Cut&Paste: Chapter 249 – 4th Demon

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After defeating my nemesis, Xanadu, I picked up the Mythril which was my original plan.

Guess it’s time to return home and hurriedly use 【Smithing】 on me Tempest Edge.


While I was looking around the boss room, my eyes caught of Xanadu’s body.


….. What should I do with it?

It’s not like I can bring it back like a material, and even if I did take it home, it’s going to rot.

Suddenly, around the center of the boss room, a humming sound was heard.

Then, a black vortex appeared.

Yes, it’s the same skill is my 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

In other words, something is about to come.

Maybe my friend…… or not, as there’s no one other than me who can use it.

This might be a vortex made from another Demon.

….. Which also means that another demon’s gonna appear.


As I put the pieces together in my head, I kept a huge distance from the black vortex.


「Oh? I don’t see Xanadu around.」


What came out of it was the demon girl called Roserie, who I had seen before.

No wait. Apart from her, there’s another woman.


「Wait Rose, Isn’t that Xanadu laying on the ground?」




Name:Roserie・Fair Cruise










Name:Campanelle・Fair Cruise (TLN: She’s now a pasta!)






Unique Magic・Spacetime

Dead Puppet

Reincarnate the Dead



……Huh? Are they sisters or something?


「Campa Onee-san, that is certainly Xanadu.」

「Looks like he’s lost.」


The two of them were chatting, and it seems like they can’t see me.


「Hey Xanadu. I came to pick you up, so stop sleeping there and get up.」


The new Demon called Campanelle was calling out to Xanadu.


「Oya? Rose, don’t tell me that Xanadu is maybe dead?」

「Looks like it. Then Onee-san, use Reincarnate the Dead.」

「I don’t want to~ I don’t want to take care of him, you do it~」

「….. That’s impossible. Didn’t you know Onee-san? I suddenly lost my skills.」

「Aah, Cayenne-sama said something about that it was that singularity boy that….. Made you unable to use your skills?」

「For the time being, just revive Xanadu, Nee-san. Even if he’s dead, at least we can bring it back to Cayenne right?」


….Hmmm. Both sisters have troublesome skills. And what, she has the same skill as me.

For the time being, I’mma cut all of her skills before she could do anything.

If I can defeat them here, I can weaken the Demon army even further….


「Then, the fallen warrior of Xanadu….. Respond to the call of Campanelle Fair Cruise’s name!」


「This is weird! Rose! I can’t seem to use it as well!! Wait, I can’t use my other skills either!」


「For the time being let’s leave the skills be and store Xanadu.」


Under the direction of Roserie, Campanelle began storing Xanadu’s body.

Seems like they’ve settled my troubles, which was a relief.

Rather, what should I do with these two demons…..

While I was worrying, Campanelle took out something from her pocket and threw it on the ground.

The black vortex then appeared.


….. A Teleportation Stone.


Are they trying to escape…..?

Well, at least I was able to 【Cut】 the skills from Campanelle.


I don’t really have any business with them. Guess I should head home.


Using my skill, I prepared to go back.


『Waffle, time to go.』


Telling him that, he climbed up onto my head in one go, and patted my head with his paws as if signaling that he’s ready.


「I’m home.」


Aisha and Sylphy hugged me with some force when I returned.


「Welcome back, and congratulations on finishing off Xanadu.」

「Danna-sama, I think you should report this to the royal palace, it will bring the country motivation.」


Apparently, the death of Xanadu has been communicated to Fahren-sama.


「I’ve also obtained the Mythril, so I’m going to Prince Lewis to make it an ingot anyways….」

「Myne-kun, for that…… You need a blacksmith skills to create an ingot, no alchemy.」

「I wonder if Roku can do it.」


Pointed out by Aisha, I realized that I’ve made a huge mistake.

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