Level 1 Guy: Chapter 269 – Spirit○Time○Room

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TLN Note: This was an incredibly interesting chapter to translate~


At night, the underground basement of the mansion.


After dinner, I came to the basement alone.

I placed the key that I took out of my pocket at the far end of the room.


It was a drop from the Plumbum Dungeon Master, which was 100000% amplified to become a more attractive version of me.

After testing out many different things on it, I had no idea what the effect of the item was.


That’s why I decided to throw away common sense, and try to revive it into a rogue monster to defeat it again.


Hence why I’m at the basement alone.

It’s to avoid any of my friends being here.


And the reason is——–


[Aah, so this is where you were Ryouta.] (Alice)

[What are you doing here, Emily has baked us some cookies you know? Come, let’s head back to the salon and have a cup of tea with cookies.] (Aurum)


The cheerful combination, Alice and Aurum appeared.

Both of them were cheerful and straightforward, and they both carry cute monsters as well.


It’s as if they were sisters.


However, to come and find me—— is seriously the worst timing ever.


The rusty key that was way behind the room then turned into the rogue monster.


[Wawawa, what’s with the atmosphere.] (Alice)

[It’s a Dungeon Master. And it came at an incredible annoying time.] (Aurum)


They both felt it and had a sad look on their face—- and that only lasted for about a second.


[What is that, ahahahahahaha! !] (Alice)








[Pffft… Ryouta? Isn’t that Ryouta?] (Ryouta)









[Ryouta’s sparkling, and there’s even rose coming out from the back. Gyahahahahaha!!!] (Alice)

[You can’t laugh okay….Puh puh.] (Aurum)


The two of them LOL-ed at the 10000% beautified version of me as a Dungeon Master.


[Aah, this is so hilarious…. Ryo-chin!] (Alice)


For some reason, Alice called it Ryo-chin.

At that moment, there were two of me, and now there’s a total of three me’s there.

The scene was kinda surreal.


[Why did you suddenly call Ryo-chin?] (Ryouta)

[You know, doesn’t that monster look like a “Ryo-chin”?] (Alice)

[Yeah, no matter where you look at it, it looks like a “Ryo-chin” to me.] (Aurum)


Both Alice and Aurum agreed in unison. And it seems like they have their naming sense matched as well.

Well, it does have a “Ryo-chin” sense to it——Though I don’t know why.


[But why are you naming it though?] (Ryouta)

[Well… just because~] (Alice)

[Yeap~] (Aurum)


For some reason, both of them were in sync today.


[ [Ryo-sama.] ]


Seriously, they’re in unison.


Even though I went through all the trouble to not get found out, but at the end, they ended up finding me.


[Sigh… Repetition….] (Ryouta)


Being depressed, I used Repetition to dispose of it.

The rogue monster Ryo-sama disappeared, and a golden key was dropped instead.


Before that, it was a rusty key, but now its colour was shimmering with gold.


[Aryarya, you’ve defeated it.] (Aurum)

[I wanted to see it a little more though. Hey Ryouta, were you the one doing that? Are you able to use summoning magic as well?] (Alice)

[Eh? Did it look like that to you?] (Ryouta)

[If you can use it…. Then wouldn’t it look good on a white horse?] (Alice)

[Indeed ! Aah—- We have a Bicorn right!] (Aurum)

[A white unicorn! Ryo-sama and Bicorn. That suits it perfectly~] (Alice)

[Girls, can you please stop it.] (Ryouta)


I became even more dejected.

The two of them were crushing me unknowingly.


[Well, it looks great to draw even without the white horse.] (Aurum)

[Right~ We should call a famous painter to draw them.] (Alice)



I rushed out.

With the speed of might, I ran out of the basement and ran straight to the hallway.


[—–] (Ryouta)


There was Cell outside the window.

His eyes were shining brightly, and ran away afterwards.


[….. Are you kidding me.] (Ryouta)


I became despaired, and just gave up.

The more important people has the rights to control the world.

Cell Stem.


He’s a great person, but for some reason he’s a huge fan of me, and everytime I did something, he’ll be able to make a figurine out of that “act”.


He might’ve saw me.


Ryo-sama figurine has been decided!

For some reason, a light novel style announcement came to mind.


My shoulders drooped, and reluctantly, I went back to the basement with heavy footsteps.


[Welcome back~ What’s wrong?] (Aurum)

[Cell….spotted…] (Ryouta)

[Which means another bronze statue!] (Alice)

[Why are you happy about this….] (Ryouta)


If that goal is achieved, it ain’t a laughing matter alright.

Aah, I can’t do this anymore, just forget about it.


And also—– forget what happened here with the two of them.

My friends…. Yeap, let’s just forget about them as well.


Oh man, it’s a drop!


Looking at the golden key Ryo-sama dropped, I picked it up.


[Isn’t that the item that was dropped earlier?] (Aurum)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[What is that for?] (Aurum)

[I don’t know. It just changed from a rusty key to a golden key, so I thought that it has powered up… But I don’t even know its uses at all….] (Ryouta)


Holding the key, I just somewhat twist it, as if unlocking something.

Then suddenly—- a door appeared in front of me.

It just appeared right in front of this large basement.


[What is this! Looks like a secret room!] (Alice)


Alice was very excited, and the monsters on her shoulders were showing it as well.


On the other hand, I was carefully observing the door.

The door was just standing there.

And on the door, there was a number [01] which looked like a calculator font.


[01….. What does that mean?] (Ryouta)

[Maybe only one person can enter?] (Alice)

[Or maybe you can only enter once—– I mean normally that’s the two logically answers.] (Ryouta)

[Trying going in and see.] (Aurum)

[Wait Aurum, get behind me.] (Ryouta)

[Why?] (Aurum)

[There’s a possibility that the door leads to a dungeon. Even with Mike with you, it might still be dangerous for you to be there alone.] (Ryouta)

[….. Cheh~] (Aurum)


Aurum clicked her tongue, and she reluctantly backed away.

Though I said that, but she as a spirit knows that as well, so she understood immediately.


[Then Ryouta and I will go~] (Alice)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[Alright, I’ll go first.] (Alice)

[You sure?] (Ryouta)

[Yeap! For some reason….. It smells like something really exciting is going to happen~!] (Alice)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


Is it really a dungeon then.

Since Alice who was born in a dungeon can tell various things about the dungeon based on her ‘smell’.

So for her to say that, then the door is likely to lead to a dungeon or some similar location.


[As I said, I’ll go first okay.] (Alice)

[Alright then. Just be careful.] (Ryouta)

[Okay! Then Aurum-chan, bye bye~] (Alice)

[Don’t mind, I’ll go there next time~] (Aurum)

[Got it! Hoppity!] (Alice)


With high tension, she opened the door and entered.

As soon as she entered, the door closed automatically.


Then, the [01] turned to [00].


[It has been reduced.] (Aurum)

[Is it the number of people or number of times, we still can’t tell. And how can we increase the number back up?] (Ryouta)

[Maybe you have to kyaaa~~ and kyafufu~ Ryo-sama again?] (Aurum)

[I guess that’s the only way—– and please stop with those expressions.] (Aurum)


It might be one of the possibilities.

Defeat the Dungeon Master, increase the keys, and increase the maximum amount of people.


Or does it increase based on the days?

For example, the number increases every day.


We’ll have to verify these things—-


[I’m back~~] (Alice)


Approximately 1 minute after entering the door, Alice returned with high tension.


[That was fast, so how was it?] (Ryouta)

[About that, oh right, how long was I inside?] (Alice)

[How long….] (Ryouta)

[…. around a minute?] (Aurum)


Aurum and I looked at each other and nodded.


[Fufufufufu.] (Alice)


Alice who heard it became even more excited.


[You’ll be surprised! But I was inside for an entire day!] (Alice)


Alice puts one hand on her waist and stuck out the other with a V-Sign.







—-Wait a minute, an entire day?


[What do you mean?] (Ryouta)

[You’ll know once you’re inside. But it seems like one day inside is a minute outside.] (Alice)

[Hmmm, I’m still lost.] (Aurum)

[…. No.] (Ryouta)


I understand it well.

It’s a dream-like room where someone of my age would love to have as a dream once in our life.


Plus, the door displayed [00].

This door, no this room.

I wanted to know more about it, as I strongly thought.

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