Cut&Paste: Chapter 253 – Myne’s class reunion (2)

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「Hime-sama~, who was that just now?」

「Aah、it was Danna-sama’s friends. They wanted to hand this to him.」


I took the letter from Hime-sama and looked at what was inside.


「Ara? It looks like an invitation.」

「Yeah……They did mention about that as well.」

「I see~We didn’t really know about Myne-kun’s past, but I didn’t know that he attended the adventurers guild’s training academy.」

「Fumu、Since it’s Danna-sama, I wonder if he’s popular in school as well?……」

「By the way Aisha、is Danna-sama not back yet?」

「Can you not、Hime-sama!You just asked me awhile ago、and no he’s not back yet。Are you curious about it? Why not just use【Telepathy】and see whether he’s going to come back then? 」

「No, it’s fine。I’ll just head to the royal palace myself.」

「Aisha-san……What is that telepathy that you’re speaking of?」

「Since Sasha-sama is close to us……we can explain it at a later time.」

「Oh、I see. Is that another secret from Myne-sama?……I understand。If he is going to explain to me later, I won’t inquire any further.

……However, Aisha-san。Please just call me Sasha。Aren’t we already a family?」

「You are right, Sasha.」

「Hmm~~ Not yet……you still sound a little stiff……Can’t you speak a little casually with me?」

「Huh, I got it Sahsa。Let’s get along again.」

「Yes!Aisha-san、Please get along with me as well!!」

「You can’t do that as well Sasha。You’ll have to abandon the “-san” on my name as well, okay?」

「I’m sorry Aisha。By the way, where did Sylphy-sama went?」

「About her, apparently she went to the royal palace to pick Myne-kun up.」

「……I see、will Myne-sama and Sylphy-sama return home late?」

「No no, I think they’ll come back in about an hour earliest」

「……B-but, I heard that it takes about half a day to get here from the royal palace by carriage though?」


(Hmmm, I wonder if it’s fine to tell her about our mode of transportation as well?)


「Ah no no, it takes just a second for us to get there and come back. Since the royal palace has a transportation door for us to use.」

「Eh? If that’s the case, can I meet with Nee-san with that as well?」

「Meet with Stasha-sama?If we made an appointment, I mean sure?……But we might inconvenience the people there……」

「……Heh、so you won’t show me the transportation door?」

「No no we can、Since that is inside our Clan House, I can just show it to you?」


As I said that, I took Sasha by the arm and started moving to the place where the transportation door was located.


「Eh?、Aisha……?Is it this door?Are you sure it’s this shiny door?」


Yeah the door itself was shining brightly。


「Yeah、you can use it to go anywhere you like。But for now, let’s keep that a secret。Though it’s not dangerous, but just in case……」


While I was explaining it to Sasha, the door creaked, and slowly opened with the sound of a squeaky door, and on the other side of the door was a female knight with full-plated armour.

……As you’ve guessed, it’s none other than Princess Sylphy。



「Hm, what are you doing here Aisha?Oh, and Sasha-dono is here as well.」


When Hime-sama said, Myne who was behind appeared, together with Princess Sheila as well.


「I’m home, Aisha, Sasha.」


「Welcome back Myne-kun。How did it go with Sheila-sama?」

「……Uhh, we’ll talk about that later.」

「Also, while you were away, you’ve received an invitation from your class reunion.」

「Ah yeap, Sylphy has told me about it. We’ll talk about that later….. But it’s not really an interesting story though?」

「That’s alright。We want to know more about Myne-kun’s past……」

TLN Note: I just realized that copying the entire chapter into google docs, then translating from there is so much easier. Man, should’ve done that sooner.

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