Cut&Paste: Chapter 244 – Princess Sheila’s departure

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「Marine, are you in? It’s me Sheila.」


After leaving father alone, I hurriedly went and pack my things in order to leave this country.

With that, the first place to go is to find my best friend, Marine and her sister Myrene and explain the situation.

If the two of them were to continue to stay, I’m afraid they will be used by father to continuously summon heroes.

As I could not bear seeing such a thing happening to my friend, I will definitely bring them along to Augusta, even if it means dying.


「Hime-sama? Have you spoken with George-sama already?」

「Yeah, it is over. And I am actually here to speak with you two sisters.」



After explaining to Marine who was suspicious, I asked them a favour.


「Marine, I beg of you to follow me. I do not want the both of you to be used like tools.」


Marine slowly breathed and started thinking.


「Hime-sama, is this Myne-dono and Fahren-sama someone that we can trust?」


It’s natural for her to be worried.

Since the King of Augusta and Myne-dono is from a different country, Marine and Myrene might be subjected to summon more heroes if they were to be locked there.


「I have only spoke to them for a short period of time, however, within that short time, my instincts told me that they are both good people. And Myne-dono will be married to me as well, so obviously I was strict in observing him.」

「Eh? Wait a minute, when did hime-sama ever mentioned about marrying?」

「I have asked a favour to join Myne-dono’s clan, but he would not reveal his secret to me…. So as I offered my body to him, he rejected it and thus I decided to ask for marriage instead.」

「Hime-sama, are you stupid? In which country does a princess ever go and ask for marriage?」

「There is, it’s right in front of you.

And I think that it’s a really good idea you know? Do you know that besides the first princess of Oose, Myne-sama is married with two other princess in two countries, so wouldn’t we play a huge role in uniting each other’s countries?」

「Hime-sama, are you sure you should marry based on that reasoning?」

「Yeah, I do not mind. Instead of thinking about father using me as a political marriage piece, I would rather go ahead with this marriage with Myne-sama.」


「………. I understand. If Hime-sama is convinced, then I would not have an issue with it.

And also Hime-sama, Myrene and I could not move to a different country.」

「Why is that?」

「Two heroes asked us to be with them as a reward for fighting the Demon King. So if we flee from the country, the heroes would chase us and bother Augusta Kingdom.」

「Though the heroes said that, they are still unfamiliar with the lack of combat experiences right? I’m sure Myne-sama would win them easily…. He has single handedly defeated an Orc King and a Troll Gazer.」

「….. Hah, that is indeed impressive. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they would cause trouble?」

「Let’s put that aside and follow me. What can they do if we leave.」

「I understand. If Hime-sama is that determined, we shall follow your orders.」




「Hero Yamato and Chihiro.We have located the whereabouts of the Demon King. The Captain of the Knights, Oswald, shall guide you there.」

「Wait a minute old man. I’m not accustomed to fighting yet. Isn’t it hard that you’re telling us to fight them now?」

「That’s right, what is the point of having us fight a losing battle? We should tread carefully.」

「I have said this many times, but our country has no more time. The Demon King’s army is gaining much impetus.

….. Even if you were to lose in the battle, we have Hero Takashi here. He can bring you back to life, so do be relieved.」

「What? Are you saying that we should kill ourselves?」

「If you don’t like it, then we will not be able to give Marine and Myrene to you.」

「That’s dirty…. You’re rotten to the core old man.」

「I will refuse this as I have nothing to do with it. Yamato-kun, do your best for your harem.」

「Wait Chihiro! If you’re not there, there will be zero chance that we’re going to win!」

「I did not promise to fight under this old man, so do your best Yamato-kun, Taka-kun.」


The air has become awkward because the King is becoming more irritated.

However, captain Oswald went beside the King and whispered something.

Then, the irritated King became even more impatient and yell at a loud voice.


「Heroes, let me say this once more, go forth and fight the Demon King! If you do that, your wish will be granted! ! !」




Now’s the chance to escape as father is in the middle of something.

We hurriedly jumped into a horse carriage and left the kingdom.

By the time Oswald finds out, we would’ve arrived at our destination, so he won’t be able to chase us.

With full speed, it should take 2 days to reach Augusta Kingdom.

So, I continuously used Recovery Magic on the horse so it could run without taking any breaks.

The problem isn’t about whether Laurasia will chase us, but the Demon army that is crawling into our country.


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