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Happy New Year everyone.

As I mentioned on Twitter, my left foot (paralyzed) is now in intense pain and has caused some delay in writing. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who are eagerly waiting for the series. 

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 「Cayenne-sama….. I have two reports for you.」


I assumed he thinks that it was Xanadu bringing good news, but he’ll soon find out that it is just the remnants of Xanadu…… What bad luck.

Compared to being the predecessor of Vortex, can he be calm after seeing the death of his actual son?

No, obviously he will be enraged.

To be honest, I just want to run away without saying anything….. However, somebody has to tell the truth. And that role lies to me as I brought back Xanadu’s corpse.

Honestly though, I’m extremely terrified of what would happen to me.


「…… What sort of report? Oh, it is only you, Roserie. Weren’t you supposed to call Xanadu back….. ?」

「Y-Yes Milord. A-As for that, a-about Xanadu, he has lost the battle with that singularity, and as a result….. Lost his life.」


I’ve said it…… I said it. What would Cayenne-sama respond? I’m scared for my life.


「What? I thought that it took some time for him to return…. But for him to be dead……?」


Hiiiiii~~~~ He’s angry.


「Then, what is the other report?」


「Y-Yes. As you have predicted, Laurasia has gone with the hero summoning.」

「W-What did you say! ! Those bloody idiots! ! Unlike the previous King, Vortex, those lads can’t defeat me….. Hmm, guess I should pay them a visit.」


Aya~, did he just let go of Xanadu? The Demon King is acting weird~ Hiiiii~, Onee-chan, save me~


「Uhmm? …… Cayenne-sama, what do you mean by that?」

「As I said, I’m going to pay a visit to Laurasia. Isn’t it impolite if I did not test my Demon Sword after completing it?」

「….. W-We can’t do that! Having the King be at the front lines!」

「Oh Roserie, do you have an opinion on what I’m saying? Aren’t we supposed to treat misbehaving people like those Laurasia a lesson?」


…… Uuuu, a venomous snake. Well, if the hero has just been summoned, I’m sure they can’t defeat the Demon King anyways, so why not let the Demon King enjoy for the time being? Maybe I can have some fun with it as well?


「Are you being serious Cayenne-sama?」

「Of course. Roserie, send all of Xanadu’s troops to Laurasia. Then, release 1 Orc King and 1 Chimera to Laurasia as well.」

「Cayenne-sama, we only have 2 more Orc Kings left at our disposable.」

「I do not mind. It is better to defeat the heroes first, we shall not focus on the singularity for the time being.」

「Then, why don’t we just release two of it? With that, we can surely take over the walls of Laurasia?」

「Hmmm, you are right, but then I wouldn’t have any time to shine right?」

「Yes, then I shall release 1 Orc King as ordered.」

「Good, that is good.」




「King George! ! There’s a sudden invasion by the Demon Army at the southern side of the palace! ! ! And an Orc King has been sighted amongst the army! !」

「Wh- what did you say!!? An Orc King? Hurry! Call the heroes, Yamato and Chihiro!

To think an Orc King….. Would appear in my kingdom….. Tsk, there is no grace for this country huh. There is no need to rush to the Demon King.

Call Heroes Hiroya, Ayumu, Kyouko, Tooru and Madoka to the fight as well.」

「Yes! As you command.」


「Tsk, so the demons have appeared? No use crying over spilled milk, we have heroes on our side now. We can easily take those demons.」

「Yamato-kun, stop complaining and in a hurry. Isn’t it good that we can get some experience out of it.」

「Oh heroes, the training that you have been going through is different from actual combat experience with the demons, so be careful and do not lose focus.」


The new recruit soldier said to me and Chihiro.

Looking at him closely, he seems to be trembling.


「Hey, you trembling over there? Relax, it’s just demon subjugation right? We’re here now, so you don’t have to be afraid?」

「D-Don’t say these stupid words! The Demon that we’re going to be facing is a Disaster Class Demon called the Orc King! !」

「Isn’t it just an Orc?」

「Y-You’re completely wrong!! It’s an Orc King. Normally, you would need a huge army to defeat such a powerful monster.」

「Is it that strong?」

「Yes, a true “Disaster” class. After meeting it, only death awaits you.」

「…… Chihiro-sama, you have to be extremely careful as well. The Orc race has a particular interest in female as they want to reproduce. So please be vigilant.」


「….. Am I going to be alright Yamato-kun?」

「Yeah, I will do my best in protecting you.」

「Yamato-kun, Hiroya-kun, we’re going to be facing a strong monster. Do remember the training that we’ve done.」


Tooru-dono explained the details on how we’re going to fight.


(Fuh, if we plan a strategy and fight together, even defeating an Orc King is no big deal.)


「First, I will attract the Orc King’s attention, then Chihiro-sama will use 【God’s Chain】 to restrict the movements.」


Captain Ozwald explained.


「I see, so after we bind it, I’ll use my sword and slice it in half.」

「So, if either one of you die in this battle, Kyouko-dono will use 【

Spatial Transition】 to bring them to Takashi to be revived.」


…..Hmm, an appropriate plan indeed.


「I-It’s over there! The Orc King is over there!」


The young soldier that was shaking in fear shouted in a loud voice as he pointed at a direction with his fingers.


「Alright, I’ll lure him over! I’ll leave the rest to you.」


After saying that, Captain Ozwald went ahead to the direction at which the young soldier was pointing towards.

Afterwards, Yamato-kun went and I went ahead.

To be honest, I’m kinda afraid of the Orc, but the battle can’t start if I’m not there…..


After Captain Ozwald approached the wall of the town, the wall suddenly shattered by a blast, and from the smoke, an enormous Ax was swung…..

…… The problem was, who is wielding such a huge weapon around?

Probably due to the situation, it might be the Orc King.

……I see why it is a Disaster Class.

While thinking about it, I noticed Captain Ozwald was using some sort of skill.

Then amongst the smoke, a small mountain appeared from within.


「HiiiiI~, It’s the Orc King…..」


Watching that figure, the young soldier escaped while holding his head.

It certainly has a tremendous intimidation.

It can’t be compared to those monsters that we hunted.

Not only is its huge body a threat, but the battle ax that it was holding was terrifying as well.


Meanwhile, Captain Ozwald was using his skill to guide the Orc King towards us.

Did his efforts come true?

The giant monster stopped destroying the streets, and started moving towards Captain Ozwald.


「Chihiro-dono! Now! ! ! ! !」


After hearing him called out my name, I immediately used 【God’s Chain】 on the Orc King.

Several golden chains appeared out of thin air, wrapping around the Orc King’s huge body.

Even with 1, 2, 3 chains wrapping around the Orc King, its movements did not stop the least.

However, after about 20 or so chains, it finally stopped.


But, the upper body was unrestrained, so he was able to swung down the huge battle ax against Captain Ozwald.




With a dull and ruthless sound, Captain Ozwald was smashed with the ax and lost his life.


「C-captain Ozwald…..」

「Chihiro, don’t lose focus! Continue using 【God’s Chain】!」


Again, lots of chains tangled the Orc King.

Has it finally stopped moving?


Confirming that its movement has stopped completely, Yamato-kun rushed towards it while gripping tightly his Holy Sword of Light.

Next, Hiroya rushed just behind him with his Holy Sword of Flames.


「Eat this! ! ! This is for Ozwald! !」


Yamato’s sword splendidly slit the Orc King’s neck.


「I did it! !」

「Not yet, don’t lose focus.」


Yamato-kun cried in joy, but Hiroya tore the body of the Orc King into a V shape with his Flame Sword.

The smell of burning meat started to fill up.

This time, cheers blew from the surroundings.


「A-Amazing…. So this is the power of the heroes….」


The timid young soldier collapsed from his knees and looked at Yamato and Hiroya-kun.


「 Captain Ozwald! ! ! ! !」


Several soldiers were crying as they surround the remains of Ozwald.

In the middle of this, Kyouko approached Captain Ozwald and used 【Spatial Transition】 to where Taka is at.

With this, Taka can revive Ozwald.


Immediately after disappearing, Kyouko returned by herself.


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