Cut&Paste: Chapter 257 – Demon King Cayenne VS Summoned Heroes (3): A new Divine Beast

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「……Y-You’re lying, right? Of course you’re alive right Yamato-kun?」


Chihiro cried out with tears rushing down her cheeks.

As Chihiro, Yamato and I were best friends back in our world, and being called to this world at the same time as well.

When seeing someone we know, or more specifically, someone we care about, suddenly dying in front of us. Even I wanted to scream as well.

However, what would I do if I just scream?If I were to die, then nobody will come back to life.

This might be one of the worse case scenario that we have ever faced.

Think, think! There must be something I can do。

……However、why is it so cold around here?Is it because of the Demon King’s killing intent?

No, that’s impossible。But the fact that the temperature around us is decreasing.


『Demon King Cayenne……Even for killing a hero、we Divine Beasts’ won’t allow these sorts of actions.』


……Huh, why is the Demon King walking away?On the other hand, the little girl is approaching the Demon King.


「A- A Divine Beast?Why are you helping the humans?They’re the ones interfering with the balances of this world!?And this voice, did Fenrir……」


I can’t tell what he’s talking about. But now is exactly the time to revive Yamato.

I casted【Resurrection of the Dead】on me first.


Then, a halo appeared above my head.


「……Alright, I’m saved for the time being.」


Then, placing my hand on the upper half body of Yamato, I casted【Resurrection of the Dead】on him.

……Then, instantly the lower half of his body was bathed in warm and fluffy lights, slowly returning back the body that was severed from him.


「……What?So you can use resurrection huh?」


『Where are you looking at Cayenne、……Then please die【Absolute Zero】.』


The little girl raised her hands, and suddenly, the Demon King’s leg started freezing up, literally.


「W-Who are you……?」


I said as I looked at the little girl


「My name is Silva, an Ice Divine Beast。Rest assure, heroes of another world.」



What?A Divine Beast?


「A Divine Beast is a powerful being appointed by God as the guardian of this world. 

And there are ten of us in total, including me.」


She said that as her body gradually shine, and that child like body has transformed into an adult lady.


The only thing I can see from her body were ice crystals, totally not human like.


Speaking of the Demon King, he was shattered by the holy sword of Yamato from behind.

It’s as if an ice statue was hit with a hammer and shattered into pieces……。


「……I-Is it over?」


Yamato called out as he emerges from the shadow.


「Yeah Yamato、good job out there。And with this, our request from the King shall be granted!!」


「Ta-Takashi….. Are you sure?Did we really kill the Demon King?俺」

「Yes we did。And it’s thanks to the Divine Beast called Silva-sama over there.」


「I-I see, but I’m glad you’re safe Takashi.」

「Sorry for worrying you.」

「For real!!You know how worried we were when we heard that you were facing against the Demon King?」

「Chihiro…… Thanks for coming as well」


While we sigh a breath of relief, we spoke to the woman called Silva。


「We’re going to head back to the palace……Do you want to follow us?」


Silva thought for a moment, before nodding.


「I do not have an interest in punishing people, but I do need to see that idiot who illegally summoned you heroes」


With that, we  have averted a huge crisis and returned to the royal palace with an unscheduled guest.




「You have returned safely, heroes」


King George spoke sitting at his throne, then Chihiro spoke.


「King, the Demon King is dead, we have defeated him.……Does that mean we are able to freely do whatever we want?」


「Huuh!?Wait just a second、Defeating the Demon King?Are you sure?How did you even defeat it」


The King looked at us stupefied.


「……I simply lent my powers」


Then, Silva spoke.


「Huh? Who is this stranger that you’ve brought?」


「Me?I am none other than……the Demon Beast Silva.」

TLN Note: Demon King? What’s that? Is that edible?






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~(^v^)~ · 22nd October 2019 at 3:18 AM

shouldn’t it be divine beast? where did the demon beast come from?

    xias1 · 23rd October 2019 at 6:26 AM

    My thoughts exactly.
    But maybe the heroes’ encounter with the demonking was a play by the demons.
    They might have faked it with illusion magic to find out about the heroes’ skills and strength.
    Then Silva would just have pretended to be a divine beast while actually being a demon beast serving the demonking.
    That way the ending here would make sense.

Daiz71 · 22nd October 2019 at 3:20 AM

Thanks for the chapter

Isaac Cunningham · 22nd October 2019 at 3:27 AM

The world is really unfair, the divine beasts and the goddess massively helped humans and didn’t provide anything to demons

    Zebul · 24th January 2020 at 6:32 AM

    Hey you forgot divine beast hal give him two armies, lizardman and antica the ant.. Just that though LoL thanks for the chapter

CCaprice · 22nd October 2019 at 7:53 PM

Thanks for the chapter.

    Shiro · 22nd October 2019 at 11:13 PM

    Always a pleasure~

BrassKnight · 2nd November 2019 at 6:22 AM

Okay, so I’m a bit late commenting on this chapter because I somehow missed its release. Thanks for this and the next several chapters. Anyways, I had looked ahead in the raws a while ago and I’m pretty sure the new divine beast’s name was “Shiva” as in the Hindu god, not “Silva” as there should be no appropriate katakana to warrant the “l”.

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