Level 1 Guy: Chapter 280 – There’s always a way

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Nihonium Dungeon, basement 9th Floor.


In order to conquer this floor, I decided to dive once again.

And in this floor, the Zombie Dragon is lingering around quietly.


Compared to the other monsters I’ve faced thus far, the Zombie Dragon doesn’t move around when not engaged in combat.

What’s more, the huge body is coated with miasma.

So, inside such a silent floor, it gives off an unprecedented presence.


Being cautious, I went towards one of the dragons.


[Mu.] (Ryouta)


The moment I tried attacking it, it noticed me but hasn’t moved.




This is my chance! I thought as I saw that the Zombie Dragon did not move until attacked.

The muddy body fluid shines, and it opened its huge mouth and into a biting motion.




I tried kicking the ground to jump away, but the movement of the Zombie Dragon further increased, and it bit my body.


The giant tusk sunk into my skin, and it felt like an entire body pushing into my skin.


[U…….ooooooooo!] (Ryouta)


I took deep breaths, put power in both my hands and feets, then pushed the Zombie Dragon’s mouth away.

Hearing a cracking sound, my body stretched out and I was released from the bite.


Dropping down onto the ground, I adjusted my body where my legs are falling down first, and immediately kicked on the ground to move away.

Then, I saw.


It wasn’t a misunderstanding.

The number above the Zombie Dragon’s forehead was still showing a [2] despite me not attacking it yet.


[…..Does that mean.] (Ryouta)


Confirming with what I’ve gathered, I escaped from the Zombie Dragon’s presence.

After running for some time, I encountered another Zombie Dragon.


This time, the letter on its forehead showed [4].


I did not attack it and started looking for another Zombie Dragon.


Looking around, and checking the numbers.


It was scattered.


The numbers varied from a range of 2 to 5, and it was consistent.


[……This is difficult to farm.] (Ryouta)


I immediately understood how difficult it was for me to farm in the future, as I spilled my worries out.

In a dungeon, it’s important to know the pattern when farming.

The simpler it is, the easier it is to reduce the time it takes to complete a round.

However, the difficulty increases the more complicated the monsters are.


[No, I just have to find a pattern where I can defeat them with 2 attacks.] (Ryouta)


I thought as I wondered for awhile.

Yeah, that’s right.


Thinking that it was going to be difficult, but with the numbers ranging from 2 to 5, the smallest one is only 2.

So having 5 would be a graceful moment for me, and all I have to worry now is to defeat them with 2 hits.


Speaking of that………I did defeat my first Zombie Dragon by using the fused Blue Flame Bullets.


Alright, should I try that then.


Taking out both of my revolvers, I loaded both the Blue Flames inside.


Time to fight some Dragons——–Was what I wanted to do but I noticed something.


[There are those with 1 as well!] (Ryouta)


What I saw was a Zombie Dragon with the number [1] on its forehead.

I was completely blown out of my nose.

If there’s a 1, then the Flameless Bullets won’t work.


Just to make sure, I fired 2 Blue Flames to create a Flameless Bullet onto the Dragon.

The number became [0] and the Zombie Dragon just stood there, taking no damage.


Wait a minute……


[Repetition!] (Ryouta)


I fired the strongest farming magic onto the Zombie Dragon.

But that didn’t work either.


Though it’s the strongest farming magic, it’s still magic.


Since they become invincible after becoming [0], the Repetition won’t work.

If I think about it, Repetition can’t be used during Magical Storm days as well.


I wasn’t happy with what I’ve discovered, but it does bring my tension down a little.


Anyways, I decided to run away from the Zombie Dragon since I can’t defeat it anymore.


Alright, time to investigate further.

Thus, I went around the 9th floor without attacking the Zombie Dragons, researching about them.


After about an hour, I’ve found out some stuff.

First, the number count, as before, it is now ranging from 1-5.

The most I’ve found were 3, and 1,2,4 and 5 were roughly around the same.

Other than that, there weren’t anything odd.


In other words, in order to farm while brain dead, it’s necessary for me to defeat them with 1 attack.

Plus, the Zombie Dragons are quite strong, so to defeat them with 1 hit is a little…….


[So the only way is Repetition I suppose.] (Ryouta)


I murmured and sighed a little.

Testing it on 1 to 5 of the Zombie Dragons, I used Repetition to defeat them.

Naturally, all of them were defeated in 1 hit.


If the numbers not 0, Repetition does the job.

Which means, if I want to farm safely, I have to use Repetition.


Then again…..I don’t really want to do that……


It’s nice to defeat them with 1 hit, and it’s very easy, but that’s exactly the reason why I don’t want to use it.

It’s only used if something major were to happen, so I want to avoid over-relying on it.


[Well then, what should I do…….] (Ryouta)


Not knowing what to do, I tried using various bullets on the Zombie Dragon.


Normal Bullet, Freezing Bullet, Flaming Bullet, Lightning Bullet, Homing Bullet, Trash Bullet, Slashing Bullet, Triple Bullets. And one final test, I used Regeneration Bullet on it.


Even after testing it all out, none of them were effective.

It’s the same with the Speed Up Bullet, even within the accelerated world and attacking the Zombie Dragon, the counter still decreases.


I avoided using fusion bullets as well, since it counts as 2 hits instead of 1, so it’s useless against the 1 counter Zombie Dragons.


Then, I tried using other items as well, and check the effects of each items.


[……..Ooh?] (Ryouta)


One of the items which I have not used for over a year, felt nostalgic.

Holding it, I thought for a moment.

Hmm, it might just work.


Holding onto it, I stood in front of a Zombie Dragon.


The counter is at 2, that’s good.


[It’s just a test, and I’ll make it to 1 count just to save some time.] (Ryouta)


Mumbling by myself, I fired the Speed Up Bullet at the Zombie Dragon.

You heard that right, instead of me, I fired at the dragon.


Then, when the counter went from 2 to 1——




The Zombie Dragon suddenly disappeared, and it’s entire body was rushing towards me.

It started attacking me with unstoppable movements.

Since I have HP and Endurance at SS, plus I was on a guarded position, I could still endure it.


I continued to endure the attacks.

Then, the attacks suddenly ceased.

The body disappeared, and suddenly the Dexterity seed dropped.


[———Alright!] (Ryouta)


I made a small guts pose.


The item that I used was the HIgh Guts Slime’s gem.


When equipped, whatever attack that is dealt to me would be reflected back to the enemy.

Since it takes a long time, I normally don’t use it, so I kept it away.


But with this Zombie Dragon where there’s a counter on it, whatever reflected damage does not count as my own, but as their own.


So, since I want to test whether that theory was the case, I fired the Speed Up Bullet on it to speed up the process, and apparently it works.


Although it takes time, but if I can not rely on Repetition, I’ll be satisfied with this before finding another better way.


[I have to find some other way.] (Ryouta)


It has been awhile since I felt motivated to do something.

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