War and the emergency situation in the Kingdom of Augusta

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「What happened Danna-sama?」

「I was contacted by Fenrir-sama just awhile ago. She told me that the Demon King, Cayenne, has apparently died.」

「Wha——-!!?Are you serious?……I can see why Danna-sama was acting like that then.」

「I haven’t heard the full details yet, but apparently one of the Divine Beasts’ has defeated him……」

「I see……That’s why Fenrir-sama contacted you first.」


She knew that I was going to report this to Fahren-sama.

After confirming that there was nobody following us, I used【Unique Magic・Spacetime】to instantly transport us to Sylphy’s room.


「We have to call Metia-san……」


Sylphy shakes her head displeasingly and pulls my hand.


「It’s alright, I’m here Danna-sama.」


「I’m sure Father is in his office……」Sylphy muttered as she dragged me along, we heard a huge knock on the door.


「……What the? How did they know somebody is inside?」


Sylphy and I looked at each other and nodded.

Since we do not know who it was, we decided to answer.


「Who is it?Can you be a little more quiet?」


Sylphy, now slightly irritated, answered back.


「Aah, Hime-sama、are you here to visit?」


Hm? Isn’t this voice Metia-san?

The way that she spoke seemed to indicate that she doesn’t know we’re here.

Sylphy approached the door, opened it and there Metia-san was standing there.

……Also, Captain Cecil is there as well.


「Hime-sama! This is an emergency. Please head over to the King as soon as possible.」


Another emergency!?And looking closely, it seems that Captain Cecil has a serious injury on her right arm.

Is it related to said emergency?


「Captain Cecil、what happened to your right arm?」

「Please hurry to the King for now.」


I nodded, then took Sylphy by the hand before running to the King’s office.

When we arrived at the office, Sylphy shouted while knocking on the door.


「Father, it’s me. Sylphid, I heard that there was an emergency.」


She opened the door without waiting for a reply.


……What we saw were King and Morgue-san who were in the middle of a talk while looking at us with a stunned expression.


「Hey Sylphy, why are you like that?Please be a little more ladylike, you’re married you know……Go and learn from Aisha-dono or Sasha Lion-dono.」


Fahren-sama puts his hands on his hips and reprimanded Sylphy.


「Leaving that aside, you came at the right time, Myne.」

「King-sama, we heard that there has been an emergency going on? What exactly happened?」


Though my story is important, but given Captain Cecil’s injuries, it’s best to give that as a priority.


「To be honest……a mysterious monster appeared in our capital……No, it’s unclear whether it can be called a monster at all……」


Eeeh?There’s a monster in the capital!!、Wouldn’t the citizens be in danger?This really is an emergency.


「Father, what were these monsters like?」


……The King then started speaking。


Out of nowhere, these 4 stone statue appeared with the appearance of Orcs appeared in the center of the city.

When approaching these statues, the Orcs suddenly sprung up from the air.

The three statues spawned in a chain of 4 Orcs, in other words, 16 Orcs suddenly appeared in the middle of the capital.

But that wasn’t the huge fuss.

The second konoe knights team led by Captain Cecil headed there, but as you know, the Orcs are quite strong. It’s a monster that ranks at C which requires multiple adventurers to defeat.

Being engaged in such a sudden battle, the Knights struggled, and Captain Cecil was struck deeply.

Currently, the Knights led by Brother-in-Law are heading there to suppress the situation.

……However, the mysterious stone statue remains in the capital.


「Such strange stone statues……」


It’s like finding a stone statue in the shape of a goblin, and finding goblins surrounding it.


「I’m sorry for always relying on you, but I would like you to lend me your power to get rid of those stone statues. Aah, and could you please ask Fenrir-sama to check about their identity.」

「About that King-sama, the reason why I’m here is also a report from Fenrir-sama……」


I looked at King-sama seriously and reported what Fenrir-sama told me.


「What is it? I don’t want to hear anymore bad news……」

「No, that’s not it. I think it’s a good news.」

「So what is it?」


King-sama sat down on his chair with a relieved expression.


「About that….. Apparently the Demon King Cayenne has died by the hands of a Divine Beast.」

「What? Are you serious? That is indeed good news, but how did it happen suddenly?」

「That I do not know the details yet, but I’m planning to go to meet Fenrir-sama in the near future for answers.」


King-sama stood up again and whispered in my ear.


「I’ll leave it to you. Let me know as soon as you understand something.」

「I understand! I will now head over and find out about the stone statues.」

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