Level 1 Guy: Chapter 284 – The last hurdle

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Morning, after waking up and exiting my room, I came across Ena on the way.

When she saw me, she had an awkward expression with her face slightly reddish.


“M-morning.” (Ena)

“Morning. So you stayed over.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, I wanted to come over at first but~” (Ena)


As she was talking halfway, she stopped and looked around.


“This place is so bright, and it gives off a warm feeling inside of me. So it had me wanting to stay here for the night. How do I put it, like once I entered, there’s this magical force preventing me from exiting kind of feeling.” (Ena)

“I know right!” (Ryouta)

‘Wah!” (Ena)


Ena was shocked at my sudden excitement.


“This is all thanks to Emily you know. The moment you stay inside a house that is revamped by Emily, you’ll be addicted to never want to stay at any other place anymore.” (Ryouta)

“I see~” (Ena)


As she said that, she continued walking out of the corridor.


“By the way, are those rumours true?” (Ena)

“What kind of rumours?” (Ryouta)

“Like the Teruru Dungeon was so clean to the point that you were sleeping together with Slimes.” (Ena)

“Ah, well yeah that’s true.” (Ryouta)


This was quite a while ago, when I first met with Emily in the dungeon, and we were staying inside for a moment.

Even I was shocked when the Slimes were surrounding Emily and was sleeping together.


At that time, I thought that she was the Dungeon Master of that dungeon or something, when I didn’t know about the true meaning of what a Dungeon Master is.


“Wow…..That’s amazing.” (Ena)

“It is. I still remembered complimenting her like crazy, so to me I feel that Emily is the most incredible person I’d ever known in my life.” (Ryouta)

“I kinda understand what you mean by that. The reason why Ryouta-san can have such an incredible performance is because you have an incredible place to go back to.” (Ena)

“Exactly!” (Ryouta)


I was getting even more excited.

Ena then suddenly said “Oh right”, and turned her body towards me.


“And with that, I want to stay here, so please take care of me okay~” (Ena)


She said and bowed.

And thus she is going to stay with us.



Nihonium, 9th floor.

While going around defeating the Zombie Dragons, I was trying to figure out the most optimized route to farm.


“This isn’t going as planned…..” (Ryouta)


I could defeat it quickly if it’s 2 hits like the first time I fought against them. Where I used the Invisible Blue Flame to defeat them.


But no matter how strong that bullet is, it can only defeat those Zombie Dragons with counters 2 or more.


If there’s any with 1 counter, then it’s impossible.


This is really difficult.


“There’s a 99???” (Ryouta)


In front of me was a freshly spawned Zombie Dragon, with the number on it’s forehead that reads [99].


I thought that there was only numbers from 1~5.

After coming here for several days, defeating several hundreds of them, this is my first time ever meeting a Zombie Dragon with a counter of 99.


This tells me that it’s a 1% chance of encountering it, which means——-


“It’s a rare monster then.” (Ryouta)


Even I was extremely excited with this encounter.

I took out my gun, and used some Normal Bullet for a test.


And obviously the counter went down.


This in turn aggroed the Zombie Dragon, where it swung its tails, and used its nails to scratch me.


It’s an attack that I’m familiar with, and a style that’s no different from the previous Zombie Dragons that I’ve fought.


“So it’s the same as the other Zombie Dragons? —-Repetition.” (Ryouta)


To test whether it’s the same, I used Repetition and it was defeated.

Since it’s able to be defeated by my magic, it means that it’s the same as any other Zombie Dragons.


Bummer, I thought that since it has a counter of 99, it would be different from——-


Was what I thought but nay, it wasn’t.


What’s different was that a staircase going down appeared.


“It’s about time.” (Ryouta)


I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I didn’t expect it to happen that quickly.


I took some deep breaths, then proceeded down.

As usual, everywhere was white in the room, and there’s a room before I can enter the spirit’s room.

And in that room where I was at, there’s a huge block in the middle.


Instead of calling it a block, it looks more like an actual building.

It’s about 5 metres in diameter, and the materials used makes me uncomfortable to look at.


As the material looks like a pulsating meat.


In terms of a game, the block looks like a living chunk of meat, where there’s internal organs inside that block.

However, it was all rotten, like a zombie-like meat.


It gave me the feel of destroying it, like every other monster I’ve faced in Nihonium.


I started my attack, by firing at it with the Flaming and Freezing Bullet, which fused and turned into an Annihilation Bullet.

It hit—-but nothing happened.


It did absolutely zero damage to that chunk of meat.


I tired firing all my other bullets, approached it even and tried hitting it, kicking it and pushing it with my full power.


However, nothing works.

It didn’t feel like I even caused a dent on it.

The meat mass is completely intact, and it keeps on pulsating irregularly.


Somehow, something felt weird.


It’s different from any other monsters I’ve faced.

No matter what I did with any straightforward attack, it won’t work.


Then, about halfway around the meat chunk, there was something like a K-I-A Board stuck onto it.


[………] (Ryouta)


While being cautious, I tried operating that K-I-A Board.


――― 1/2 ――――

Level: 1/1



Strength SS

Endurance SS

Intelligence SS

Mentality SS

Speed ​ SS

Dexterity E

Luck SS



It was my usual status.


Then suddenly, the board shone.




The first part of the number shone.

Then, as if responding to that, the meat chunk started cracking.




The second status shone, and another layer of the chunk started cracking.


Everything was the same for the other statuses.

However, when it came to the next part.


Dexterity E.


When that happened, the meat chunk didn’t crack, then the K-I-A Board and the meat chunk disappeared.


What was left was an empty room.


“I see how it is.” (Ryouta)


So there was a gimmick to this, and it was actually that simple.


I first need to collect the 3 items, the mirror, jade, then the sword.


That is to have my stats reach SS.

Then, if I don’t have all of my status be SS, I will fail.


Since I haven’t increased my Dex to SS, I immediately understood.


“I’ll come back again for you.” (Ryouta)


I said as I returned up to the ninth floor.

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