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「Here’s the beginner’s one-handed sword which you requested King-sama.」


King-sama then took the sword which is coated in all black.


「So this is the beginner’s one-handed sword, though all I could see was a dull sword.」

「Yeah, it’s like this at the start. But once you gather the ingredients together, then it’ll be upgraded.」

「Hou, I see I see….. Then I’ll that to Lewis.」


King-sama smiled with his teeth shown, and handed the sword to Lewis.


「Myne, is it okay if I leave 「Smithing」 to you?」 

「Yeah I don’t mind. Once you gather the materials, just give me a call. But how are you going to gather the said materials?」

「…..Ah, for that we’ll be going to the adventurer’s guild and request them for it.」

「I see…..if that’s the case, would you like our clan to accept that request?

I can just ask Aisha about the details….」


When I suggested this to Brother-san, he, King and Lewis were all happy with smiles on their faces.


「Sylphy, I’m sorry for deciding on my own, are you alright with that?」

「Yeah, I have no problems if it’s Danna-sama…

Either way our clan is also focusing on upgrading the beginner’s weapon, so it’s just a matter of making another one?」

「Well well …then would you accept my request as well?」


Even Sheila-sama who heard us came to ask.


「……Is what I said, but in fact, I do have a request for Myne-sama and Sylphid-sama.」


Sheila-sama showed a profound expression, and looked at the faces of King-sama and brother-san, then nodded lightly.

King-sama and brother-san also nodded back wryingly.


I who had no idea what’s going on, looked at Sylphy and showed a confused look.

In the first place, why is the Princess of Laurasia visiting here by her own?


『Sylphy, Why is Sheila-sama here?』

『That is…..I do not know as well.』


…..If necessary, I would need to ask them.

But let’s not mind too much for now.


「Myne, Sylphid, go to a different room and listen to Princess Sheila’s story. Then I’ll leave the matter regarding Princess Sheila to your discretion.」


I don’t think King-sama could hear Sylphy and I talking with 【Telepathy】, but he suddenly answered after we spoke.

Looks like King-sama has no intentions of being involved with this.

Oh boy…. This might be a high chance of something troubling….. Just when I’m done with Luka-sama’s case, now Sheila-sama as well…..

I have to think about Sasha as well….


「Instead of a separate room, why not come to our clan house instead?」


Sylphy told King-sama.


「Yeah, that’s fine as well. I allow the use of the transportation door.」

「Sheila-dono, it’s about the previous question, sorry to say but please consult it with Myne and the rest. Honestly, it’s better than talking about it to me.」


After King-sama said, Sheila-sama turn towards us and bowed deeply.

…..I can’t help her if I don’t understand the circumstances especially when she’s bowing her head…..I’m troubled by it you know.

Anyways, I used the transportation door that I made for the King previously, but it was installed in the basement of the royal palace for security purposes.

When someone wants to use it, even if it’s someone from the royal family, one must go through the King’s permission before using.

The reason why he chose this was probably to not show my skills to Sheila-sama.


「Then, shall we go?」


Under Sylphy’s order, Sheila-sama and I started moving.


「Where are we going exactly?」


Sheila-sama who was following us was seemingly excited as she was up for a surprise.


「What we’re showing you from now on is a place that is top secret in Augusta Kingdom. So I wish Sheila-dono would keep it a secret.」


After about 5 minutes of going underground, we arrived at our destination. There, a door with no room leading was in the middle.

We walk in order of Sylphy, Sheila-dono and me the last. Sylphy who was the first opened the door and went in.


「Eh? Eh? Sy-Sylphid-sama? Where are you?」


She was surprised by the sudden disappearance of Sylphy, as she made an anxious voice.


「It’s alright, please rest assured that Sylphy is safe. Even if there were anything, I will surely protect you even if I have to use my life.」

「M-Myne-sama, even when knowing I’m a Princess, you don’t use any formal words?…..Fufufu.」

「Aaaah, my apologies. Recently I have gotten tense because there were many princesses around me.」

「Well, that’s right. Especially when your wife is a princess as well. And you look like you’re getting along very well with Sylphid-sama, it’s starting to burn up here.」

「Aah, there’s also Sasha as well.」

「Sasha-sama? …..By chance, are you referring to Sasha Lion-sama of the Ritz Kingdom?」

「Yes. We were recently wedded….」

「That’s amazing, to have both royal families of two countries.」

「……No no no, there’s no mischief with the two royal families.」

「As I expected of Myne-sama our “hope” !」

「Hm? What is that?」

「Ara? Do you not know of such existence? In our country, we called you Myne our “hope”.」

「Ehh? Two names? I have not heard of this before.」


Hope, that is a big deal …But for me to have two names? Well, it’s not strange at all if you think about it, since Sylphy and Aisha has them as well…


「Anyways, let’s not have Sylphy wait, we should enter the door now.」



Princess Sheila replied and went into the door without any hesitance.


After seeing that she went without any worries, I followed suit.

When I got out of the door, Sylphy was facing in front of me.


「Danna-sama, you took some time?」

「Ah, I was just telling Sheila-sama about some stuff.」

「Yeap, as it seems like I’ve gotten two names.」

「Danna-sama has two names!? Then everyone in the clan house has two names in possession…」


Sylphy who heard that I have 2 names jumped in excitement, which lead to a conference with our clan.


「Before we get into that, let’s hear about Sheila-sama’s story. The meeting room sounds good.」


We started talking and went to the meeting room.

She started talking.


From what I gathered, because of the invasion from the demon nation, the King of their country decided to summon a hero.

And in order to do that, it’s said that Marine-san who’s a miko like Princess Sheila and a close friend of hers would perform the ritual.

And, as the King has said before, Marine-san would sacrifice her life in order to complete this ritual.

So, it’s not necessary to summon a hero if the threat of the demon nation is mitigated by having reinforcements from Augusta Kingdom.

What’s more, Marine-san is said to be the country’s number one beauty whose popularity of the people and soldiers is very high.


If Princess Sheila is already such a beauty …Then what is more beautiful than her?


Even if the hero can repel the demon nation, but there might be risk of whether it being good or not.

However, the truth is that they don’t want Marine-san to be sacrificed.

Hence why she’s here to ask the powerful country of Augusta.

But …it would be difficult even for me to push the demon army? It’s not something that I alone can do….


「Myne-kun, I don’t think we need to push the army.」

「Hm? What do you mean by that?」

「Remember cle~arly about the Ritz Kingdom….」


What did I do in Ritz?


「You still don’t remember? Let’s give you a hint, Blasty.」


Aah, I see! That’s right. The demon king does have his commanders to invade other countries.

So, if I defeat them, then it’s like defeating the entire army. If I know the name of those commanders, I can just use 【Map】 to defeat them!


「Seems like you finally get it.」

「Yeah, thank you Aisha!」


「….I see …. Is it impossible?

If you accept this request, I will offer my body as a reward! So please.」


….. Apparently Sheila-sama didn’t listen to our conversation. ANd what is she even saying! (TLN: Of course I’ll accept!)


「Sheila-sama, if you know the name of the commander currently in charge of Laurasia’s attack, I can probably defeat them.」

「T-Thank you so much!! Myne-sama, as I said earlier, this body of mine is all yours!」

「W-w-w-wait a second Sheila-sama. I already have three wives, and I feel sorry for all of them…. So please take care of yourself more.」 (TLN: Boner killer!)

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