Cut&Paste: Chapter 243 – Summoned Hero(4) Case: Akagi Yamato

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「Thanks a bunch Chihiro.」

「Yamato-kun, you can’t let your guard down okay. This is not Japan, and you’re putting your life on the line.」

「Yes, I know. But Chihiro, your skills are quite amazing huh?」

「When I thought that Yamato-kun was in danger, the skill just suddenly popped up on my head.」

「I see, thank you again.」


While we’re having such a conversation, the captain approached us.


「Yamato-sama, you’re being too laid back. No matter how strong your holy sword is, if the person’s ability is inexperienced, you will not be able to defeat the demon king.

…. As for Chihiro-sama, good job out there. That was a good follow-up.」


Tsk, I know that even without you saying it. I don’t care whether you’re a captain or what not, but you’re the one who should act properly as you’re the one who brought us here in the first place.


「For now, let us defeat a few more to gain experience.」


The captain said and began to move further into the forest.

Then, we met another boar, and this time Chihiro used <God’s Chain> first to restrained its movement.

Honestly I could just end it by myself, but it is important to have good team play as well.

In addition, this can really build my relationship with Chihiro if we work together.


Thus, after defeating a couple of boars with coordinated attacks, it seems that the captain was satisfied, and had us return to the royal palace.

The meal on the way home was the boar meat that we defeated earlier.

Food here really is dependent on the skill of the person who’s cooking, and it’s seriously something that one would never taste back in Japan.

Strangely, I was convinced by the logic, and this world is all about the skills.

The skills that Chihiro and I have seemed to be very rare and powerful skill….




「Hime-sama is finally back.」


…. Phew, I’m finally home after a while. Hmm, I wonder why I feel weird when walking in.

Well whatever, I can finally see Marine and talk about Augusta’s achievement.


「Where’s Marine?」


After asking the soldiers, they gave an odd answer.


「Yes, Marine-sama is currently resting in her room.」

「Marine is? Is she alright?」

「…..Yeah, well, that is…. She had performed the summoning ritual and all….」


Eh? What did he say? They’ve done the hero summoning!!?


Then, is Marine no longer in this world? …. However, the soldier did say that she’s “currently resting”.


Without any thought, I rushed to my best friend’s room.


「Marine, you in? It’s me Sheila, I just returned from Augusta.」


「….. Hime-sama! I’m glad that you’re well.」

「Marine, I was told that the hero summoning was proceeded, did you do it after all?」

「Yes, Myrene and I have done it. I was able to come back to life thanks to the hero’s skill… But, after Myrene came back to life, she was forced to summon another hero and died again….」

「That idiotic dad!」


This is inhumane to have Myrene who is still young to experience death many times.

Even I was shocked.


「I cannot accept this parent of mine anymore. I should just leave this country!!」


「Hime-sama, please calm down. You’re our only hope for this country.」


「E-Even if you say that…. This country will never last long under such a king. They should take example from Augusta’s king.」


For the time being, I decided to meet with father and have a talk.


「Ah Sheila, you’re back!」

「Father, I was able to meet with Augusta’s new hero, Myne-sama, and asked for his help.」

「Shut up Sheila, do you have no shame! How can we borrow someone from Fahren!!

Our country can survive with the power of the heroes! We don’t need any help from Ritz or Oose!!」

「Speaking of the heroes summoning. Why did you do it? And after Myrene has resurrected, how could you let her summon again!

I am disappointed with this country…. And to you as well father. I’m sorry but I think I will leave this country.」

「Wait Sheila! You understand that you’re a princess, so please understand our situation a little more.」

「That’s why I went to Augusta! I have already got the approval of Myne-sama to cooperate with us!」

「I’ve said this many times, there’s no point in having a rising star from Augusta to help us.」

「Then, what do you suggest we do?」

「…. That’s why I did the heroes summoning?」

「At the expense of the previous miko’s life and the soldier’s morale? And do you think calling these heroes would bring defeat to the Demon King?」

「…. It’s alright. One of the hero’s has a holy sword. He has the same skill as that hero who once defeated the former Demon King, Vortex!」

「Nonetheless, I can not understand why father has to force Myrene to summon several times, making her suffer. And since I cannot agree with you, this is farewell.」

「Wait Sheila, what are you going to do after leaving? There’s no point…」

「You do not have to worry! Because I will marry Myne-sama, at least that is more hopeful than relying on you!」

「M-marry you say? I do not agree in such things!」


He still doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, then there’s no point in staying here any longer…..

However, I can’t leave the sisters, Marine and Myrene here, I have to somehow persuade them as well….


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Carmeops Renard · 3rd September 2019 at 2:01 AM

they already had SEVEN heroes! and they summoned one more??

the character of the 4 yankees was already bad on the second summoning, i bet the 8th one is downright evil due to the abused summoning ritual

but well, if the heroes go rogue, it will be a good occasion for Myne to steal hero skills and become actual “hero” material

    Darkwhiz · 3rd September 2019 at 3:15 AM

    It is even worst, the king just summoned a bunch of heroes, he is not able control, if one on them wants to marry the princess what can he do?

      nicholas t · 3rd September 2019 at 10:31 PM

      Because the king is prideful?
      I mean he is so adamant on refusing help from another country.

Belkar · 3rd September 2019 at 3:09 AM

Thank you!

Zebul · 24th January 2020 at 4:32 AM

You know what?! Taka’s skill is broken skill, how can you use it simultaneously.. I still permit it if 1 or 2 times to resurrect 2 mikos without fail, but simultaneously?! If it’s skill consume life force the user or the casted one, and make them shortened their life, then i’ll agree..

Anonymous · 10th July 2022 at 8:18 AM

WASN’T she in Myne’s clan?? Princess i mean

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