Cut&Paste: Chapter 240 – Summoned Hero

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「Marine! Call the head Miko Marine right now!]

「King-sama, Marine-sama has headed to the fountain of spirits as ordered by Sheila-sama, but she is absent.]


What is going on.

She knows that the invasion is about to come, and we need to summon a hero as soon as possible.

If we don’t have a miko, we can’t summon one….

The higher the quality a miko is, the stronger the hero would be when summoned.

However, if the summoning is successful, the life of the miko will be lost.

Currently, there are only 3 mikos with the ability to summon in Laurasia.

One is the head miko Marine. And she has the highest stats in terms of all other mikos.

The second is the only daughter of this kingdom, Princess Miko Sheila. 

And the third is Marine’s sister, Myrene.

King George has made up his mind and ordered Marine and Myrene to summon the hero.

Because he doesn’t want to sacrifice his own daughter, Sheila was excluded.

However, Sheila had heard of reports from Ritz Kingdom that they’ve successfully fought the invasion of the demons, and it was thanks to the new hero of Augusta Kingdom.

Knowing about that, I think she went there, and hence why she’s absent.

Since the king of Laurasia, George, is a man who is able to easily forsake his own soldiers and allies, it wasn’t that difficult for him to ask the mikos to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country.


「…..Hm. Then call Myrene over.]


The King called her name with a cold heart.


「K-King sama, Myrene is here to serve.]


In front of my eyes, an honest and innocent girl who has just reached adulthood lowered her head and answered.


「Myrene, thank you for coming. Do you know about the condition of our kingdom?]

「….. Y-Yes. I have heard that the demon is going to invade our country….]


「That is right. Thus I’ve made up my mind. We shall call forth a hero using the techniques that were past down for generations by our royal family to summon a hero.]

「…. E, Eeh? Summoning a hero!? Wasn’t there a treaty by all countries to not use such secret techniques?]

「This is not the time to worry about such minor things. We have more important matters to face, and thus Miko Myrene, I want you to summon a hero now.]




Under the strict commands of the King, I was forced to do a summoning ceremony for the hero.

I know that the caster(miko) would lose her life without exception.

In other words, the King ordered me to die.


Hah…. Though I just turned into an adult, I have to give my life away…. Thinking so, tears flowed down my cheeks before I noticed.


「I wished I could see my sister. See my childhood friend. Tell him that I liked him, and that I’m going to die soon.]


As these thoughts were passing through my mind, complex magic squares were drawn by high-ranking priests on the floor for the summoning ritual.

After the magic circle was completed, the priest’s bowed to the King and reported that it has been completed.


「Well, Myrene. Start the summoning right away!]


The royal tone echoed throughout the room.


With nothing to lose, I began dancing according to the tone. Then, strength was starting to leave my body.

My heart was beating extremely fast.

….I can’t, before completing, I can’t lose consciousness right now.

When my consciousness was about to disappear, three sparkling orbs appeared around me.


「Oooh, it’s a success! You’ve summoned three people.]


The priest’s screamed with joy.


That does not concern me. I just want to be released from this agony. To die like this….. Sister, goodbye.


TLN Note: That escalated quickly.

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