Cut&Paste: Chapter 256 – Demon King Cayenne VS Summoned Heroes (2)

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「……Hou、aren’t you a hero yourself? So, aren’t you going to show me the power that defeated the Orc King?」

「Y-You’re mistaken about that. I may be a hero, but fighting is outside of my capability.」

「You’re not suited for fighting?Then, why did you come all the way here?Didn’t you purposely come to me from another world just to defeat me?」

「I know it okay!!」


This is not the time to be talking about these stuffs。

While having fun with my friends at school, we were suddenly forced into this world, so of course we know。


「Well, even if you are not combat suited, it is fine in itself……I am just here to kill all who wield the names of heroesSo, be obedient and taste this Demon Sword of mine, as it has become quite rusty.」


Damn it, is this the end。

Can’t believe the Demon King would be here, and he’s even going full force on us。

I held the one-handed sword firmly with both hands, and took a kendo stance while staring at my foe。

……This is going to be difficult。……And I’m starting to become restless. Hahaha.

Sure enough, the Demon King jumped in front of me, as if not caring about my stance at all。


Clenching my teeth and closing my eyes, I swung my sword at a vertical angle。

Then, what felt like meat being sliced in half could be made.

When I opened my eyes、the sword was pierced deeply around the solar plexus of the Demon King。


「Fuhahaha、So you weren’t lying when you said you are not suited for battle. What’s with this weak attack?」




After listening to the Demon King speaking, was when I thought I was going to die right now……but suddenly、familiar voices came calling from behind me。

Yamato……Chihiro……You finally came, damnit。


When the Demon King tried to penetrate me with his sword, his movement suddenly stopped.


「……Tsk、what is this??」


Looking at it closely, it was Chihiro’s 【God’s Chain】locking the Demon King’s movement.


「……D-DId I make it in time?Takashi~~ You alive??」

「I’m alive, thanks to you Yamato.」

「Well then Demon King-san、your friendly neighbourhood heroes have arrived.」

「Hou, will you be enough to entertain me?……But, do not relax just yet, young boy.」

「What!?How is he moving even with【God’s Chain】・・・」

How is he moving even though GOd’s Chain was surrounding him and trust his sword onto my chest?




I was coughing out blood。This is the end……。



「Stay away from me Yamato!He’s different from the opponent we’ve faced、he is the one and only Demon King.」


……I can’t feel my strength。And I don’t think I can stand much longer……

Leaving my strength, I fell to the ground.

However, at that moment, rings of angels came bursting on my head, and my body was suddenly rejuvenated, and I could stand up once again.

……I-Is this the effect of【Ressurection of the Dead】that I put from before!?




Though I was surprised, the Demon King looked even more surprised than I was, with his jaws all wide open。


「……You, aren’t you already dead?」


Then, I saw Yamato rushing with his holy sword to stab him。

And the figure of a young girl who was originally behind Yamato entered the corner of my eyes……。


……Are you kidding me, didn’t they already run away?Did they not hear what I say?Not minding Yamato or Chihiro、but if that young girl was hit by any of the Demon King’s attack, she will surely be met with death。


……As expected, the Demon King was blocking Yamato’s attack。

Although Yamato was attacking with his sword, the attack was blocked right at the last second。And Chihiro’s【God’s Chain】wasn’t effective at all……


「Yamato, you better not let that young girl die!!」


As I shouted to him, he replied by nodding、and immediately moved towards the young girl。


This damn Yamato, trying to act cool and all。If only I have some strength to fight……。


Without looking away from the Demon King, Chihiro used【God’s Chain】again。


Wait, did【God’s Chain】work this time?Cause it seems like his movements have stopped。


「Take this~~~!!」


Yamato then jumped in and struck the holy sword towards the Demon King。


「You fools~」


However, the Demon King spoke while distorting his mouth。

The sword of the Demon King spouted out some sort of black smoke。


Then, the enormous sword flung Yamato’s sword away and cut Yamato in two。


His body flew up into the air、and his upper body fell right in front of Chihiro、while the lower half fell in front of the young girl。




TLN Note; I have no idea why this image was popping up in my head everytime I see this.


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