Cut&Paste: Chapter 252 – Myne’s class reunion 

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「…..Then, let’s ask the King then.」


In order to join our Clan, Eternal Sunflower, Princess Sheila said that she’ll be my bride.

Since the proposal would affect the diplomacy with other countries, it was decided that we will discuss and consult this with the King.


Personally speaking, I don’t have much interest in welcoming Sheila as my wife for now.

This is even more so as I’ve recently refused Luka’s proposal as well.


….. However, it’s not that I do not know what Princess Sheila is dealing with.

That’s why I’m grateful that she has the time to even come and discuss with me.


{Myne~ If you don’t want to do it, why not ask mother to give Sheila a Divine Beast’s Protection?}


Waffle who was worried about me proposed an idea.


「Aisha, hasn’t Danna-sama came back yet?」

「….. Not yet I presume, and also Hime-sama! Didn’t you ask me that just now?」

「Did Myne-sama went somewhere?」

「Ah? Sasha-sama, did you not hear about the news? That Myne! !」


「Myne-kun is currently headed to King-sama to discuss about the proposal from Sheila-sama.」

「Wow, so even Sheila-sama has came?」

「I wonder?」

「Ara? The doorbell….. Someone seems to have come.」

「I’ll go. Is Waffle coming as well?」


「I’m sorry Hime-sama. I’ll leave it to you.」




After the hero summoning have calmed down in Laurasia.

Two young man went to Lucas to visit Myne’s home.

One of the man’s names is Ansem.






(TLN Note: WHAT ANSEM?!?!!)


His father is the so-called leader of the Adventurer’s Guild.

That said, it doesn’t mean that he’s a person of power.

He’s just some small accessory who does whatever he wants.

And apparently the Guild Leader seems to be unaware of what his son’s doing.


Also, he used to have beef with our main character, Myne.


What kind of business does Ansem have in Myne’s home?


The other person who tagged along with him was Chobit, the son of the butcher.

He has a large, slightly chubby body similar to his father, a gentle but strong boy.

However, unfortunately he isn’t lucky with girls.

He’s timid and gentle, and couldn’t lift his head whenever he’s around Ansem.

From Ansem’s perspective, he’s like an errand boy of some sort.


「I can’t believe that orphan Myne has become a hero….」

「Well, Myne’s dad is Lucas’s hero! That’s what my dad told me! Do you have any problems with Myne, Ansem?」


「…. Not really, I just don’t’ really click well with him, that’s all.」


「You don’t like him because Ranfa-chan and Yurisha-chan is complimenting Myne right?」

「T-That doesn’t have anything to do with it!! Why do I have to worry about what Ranfa and Yurisha is thinking.」


…..This was a talk about Myne’s past.


After Myne’s father, Dyne, and his mother, Yukino, passed away due to a pandemic, Myne was left alone.

So he needed to learn how to live on his own.

In the town of Lucas, there are training schools for nurturing the next generation of adventurers that is run by the Adventurer’s Guild.

Myne enrolled in such a school with the support of volunteers from Lucas.


「For now, let’s hand over the news to Myne about the class reunion.」

「….Yeah. but what if he’s not there since we’re suddenly visiting him?」

「I don’t know? If he’s not there, then we’ll just put a vote for him.」


After having such a conversation, they arrived at Myne’s home.

Then, Chobit rang the bell.

The door of the entrance suddenly opened, and a wolf monster appeared.



「W-What the…. Why is there a monster here!?」


「Waffle, what’s wrong? Is that a guest?」

「Wafu! !」

「Ansem, I think that’s Myne’s monster familiar. I heard about it from father.」

「A familiar?! Did he receive a tame skill?」


Speaking with Chobit, the door opened again and a very beautiful woman appeared.

….. I’ve seen her somewhere before, but I can’t remember.


「Who are you guys? What do you need from us (Fortuna family)?」

「….. S-Sylphid-sama.」


After looking at her, Chobit said.

W-What? Oh right, it is Princess Sylphid.

So it was true that that guy has married her!


What is going on? Even that bastard can marry a princess! This is so not funny!


「Uhmm, is Myne-kun here?」


Chobit then moved in front and asked Princess Sylphid.


「Hm? Danna-sama? He said that he has something to do at the royal palace, but is there anything I can do?」

「N-No no no, I just want to give this to him! ! !」


Chobit immediately handed the letter to the Princess.

It’s an invitation for the class reunion.


「We’re classmates of Myne’s training school. And a class reunion is being held this time, so I’d love for Myne-kun to attend…」

「Fumu, I see. Then I’ll hand it over to him as soon as he returns. What are your names?」

「It-It’s Ansem!」 「My name’s Chobit!」

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