Cut&Paste: Chapter 247 – Decisive battle against Xanadu

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…Right now, the Troll Gazer in front of me in screaming.

If you count the first one, this would be my 7th boss run.

I even obtained 7 【Grand・Staff】 in the process.


I guess I can safely sell the rest after giving it to the people closest to me.

I’m sure it’ll fetch a high price, seeing that it holds a magic skill.

And right now, I’ll obtained another Linus Sword if I defeat the Troll Gazer.

…..Wait a minute? If I just hand that to King-sama, wouldn’t I not have to create the Beginner’s One-handed sword? Alright, let’s do that then.

Okay, let’s quickly deal with this.

After restricting the Gazer’s movements, Waffle started growling at it.


『It’s alright Waffle. I’m going to defeat it with Twirling.』



When I said that to him, Waffle laid back down with a sad cry.

With all the preparations completed, I buffed myself with strengthening skills and used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to get behind the Troll Gazer before using 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.

It was too late when the Gazer realized what has happened.

Similar to my previous battle, the Gazer split into two before falling to the ground.

And with that, I’ve obtained 3 【Super Regeneration】.


Also as expected, it dropped the Linus Sword.

Good, good.

Waffle then grabbed(bite) the Linus Sword and brought it to me.


「Wafu.」 He offered to me.


I praised him for doing that, and he wagged his tail violently as I stroked his head.


『Now, Waffle. Let’s settle our scores with Xanadu.』


The problem starts here. We’re going to head to the last boss, but there’s a good chance that Xanadu will be there.


So before moving, I used 【Magic Cloak】 with 【Annihilation Magic】 on my body.

Even if I was being attacked by surprise, this should help.

As a precaution, I’m going to use 【Map】 to check the state of the last floor.

Last time, I saw the Mythril Golem and Xanadu….so let’s see whether he’s still there or not?






Race:Golem Race





Martial Arts: Empire Strikes (Back)













Time Control・Strong


 Concealment (Range)

 Extreme Arm・Flames




Oh? So this Mythril Golem has Archery Holy? This reminds me of Aisha’s fighting style.

Let’s quickly cut these.

….And finally!!!! I was able to 【Appraisal】 Xanadu’s skills!!

This is definitely thanks to 【Appraisal・God】! Thank you so much Maiya-san.

…. Oh, can’t do that. Gotta concentrate on the battle.

But…… As luck would have it….. Xanadu is really here. And he’s definitely aiming for me.

He knew that I would come for the Mythril Golem.

However, I’m glad that I could detect his presence first. Right now, better 【Cut】 the Golem’s skills.

Since both of them are inside the room, let’s connect 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 outside the boss room.

As the 【Magic Cloak】 has been activated, there’s no need to escape from him again.


I held Tempest Edge on my right, and Lightning Edge on my left.

Preparing myself mentally, I nodded and jumped into the room, and Xanadu was in the middle. Same as before.


I didn’t 【Cut】 Xanadu’s skills on purpose.

This isn’t like before, as I have my magics pre-casted beforehand.

As expected, Xanadu’s right hand disappeared.


「Y-You bastard!! Is that Annihilation Magic?」

「I don’t need to tell you about it. Think of it as a return gift for Luca-sama.」

「…. Kukuku….. I see now, so you’ve been taking countermeasures against me.」


Alright, this will prevent him from inadvertently attacking me.

Then, using 【Paste】 on Xanadu’s feet, I slowly approached him.

And also, I used 【Annihilation Magic】 on 【Tempest Edge】 with 【Magic Cloak】, and stabbed Xanadu’s left arm.


Right now, both his arms have disappeared, but he was whispering something while staring at me.


「….. So this bastard is the reason why Father has lost his skill?」


This is enough. Now that both his arms have disappeared, he is weakened.

But before I defeat him, better use 【Cut】 and take all his skills.


When I tried to use 【Appraisal】 on him, something unexpectedly flew from the left.

I hurriedly use 【Absolute avoidance】 and looked at what was thrown at me….

It seems like the Mythril Golem was shooting an arrow at me.


Oh my god. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about it.

I should’ve taken its archery skills first….

But then, since Xanadu can’t do anything anymore, let’s leave him be and finish off the Golem first.

Doing the same thing as before, I stuck its feet on the ground and struck its back with 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.


Then, the sound of heavy objects echoed around the room as the Mythril Golem dropped dead on the ground.

Since it’s made of 100% Mythril, I took everything and stored it into my storage bag.

With this, the Beginner’s Dagger’s 2nd enhancement should be complete.

More than anything, I’m anticipating the third form.

Although the requested materials are going to be hard……


While thinking about things, Xanadu suddenly started laughing out loud.


「Fuhahahahah, you don’t have experience fighting with the Golem? Now this is a delight.」


……Hmmm? Well it is true that it’s my first time fighting a golem species. But how does he know that?


「What is with that face? You’ll understand why.」


….. With this I’m done collecting the materials.

Let’s start finishing him off.


In order to avenge for Luca-sama, I can’t use Annihilation Magic.

This, should be the job for 【Demon Eyes of Poison】.

The new skill that I got from the Troll Leader.




【Demon Eyes of Poison】:Can be activated anytime on any opponent. The targeted opponent who is affected by this skill will receive extreme toxic poison. The opponent will continue to receive severe damage until treatment is performed. Slip effect 250/1 second.



The effect immediately appeared in Xanadu.

His face turned pale, and he started moaning as he squeezed his neck.


「Yo-u brat…. What did you do?」

「My bad Xanadu….. I just can’t forgive you. It’s easy to deal with you, but I would rather you die while suffering.

Because you made Luca-sama suffered such an unerasable wound. I will give you the same pain that she had felt.」

「You little shit, do not put the life of some human girl and a Demon Prince as the same.」

「What did you say? Think before you speak. You as you are, you can’t do anything.

If I have to say, you’re just a loser barking at meaningless abuse.

What you need to do is apologize to Luca-sama! If you don’t….. You know what comes next.」

「Hah? Don’t fucking joke with me. Why do I need to apologize to some human? 

In the first place, Luka is a prisoner of war. As thanks for her mercy, I see no need to apologize.」


Hearing his reply, I felt like something knocked my head.

I can’t take this anymore. I aimed at Xanadu with 【Stamina Absorption・Large】.

Perhaps due to the extreme toxic effects, Xanadu has close to little physical strength left. And with the skill, it scraped off what little he had left.


「….. Ugu.」


As expected, his moans became louder.


「Don’t think you can continue with this attitude forever. I’m sure you’re at your limits?」

「Kukuku, it is true that my time is coming.」


Xanadu is still being cocky.

I should just leave him. Even if I leave him here, he can’t run anywhere nor do anything.

So, as I tried to get out of the boss room….. Suddenly the storage bag started rampaging.

Tsk, what’s happening? Is this the work of Xanadu?


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