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「High Priest, give me a status report of the hero summoning.」


The King, George, asked the High Priest about the previous hero summonings.

The first summoning was performed by Miko Myrene, who she summoned two men and one woman.




Akagi Yamato【Sword of Light】Hero of Light


Chihiro Kondo【God’s Chain】Seal Hero


Takashi Oshita【Absolute Resurrection of the Dead】Hero of Life




These three.

They all have relatively gentle personality, and are seen as friends as they act together.

The two men showed strong and capable attitudes if the condition of their harems are met.

On the other hand, Chihiro, the only woman, seemed to be helping the other two without being part of their harem…..

The new Miko Myrene lost her life after summoning them.


Next summon was performed by the Miko Marine.

The summoned heroes were two men and two women.




Hiroya Takahashi【Holy Sword of Flames】Hero of Fire


Madoka Eri【Sacred Shield】 Shield Hero(Bro)


Shindo Ayumu【Sword of Lightning】【Skanda】Hero of Lightning


Kazumi Fukami【Special Magic・Dark Hole】Hero of Darkness




Since she was the head of the miko, summoning four was normal.

These four seemed to be friends as well.

Compared to the first three people, they are rough with the way they speak, but there are no special requests from them.

And they offered their cooperation.

Another thing to note is that their leader is Hiroya Takahashi.


Subsequently, after being revived, Myrene summoned another man and woman.


These two were adults, unlike the seven kids from before.



Tooru Koshigaya【Magic Sword of Darkness】Hero of Darkness


Kyouko Usada【Special Magic・Transition through space】【Triple Growth Up】




Their calm and reasoning were reasonable of their age. In particular, Toru, showed strong leadership.

However, it seems that these two weren’t acquainted, but will cooperate with us for welfare.


「George-sama…… The above is an overview of all the heroes being summoned.」

「Very well. Instruct the Knight Leader to conduct battle training with all the heroes」


「Especially the nine heroes, Yamato, Chihiro, Hiroya, Madoka, Ayumu, Kyouko, and Kazumi……」

「How about Hero Takashi?」

「Hm, Hero Takashi has an indispensable skill…… It would be problematic if he were to be injured.」


With that, the training began.

All of them were called, and all of them grew quickly so that they could defeat the Demon King’s army, the Orcs and Goblins.

After that, Tooru was called to be in a mock battle against the Ozwald Knights.


「Hey, I’m alright with the training, but isn’t there a Princess in this country?」


Having the desire to create his harem, Yamato was being troubled as he wants to know the whereabouts of the Princess.


「Yamato-dono, the Princess of this country is called Princess Sheila, And she is currently out of the country, therefore she is absent.」

「Tsk, if she were a beautiful woman, I was going to get her into my harem.」

「Unfortunately, Sheila-sama is marrying a hero of the Augusta Kingdom.」

「 「W-What the! ! !」 」

「Wait just a sec, a hero? If there is someone like that, why are we even necessary!!?」


Tooru suddenly asked in a high tone. That is right…..


「Ehem….. The hero is of the Augusta Kingdom, and they have no relationship with us Laurasia.

「Tsk, again with that reasoning from that Old Man」


While we were talking, bad news arrived at the royal palace.

“An Orc King is sighted at the Demon Army”


「An Orc King?」


Orc King is a Disaster Class monster. Unlike ordinary monsters, they understand human language, have overwhelming force and special abilities to boot, and also they are capable of deceiving us.

In order to defeat the Orc King, it is necessary to launch a wave of attack with large armies. In addition, there is a possibility that it can’t be defeated.

The only special circumstances is that of Augusta’s new hero “Myne of Hope”, who defeated it alone.

What skills and tactics did he use to defeat it? If you understand that, we might be able to defeat the Orc King.


Currently, there is too little information.  What’s more, there were Princess Sylphid and Aisha of the Holy Bow who fought as well.


We wish for Myne to come to our country….. But that would be impossible. So we have no choice but to do it ourselves! !

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