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……Where am I? I was so sleepy that I fell asleep on my desk.

Looking around, I noticed that I was in a room of about 8 tatamis surrounded by pillars.

My name is Akagi Yamato. I’m a high school second year studying at Omiya High.

Looking around, two of my classmates, Chihiro Kondo and Takashi Oshita were holding their necks whilst looking around as well.


「What the? Where is this? Yamato, where are we? Where’s our classmates?」

「Calm down, Taka. I do not know either. Before I know it, I was already here.」

「Yamato-kun, Oshita-kun, is this maybe…… the thing that everyone always talks about? Light novels we always read where people are transported into a different world?」

「What are you talking about Chihiro. Did you hit your head or something?」


(Thinking about what Chihiro said, I can’t believe the reality that we are in right now, and that it would happen to me….)


If we really were transported into another world, there should be a beautiful princess appearing to guide us soon….


「Chill Taka. What Chihiro said might not be crazy after all.」


「Really Yamato, now you’re being crazy too?」


Leaving the loud Taka, I moved next to Chihiro.

Chihiro Kondo is a beautiful girl who is rumoured to be an idol of Omiya High, and she is also in the same class as me.

As you might have realized, I have a crush on her as well….. This might be a chance to get along with Chihiro.


「Hey Chihiro. Is this really…. That?」

「Yamato-kun agrees as well? I think that there’s no doubt about it.」

「Aah, a cheat-like skill and a harem! ! !」


As I blurted such words, Chihiro quickly moved away from me and stared at me with cold eyes.


「I admit that there might be such developments, but I guess Yamato-kun is still a guy.」


Chihiro said while sighing. A pity I say.




「King-sama, I heard that Myrene was ordered to summon the heroes.」


As I finished my errands, I returned to the royal palace, and as I entered the fountain of spirit, I realized that the summoning ritual has been done.

My name is Marine, the head of the Miko serving in Laurasia.


My sister Myrene, is probably no longer in this world.


Just the other day, Myrene had just turned to an adult. She has lost her parents when she was at a young age, and thus we lived together as sisters….. But my sister is no longer in this world… Nobody is left in my world.

Remembering her face when we celebrated her being an adult, tears overflowed.


「Onee-chan! Can I finally join the adults group!? Can i become a maiden like Onee-chan?」


….. No matter the royal’s decree, must it be done at the expense of that child’s life?

Perhaps, if I was here, she wouldn’t have to suffer.

It is no use that I went to Augusta Kingdom for help.


I had not expected that George-sama had already decided on summoning heroes so early.


「Why? Why would you use someone who just received her coming of age….. Summoning heroes has been banned all over the world, and was agreed by other countries! George-sama! ! Please return my sister, Myrne to me!」

「Marine, what is done is already done! You have to go and order the heroes now, get ready. The survival of our country is at their hands! Stop wasting time and hurry!」


Angered, he forced us and the priests to go into the summoning room. And in there, two men and a woman with unusual clothes were sitting there.

They are most likely the heroes, warriors from another world who came here in exchange for my sister’s life.


「Now, summon another one Marine.」


One of the priests ordered me with intense pressure.

It can’t be helped. Since they have called me all the way here, I would have no power but to summon anyways.


Besides, if I don’t do it, the princess will probably have to do it.

….I can’t afford to lose the Princess. If such a thing happened, this country will be over.

It would be great if my life could save the Princess.


「I understand, I shall proceed with the summoning of the ritual.」


The Priest then dropped the attitude and followed my orders.

Also, it seems that the other priests had finished drawing the magic circle, and thus I began to dance on the magic circle.

The moment I started, the magic circle began to light up, and I felt something coming out of me.

I felt dizzy, and my palpitations becoming violent.


「Th-this hurts….」


I said unconsciously.


Myrene, did you taste such suffering as well? I will not let you be alone, I shall follow you soon, so please wait for me.

After putting up with the pain, I continued to dance for awhile, but I could not support my body and fell to the front.

Aah….. I think I will… Sorry Princess. Please allow me to go ahead.


「Marine, get up.」


The Priest earlier forced my body up, which I fell to the ground again. At that time, my body was touched at an unpleasant manner, but I couldn’t complain as I have no energy left.

Perhaps, I will soon lose consciousness and set off to the other side.


…. After received a shock from Chihiro, a lot of bright objects appeared around us.

The object slowly took the form of a human.

Observing it closely, it looks to be a few young men with yankee-like clothes? And there were several scary women there as well.

After they realized what happened, they scream loudly.


「What the!!?」 

「Who the hell are you lots?」

「What are you going to do to us?」


The yankees look at us three and complained.


「Calm down, we do not know as well.」


After saying that, they stared at us.


「Hey, there’s a beauty right there, come’ere.」



One of the yankee’s saw Chihiro and licked his tongue while calling her out. I immediately stood in front of her and stared at the yankees.


「Yamato-kun… Thank you.」


Chihiro was pretty frightened, so she grabbed my left arm before I knew it, and hide behind me.


「Oi Onii-chan. Don’t try to act brave in front of ‘er okay?」


This time he switched his target to me.


「Well obviously, wouldn’t you act cool in front of a woman?」


「Ahahah, that’s right. Ain’t that great young boy. Hiroya has lost!」


A woman with scary eyes was laughing at the yankee’s.

From that point on, nobody emits a word and silence dominated the place.



「You have came. Oh brave heroes!」


The voice of a slender woman resounded the silence. Looking at where the voice was,t a ridiculously beautiful woman dressed in western-style clothing came.

And she was beside a good looking man who looked hardworking.

…. Would you look at that, bingo. So this is another world then? If we follow this pattern, we will be brought to the King by the Princess.


「You might be confused with everything, but could you come with me first?」


The beautiful woman said.


「Marine-sama has said! Quickly follow her now.」


The man yelled at us in anger.


「Priest Mirai. Do not be rude to the heroes.」

「……But, Marine-sama.」


…..Oh, so he’s a priest? This is becoming more of a transported world scenario.


「Chihiro, so you were right.」


I smiled involuntarily as I spoke to Chihiro.


「Yeah, that is the case Yamato-kun. But I still can’t believe it…. A different world! It’s really happening?」

「You have came, oh heroes! My name is George Laurasia, the King of Laurasia Kingdom. Currently, our country is in danger of being extinct due to the invasion of the demon king’s army.」


So, we were summoned as heroes, then asking us to defeat the demon king. Cliche.


「Don’t screw around with us old man! Bring us back home now! Fighting a demon king? We’re ordinary people who are neither soldiers nor fighters. How the hell could we do it?」


One of the yankee’s who was apparently called Hiroya said.

But that’s convenient, he asked what I needed to know.

As we have too little information, we have to be calm.


「Well well, let’s calm down and talk.」

「Don’t tell me to be calm! How can I?」

「Then let me answer your questions first. You cannot go back to your original world. The Demon King probably knows as well. But if you defeat him, you shall know how to return.」

「You bastard! So you don’t have a way to bring us back! !」


To say that the Demon King knows it, isn’t that kind of irresponsible.


「Hey old man. Where’s the base of this demon king? Show us the way.」


I tried to speak.


「What a rude person! Is that the way to speak to the King!」


He got angry at me.


「I don’t know. We have no relation to this old man, and we’re just ordinary people…. And why should we use horrifics on you lots?」

「You bas—」


The priest who was so angry grabs my chest and lifts it. Even for a priest, he’s strong.


This is hard to breath.


「Priest Mirai, please stop it at once, it’s rude to the hero.」


The beautiful woman who seemed to be in bad condition began to mediate, and he finally lowered me down.

…..Was she called Marine? This beautiful woman. I’ve decided. She shall be part of my harem.


TLN Note: Wow…


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    Carmeops · 27th August 2019 at 3:34 AM

    Looks like it, isn’t it, the shark is well jumped already, the MC could probably solve everything by himself already if he decided to abuse his cheat and attack the demons seriously.

    But he is too occupied with his family life, and the author introduce a bunch of randoms with bad characters to add subplots and more stuff to fix with something else than brute force so the story can continue

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That is a really hard call to make….

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