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「…..However, I can only pay with my body.」


…..That is quite a turn of events.

To be able to say that with such calmness.


「…..Then, why not have me join in Myne-sama’s clan? I may not look like it, but I can use high level recovery magic and support magic.」


So she’s similar to Shion Onee-chan where they can use similar magic as well? Certainly that is a thankful existence…..

But is it good for 1 clan to have multiple Princesses of another country?

Let’s put Sheila-sama’s plan aside. I would wish to start upgrading the Beginner’s Bow…


「Sylphy, did you bring the skin from Lewis-sama?」

「….Ah, I totally forgot about it after talking about Sheila-sama’s case. I’ll hand it over……and come back soon.」


Then, Sylphy dashed back to the royal palace.



「Dear Sister, is it about the skin of the Manticore? I totally forgot about it as well …Here you go.」


Apparently Lewis was already working at it, and it looks like it’s completed.

I received the skin and rushed back to Danna-sama.


「Haah, haah….. Danna-sama! I’ve gotten the Manticore’s leather!」


With that, we can finally use 【Smithing】 on the bow. And that includes all members of our clan to have new weapons.


「Sylphy, can you take it out and arrange it there?」

「Three Manticores and 10 Elder Trent wood right?」


I arranged the materials on the ground according to Danna-sama’s instructions.


「I’m done Danna-sama.」


After saying so, Danna-sama came to the front and was finding some stuff in his storage bag.


He then took out a Beginner’s Bow and two magic stones and placed them on the ground.


「Then, let’s make it! Be careful from the shine.」


After Danna-sama said that, bright line exuded from one material to another, and they slowly merged together. Afterwards, an intense flash of light scattered around when all materials were connected.

After about 10 seconds, the light began to settle slowly, and only the Beginner’s Bow remained.


「This is …Aisha’s new bow…」


I mumbled.


Then Danna-sama shouted “It’s done!!!”




Name:Shining・Shooting Star


Grade:Holy Class


Special Attack:Demon Race・Dragon Race

Materials Required:Rainbow・Dragon’s Leather×1、Iron Ingot×20、Special Grade Magic Stone×1

Martial Arts:Arching・Meteo

Skill:Endless Shot




「I was right that it has grown stronger….」


Danna-sama said as he looked up to the sky.


「Sylphy, the next materials are…..We need the leather of the Rainbow Dragon.」

「Isn’t that where we’re heading as well?」

「Given the opportunity, I do not wish to fight dragons.」

「It’s alright Danna-sama, you’ll definitely win!」

「…….. Sylphy-sama really believes in Myne-sama, isn’t it? I’m totally envious of you two, to have a lovely husband.

And that’s the strengthen bow? Is it a strong weapon?」


Sheila-sama asked with a carefree smile.


『Aisha, where are you now? Can you come to the meeting room inside the Clan House? The bow is completed.』


I called Aisha with 【Telepathy】.


「Yes, I think it’s a fairly strong weapon. And it  has its own martial arts….

However, as I’m not a bow user, I won’t know how powerful it is.」

「Wow! If Myne-sama can’t use it, then who will use it then?」

「One of my wife, Aisha of the Holy Bow will come here soon to test it out.」

「Aisha is also Myne-sama’s wife!?」

「That is correct.」

「My~ne-kun, I’m here.」

「Aisha, look here! The bow’s done!」


Sylphy held the bow up to Aisha with a smile.


……Now that I think about it, I’ve never used 【Appraisal】 on Aisha’s bow before.




Name:Elitus Bow


Grade:Break Class


Special Attack against:Human Type




「A break class bow… Aisha’s bow is pretty high performance as well.」

「Yes, I’ve been indebted to this girl for quite a while.」


Aisha stared at her bow lovingly and squeezed lightly whilst speaking to it.


「Thank you thus far. You may finally rest.」


…..WIth that, she was given a new and improved bow.

It’ll definitely be useful for her, as it can be further upgraded.

Then, I showed Aisha the status of the new bow on paper.


「Wow, this is indeed a strong bow. Doesn’t that mean that all of us have martial arts?」

「….But what sort of skill is that?」

「Wait, let me try it right now.」


I wonder what sort of skills would it be.


【Endless Shot】: Arrow is loaded when bow is pulled. It is a 「Permanent Effect」.


「It seems like the arrows will load automatically.」


That is an extraordinary skill.

You don’t have to worry if your arrow breaks during a dungeon run.

It’s exciting to imagine Aisha fighting with this.

Anyways, let’s evolve my dagger by one more grade. But for that, obtaining Mythril is essential.


「This will enable me to contribute to the clan as well.」

「Aisha-sama, congratulations on your new bow.」

「Eeh, thank you…. Eh? Who might you be?」


Aah right, Aisha doesn’t know who Sheila-sama is.


「Now that is incredibly rude of me…. My name is Sheila Laurasia, the first Princess of Laurasia. It is a pleasure to know you, Aisha of the Holy Bow.」

「T-this is my first time seeing you as well Sheila-sama. My name is Aisha Fortuna, pleased to meet you as well.」


『….. W-wait a minute Myne-kun, why is the princess of laurasia here?』

『Sorry for not telling. Apparently it’s another task that was forced by the King….』


『…..Hmm, I understand. But then, you’re always surrounded by Princesses huh. So Myne-kun, what are you going to do after this?』

『….. Hmm, I was wondering if I could settle things with Xanadu. And get the Mythril while I’m at it.』

『I see, so we have to start with the Troll Gazer all over again.』


「Then Myne-kun. What are you going to do now?」


After confirming what I was going to do, Aisha asked me again probably in conscious of Sheila-sama.


「That’s right, my final goal is to settle things with Xanadu and to obtain the Mythril. And I’ll have to face the Troll Gazer again.」

「Wait a minute! Why is the name of a Troll Gazer thrown out randomly?」


Sheila-sama immediately said as she was surprised.


「Yeah, our clan has already defeated three variants of the Troll Gazer though.」

「Huh~? I was expecting your clan to be amazing, but to such extent….」


Sheila-sama was in awe as she looked at us.


「None of the clan member is short of two names.」

「Well then, let me propose again, would you allow me to join your clan?」


『Myne-kun, you want to marry Sheila-sama as well?』



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heck, he even barely managed to avoid marrying the elf princess too, he’s actively trying to reduce his chances of further wives

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