Cut&Paste: Chapter 254 – Myne’s class reunion (3)

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When I arrived at the clan house, I brought along Sheila and Sylphy back.


While I was out, I got a letter from Aisha, and when I looked at the content, it is an invitation for my class reunion from my training school.

It’s an invitation for me to go.

……Let’s see?I wonder when will it be?Hmmm、so it will be two weeks later on a Sunday, at Lucas’s town hall?

……Heh, I’m surprised that they could get their hands on the town hall as it’s always booked beforehand.


「Aah I see!So it’s from Ansem?Did he use his father’s connection or something?」

「Danna-sama、who is this Ansem that you’re speaking of?」

「Aah, he’s the son of the guild leader、and he loves to use his parents name to do whatever he wants。When I was in school, I was often bullied by him because I was an orphan.」

「……Wow!I didn’t know that Ansem was that sort of person?」


……I see, well Aisha did work as a receptionist for the guild, so of course she knew who Ansem was.


「……That kid was rather arrogant、and would often seduce me and the other receptionist with his name.」


「What an annoying brat……What’s more always flaunting his father’s name……。I will never forgive such a miserable guy who badmouths Danna-sama……never」

「C-Calm down Sylphy。I know what he did was rather bad, but that was just that。So right now, there’s no need to worry about him anymore.」

「That’s right, Hime-sama。If you intervene right now, it would cause a huge scene. So please be patient」

「……I see, if even Aisha says so, then I’ll keep it down。……However, I don’t understand why the Bazaam Guild Leader did not do anything with his son, especially with how his attitude is……」


Hmm, it’s exactly what Sylphy said.

The Guild Leader is recognized by the royal family for his personality and his work, plus he is a person who is entrusted to protect Amy-san.

I’m sure he will never allow Ansem to do whatever he wants since he is faithful to his job as a guild leader.


「You’re right……but probably、he is not aware of Ansem’s doings?」


Seems like Aisha gave a good reason。

「……Well、if Ansem ever goes too far in the future, I can just report it to the guild leader」


For now, let’s take a look at the upcoming class reunion.


「Now that I think about it, Myne-sama、this is a rumour that I heard in town……」

「Hm? What is the rumour about? Sasha?」

「It’s about Myne-sama’s skills.」


「What sort of rumour was it about??」


What was slipped out!?Don’t tell me my cut and paste skills has been revealed?

「It seems like Myne has gotten a strong【Tame】skill, from what I heard。But that is true since you have Waffle-chan.」




「After listening to those rumours, I thought so as well.」


Well, there are many people walking around in Lucas. And whenever I’m walking, Waffle and Kuu would follow along …So it can’t be helped。

It wouldn’t be strange that I have the【Tame】skill.

I’m just glad that they did not know about my real skill, and it might be good that they’ve misunderstood my real skill.


「Wait Myne-kun……If that rumour were to be spread, then it might affect your image as the Tamers Ring has recently been disbanded.」


Hm, how would that affect me though?

I continued to have Aisha explained in detail.


「A lot of nobles would request the Tamers Ring to tame some monsters as their guard dogs, do you know about that?」

「Well of course….. I see!!?」


Which means the nobles might contact me to sell them tamed monsters?


Hmm, that would be a problem。I mean I do have the【Tame】skill, but I have never once used it before……。

Waffle was tamed without even knowing about it.

It’s bad to use the 【Tame】 skill without knowing whether I can use or not.

……But speaking of Tamers Ring…… I remember about Chunsuke and Chunbi-chan. I remember welcoming them to our Eternal Sunflower.




「Ansem, Chobit!!Did you properly tell Myne-kun?」

「Yeah I did Ranfa, but Myne wasn’t there, so I gave it to Sylphid-sama instead」

「EH!Syphid-sama? S-So, Myne-kun did get married to Sylphid-sama?」

「Yeah, that’s probably the case.」

「……I see、what a shame、right? Yurisha?」

「Wh-wh-what are you saying Ranfa、it’s not like it has anything to do with me.」


(Aah this Ansem, he purposely said it to sway Yurisha-chan……)


「What is it Chobit, do you have anything you want to say to me?」





「……Is this the place?」


After arriving at the place where the class reunion was supposed to be, I could already see some old friends.


「Kyaa, Myne-kun!!It seems like you’ve been doing well?Long time no see.」

「Hey Yurisha。It’s been awhile。I’m indebted to your dad, so I want to thank him. Could you relay that to him?」

「My dad? DId he do something??」

「Oh no, your father has given me a land for the Clan House at a cheap rate.」

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