Cut&Paste: Chapter 245 – The Mythril Ingot’s whereabouts

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「Tsk did he run away?」


Did he use a Teleportation Stone? But that can’t be….  He said that his name is Myne. Well, let’s leave him be, I got the mythril ingot that was needed anyways.

But seeing him say that, it seems that he knows why Pillows and Luca’s slave contracts have disappeared.

It’s painful for me to lose those two, guess I have no choice but to catch that guy and force him to give them back.

For now, I have to deliver this to father.


That guy took a black shining stone from his pocket and threw it on the ground.

Then, a strange black whirlpool appeared on the ground, and the guy jumped into the whirlpool.


What the guy used was a “Teleportation Stone”. When used, it will bring you to a place which you’ve been from the past.

It’s a useful magic tool, but once used it will break and thus unusable. Thus, it’s a valuable item.

Where on earth would he go using such a precious magic tool?


The place where he was headed is the Demon King Cayenne who he called his father. And he was able to successfully get what was requested from Cayenne.

What was gotten is a valuable of steel material, a mass of mythril. It has been called a holy silver, where it has an extremely high conductivity of magic.


「Sorry for keeping you waiting father, I have gotten the mythril that you asked for. By the way, what do you want to use it for?」

「The other day, I heard something strange from Roserie.」


After taking a glance at my face, father did not answer my question, but rather mentioned a completely unrelated story.


「It seemed that Roserie suddenly couldn’t use her skills anymore. At that time, I thought it was just an excuse for her failure.」

「That Roserie, I can’t believe she would say something that hilarious.」

「And just the other day, some of my skills were unable to be used as well.」

「W——What? Wait a minute father, which skills?」

「It was 【Annihilation】, 【Six Ways to Hell】 and 【Clairyovance】.」

「What the, how?」

「And, were you able to use your skills?」

「Yeah, I have no problems.」

「This is just a speculation but the time when I could not use my skills were…. When this little boy called Myne was here.

But if there’s nothing wrong with you, maybe it doesn’t matter.

Anyways, as the answer to your question, since I couldn’t use my skills, I thought of trying to make a weapon with Mythril as a way to protect myself.」

「I see, so that’s what it is. But, why a mythril?」

「The amount of magic it has is already an overwhelming advantage over others. If we could convert such overwhelming magic into a weapon, wouldn’t that be great?」

「I understand father. For now I’ll guard things around here, so reassure yourself.」

「No, you have to defeat the singularity. If you leave him alone, something fatal will happen to us.」

「Alright. Leave it to me to get that person’s neck in front of you.」


….Was what I said…. But I do not know where he is. I guess he was aiming for the Mythril as well.

Though I’m not sure, but the number one place to check might be the Dungeon of Power?

….However, I do need to escort father as well, as he doesn’t have his skills. It might be dangerous to leave him be if someone stronger than him started attacking.

If father dies, the entire Demon King’s army will be destroyed.

What’s more, the neighboring countries are starting to unite together, which is fatal to the death of father.

It would be best if I escort him for now, and not bother with that bastard Myne for now.

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