Cut&Paste: Chapter 258 – Myne’s Class Reunion (4)

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With Waffle sitting right on top of my head, I walked into the place where the class reunion is being held, which is inside the city hall meeting.

After filling in the invitation at the reception, I was guided by a woman to a huge table seat.


「Long time no see Myne-kun!!Isn’t this awesome! We get to sit together.」


Hm? Who are they, it seems like I’ve met them before……。


「……I-I see?」

「……Are?Did you perhaps forgotten about us?Fufufu、it’s me, Yurisha.」


Aah, it’s Yurisha-chan!It’s the mayor’s daughter, and also the most popular person in my class.

……Having characteristics of a crimson eyes, and height roughly around the same as me.

Since I already have Isha, Sylphy, and Sasha, I don’t really have any interest in her.

Although I felt a bunch of gazes from around her.

And out of all the gazes, one of them turned to me with hatred……

Looking at where the intent was, I saw Anthem there.


「……Uhmm Myne-kun, may I ask you something?」


Yurisha-chan asks me while lightly tilting her neck.


「Hm? What is it?」

「Is it true that you’re married to Sylphid-sama and the Holy Bow Aisha-san?」

「Yeap, that’s right.Though there are plans to increase the number of brides in the near future, but that hasn’t been announced publicly yet.」


It seems that my classmates were listening to my conversation as well.


「Eh? What do you mean by that?」


Hmmm, since it hasn’t been decided with Sheila, and can I be saying things about Sasha yet? It would be better to keep it a secret until Brother-In-Law and Lewis-sama announces it.


「I’m sorry, that’s as far as I can say.」

「Chie~ too bad. But if there is an increase in brides, maybe i still have a chance……」

「……Hm? What?」


「Kyaaa, shoo cuteeee~、What’s with the cub on Myne’s head??」

「Aah, his name is Myne, my family member.」

「Is it a monster that Myne-kun had tamed? Mine if I touch it?」

「Yeah, go ahead.」


After giving her permission, the somewhat scary Yurisha-chan began stroking his head.




Then, Waffle narrowed his eyes and shook his tail swaying which showed a pleasant face.


「……Tsk, this damn Myne, using his pet monster to get Yurisha’s attention.」

「Hey, Ansem. I think we should stop messing with Myne……Even he’s a noble right now.」

「Shut up Chibito!!I don’t care if he’s a noble or what not, he’s still Myne! 」

「Oi Myne.」


Hm? Who seems to be calling for me?

Aah, it’s Kelly. Kelly was the only one who I was close with back in my school days.

I would always be bullied by Ansem when I was in school……but only he would continue to stay with me throughout.


「What is it, Kelly?」


Leaving Yurisha-chan aside, I went to where Kelly was.


「Hey Myne, I have a request for you. Do you still remember Oreo Nii-chan?」

「Yeah, I think I somewhat remember.」

「Well, Ni-chan is actually a huge fan of Aisha-san. So he was in shock when he heard that she has been married.」

「That’s….. I’m sorry.」


……Hmm, I don’t know what to say about this.


「So Myne, I’m sorry for asking this but if it’s alright if you let Nii-san go on a date with Aisha?」

「T-That’s obviously a no. She’s not a thing okay, she’s my wife.」

「If that’s the case, we want to date too.」


The men who were listening to our story stood up all at once and came close to me.


「No means no!!!」


I shouted at the top of my lungs and they left with a dissatisfied look.


「Tsk this Myne, what a lucky bugger……」


……At that time.


『Myne, can you hear me?』

『Yeah, what is it Fenrir-sama?』


Suddenly, Fenrir-sama started talking to me through【Telepathy】.


『Calm down and listen here、the Demon King Cayenne has died.』

『Eehhhh!?Are you serious? How……』


If that’s the case, then that’s great! And there’s no time for some class reunion.


『One of us Divine Beasts defeated it, as the Demon King has went overboard. 』

『I-I understand. Thank you for letting me know.』


This is bad, I’ll have to convey this to the King.


『Sylphy, can you hear me?』

I hurriedly asked Sylphy through【Telepathy】..


「Sorry, but I have some urgent things to attend to, so I’ll excuse myself.」


『D-Danna-sama?What’s with the sudden talk?』

『I’m sorry but this is a huge urgent news, so can you come to us? Waffle is with us as well.』


「Waffle, can you bring Sylphy here right away?」


I slowly lifted Waffle from on top of my head, and gently lowered him to the ground.


「Oi Myne, what do you mean?You said something about Sylphy?Is the Princess going to come here??」

「Yeah, she’ll be joining me to go to the royal palace. There is an urgent report for the King.」


「So, I’m sorry.」I said as I bowed down to everyone.


「Here’s the fee.」


I gave Ansem one silver coin.

At the same time as Ansem received the silver coin, Sylphy opened the door with a loud bang, and Waffle was with her beneath her feet,


「What happened Danna-sama? For you to call me here?」

「I’ll tell you while we get to the royal palace.」

「To meet with Dear Father?」


While listening to our conversation…. The people around us started to talk.


「Thanks for the hard work Waffle, come’ere.」


Then, Waffle ran towards me and climbed on top of my head.

After confirming that Waffle was in place, I took Sylphy’s hand and went out of the place.


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