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TLN Note: I’ve changed the name of Chihiro Kondo to Chihiro Samitsu.


「Priest Mirai, could you refrain from such actions, you’re being rude to the heroes.」


The beautiful girl who looked to be in poor condition interfered, and he finally put me down on the ground.

…..If I’m not mistaken, her name’s Marine. Alright I’ve decided, she shall be in my harem.


「B-But Marine-sama. He is being extremely rude to his highness, and I could not oversee such behaviour.」

「Heroes, I apologize for our rudeness. My name is Marine, and I am the head Miko of this country.」

「Finally a reasonable person is here to talk.」

「Marine-san…. You don’t look good, are you alright?」


「Yes I am fine, it is the effect of summoning heroes, so I’ll be going off soon.」

「Going off!? Are you going to… to pass away? W-Why?」

「It is the cost of summoning heroes…」

「You’re telling me that because you summon us, you’re going to die?」

「….. No, my sister Myrene was the one who summoned the three of you. The other four after you were the ones which I’ve summoned.」

「C-can’t we do something about it?」

「Unfortunately not. Leaving that aside, please allow me to….. Explain. When being summoned as a hero, you would be granted one “hero skill” which is special to only the summoned heroes.」

「Oooh! A hero skill!!? Here comes the cheat!! Yay!」

「Then, I shall have the person in charge to confirm your hero skills.」


After explaining, a person who was behind her who looked like an appraisal stood in front of us, and stared at all of us. Then, took a paper.


「….. Uhmm hero-sama, could you state your name for me?」

「Me? My name is Akagi Yamato, 18 years old, and ready for a girlfriend.」

「Haah….. Yamato-sama right? Your hero skill is 【Holy Sword of Light】. A light-user.」


After saying that, he moved to the girl.


「Hero-sama, what is your name?」

「M-My name is Chihiro Samitsu, also 18 years old.」

「….. So Chihiro-sama. Your hero skill is 【God’s Chain】.」


Then moving to the last, he asked the same question.


「And what is your name, hero-sama?」

「Ooh… My name’s Takashi Oshita, 18 years old.」

「Takashi-sama? Your hero skill is 【Absolute Resurrection】. A healer hero.」

「Is it over?」


After confirming with Takashi’s skill, he quietly returned to the King and started speaking.


「Hmm, Your names are Yamato and Chihiro? You will be directly trained by the commander of knights later. As for Takashi, I wish for you to return the life of the two miko who sacrificed themselves.」

「Wait a minute old man. I’ve said this many times, you’re the leader of an offender, how can you say such things.」

「Hmm. Alright, if you can defeat the demon king, I will give you the hope that you dream of.」

「That’s more like it. Then my dream is to build a harem, and the first one would be Marine-chan.」

「…… Ku, alright. That is after you defeat the demon king.」

「Yahooo!!!! Alright then. Let’s go beat some demon king’s ass, then Marine-chan will be mine!!」

「Then heroes, please follow me right now. We have to prepare all of you for combat training, and master the hero skills that you possess…..」


「Wait a minute. I still can’t agree with you on such a one sided agreement.」

「Hero Chihiro, what would your wish be then?」

「I want to go back! My wish is nothing other than that.」

「Hey Chihiro. I think our chances of heading home is low. Why not spend the time here before heading back.」

「Yamato-kun, you can just make your harem or whenever somewhere else!」

「I, I have the same wish as Yamato. Was it Myrene-chan? I want…. to have Marine-san’s sister. Since I have that skill to revive them as well right?」

「Oou, Hero Takashi…. So you would lend me your power? Then please revive Myrene immediately.」

「I don’t mind that….. But how do I use my skill?」

「Just imagine that you want to use your skill deep in your heart, then you would be able to do it.」


『Come out! My Holy Sword of Light!!』


Thinking about it, a huge burning light shone from my hand, and a sword appeared.


「Hou, as expected of a hero, such incredible strength…. I wish to bring hero-sama to a nearby forest and fight against some weak demons.」


Holding the holy sword of light, I was excited and wanted to immediately take the request of the King.

It’s also making me excited to want to defeat something. This is also a way of building up my harem, so why not.

However, I do need to defeat the demon king. Putting Takashi’s resurrection skills aside, if I have Chihiro’s 【God’s Chain】 with me, it’s going to be easy.

And also, if I can convince Chihiro, she might be able to be in my harem team as well. Oh but this Takashi also agrees to wanting to build a harem as well. Let’s see who can get the best girls first.


Afterwards, the captain of the knight brought us to a forest which was what I imagined it to look like.

I held the Holy sword and aimed at the boar’s eyes.

The boar came rushing with a fierce momentum.


As I was pressured by such force, I couldn’t move away.


「Yamato-kun, look out! Please use 【God’s chain】!」


Before I was knocked out, Chihiro shouted and golden chains appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around the boar’s body and sealed its movement.


「Thanks for the help Chihiro.」


Thanking her, I approached the immobile boar.

As I swung the sword, the boar’s neck was cut cleanly.

TLN Note: Where did the yankee’s go???? And gosh do I hate these people already.

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