Cut&Paste: Chapter 255 – Demon King Cayenne VS Summoned Heroes

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The Disaster Grade monster, “Orc King”, suddenly appeared in Laurasia Kingdom. But, the heroes from Japan were able to successfully subjugate them.

However….. That wasn’t the end, as the Demon King Cayenne would invade the country himself。




「Cayenne-sama、are you absolutely certain that you are going to be at the front lines?」

「You’re being repetitive Roselie。How many times must I say this?」

「……Hah, it seems that I cannot change your opinion. Please be cautious when you’re there. I’ve heard that the heroes were able to defeat the Orc King as well.」

「Do not put me on the same level as the Orc King。Anyways, I will leave the army to you while I am away.」




「What’s with this noise?」


Being surprised and confused while grumbling, he called out to the person next to him.


「Yes George-sama、I’m terribly sorry。Based on our reports, another Demon Army has entered our territory.」


A new army?There will no longer be anyone who would threaten us as we’ve already defeated the Orc King……


「Hurry up and send the heroes out to subjugate those armies.」


After ordering him, I sat back on my seat, and Captain Ozwald came barging into the throne.


「King-sama, there seems to be a problem.」

「Hmm, is it about the new army?Do not fed, I have already ordered the heroes to defeat them.」

「……I understand. However, does King-sama know that the Demon King Cayenne himself is leading that army?」

「Wha?The Demon King himself!!?」

「Yes、it seems that he has an incredibly powerful sword that is said to be comparable to the holy swords of the heroes」

「……But wait, isn’t this our chance?This is a good opportunity to kill the Demon King, and end this battle once and for all.」

「We can mobilize all of our heroes and defeat Cayenne. He’ll never know what’ll hit him.」




「What did you just say!?Our opponent is the Demon King!!That damn old man、I really want to have a word with him.」

「……And Yamato-kun, what are we going to do?Our opponent this time is the Demon King, and I don’t think we can even defeat it.」


I can’t blame Chihiro for being concerned. It is the last boss we’re speaking of.

No matter how many holy swords we have on our side, we can’t win against a veteran opponent when we’re just amateurs.

Even with all the training we had, the only real combat experience we had was with the Orc King.


……Hmm, this is impossible, should we just run away……?

Losing my harem is regrettable, but I can’t exchange that for my life。

I might be able to do something if I can escape with Chihiro。

That way, at least I still have Chihiro in my harem.


「Hey Chihiro, do you want to run away with me?」

「Eh!?Running away……But where?」

「Let’s see。How about that place where the Princess wanted to marry that person?What’s more, I heard that that country has a lot of heroes. So isn’t it better if we go there for help?」

「……I can see your point.」

「……But we don’t even know anyone there, are you sure we’re gonna be fine?We’re not even acquainted with the Princess as well.」

「Maybe Marine-san can help us?」

「Huh?Yamato-kun, are you an idiot?What makes you think Marine-san would help us when she was the one who wanted to flee this country?」

「We won’t know unless we try!What’s more, didn’t Marine-san cut ties with that old man(King) as well?」

「You do have a point。So it’s not like we don’t have a chance。However……we have to tread carefully。If we make one mistake, we might be forbidden to go out anymore.」

「Yeah, I understand.」


While we were chatting, Takahashi suddenly barged into the room that we were in.


「We have bad news! The Demon King is having a battle with Oshita!」


What? Why is Takashi fighting the Demon King?

Didn’t he only have the【Resurrection of the Dead】skill only? How can he fight with that……If he dies, we can no longer resurrect anymore.

We must avoid that at all cost……。


「Ain’t that bad、Hiroya」

「Yeah, we must not let Oshita die!We’re going to save him now!I’m also going to call Koshigaya as well.」


……How could this happen。

Seriously, the worse case scenario。

Tsk, at the end, we still have to face the Demon King.



「……Aah, how did this happen」


Oshita whispered in fear.


In front of him was someone with an evil smile (possibly the Demon King) holding a huge sword and looking at me.

Behind me was a little kid screaming and shaking.


Sigh, should I just abandon the kid and run away?

I don’t have any fighting capability though。


If only I didn’t see this kid being attacked by the Demon.


「Hey! You old demon、it’s all over。This is our turf, and Takashi our hero will come to save us!」


I have no idea why I was spouting BS, but strangely, I was confident。

It would hurt if I would’ve died, wait, it would bad be if I were to die.

Should I try using 【Resurrection of the Dead】 on myself first?

……Huh? An angel suddenly appear inside my head, will I come back to life?

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