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TLN Note: This is too long of a chapter, my migraine is kicking in.


Not being able to obtain my mythril, at least I was able to finish collecting my materials for the Beginner’s Bow. So, should I start with that first?

Since I don’t want my two wives to be worried, it’s better to head back home if Xanadu doesn’t chase.

Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I placed the destination to my home.

After passing through the black vortex, there was a figure “sitting” while waving its tail.


{Wafu~ Myne welcome back.}

{Aah, I’m back, Waffle.}

{Can you ask Sylphy and Aisha to come to my room?}


Asking Waffle, his nose started moving up and stood up, sniffing around.


{Waffle is coming as well.}


After saying that, he shook his tail again and jumped up.

I headed back to my room and laid on my bed for awhile.




「What happened to Xanadu? Are you injured?」

「Yeah I’m fine. As I don’t have considered any measures on fighting him, I escaped for the time being.」

「….Without fighting…」

「Yeah, I would like to hear any good ideas.」


Asking that, Aisha began to think about it.


「This is just my thought Myne-kun, but you mentioned that you’ll get damage before you realize by Xanadu’s attack right?」


…Yeap, that’s right. Hence why I used physical damage cancellation skill.

Even if I can replenish it, physical damage cancellation is limited, so if the battle is prolonged, then I won’t be able to win.

What’s more, because Xanadu will also be aware of that, he’ll definitely be prepared for it.


It would be impeccable to fight without any countermeasures. That’s why I came back….


「Then how about using 【Magic Cloak】? If you use Annihilation Magic on your body, then he wouldn’t be able to touch you anymore?」


…… I see, I really have to give credit to Aisha. That’s exactly it. After that, it’ll be perfect if I can see his status with two 【Appraisal・All】 combine together.


First, I’ll have to give Prince Lewis to help clean the Manticore’s skin.


「Sylphy, sorry to ask but can you go to the royal palace to meet with Prince Lewis to skin the Manticore?」


I handed a bag that I took inside the storage bag containing the skin to Sylphy.


「Okay, I understand. Leave it to me Danna-sama.」


After confirming that Sylphy has received the bag, I connected the royal palace with 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

Once Sylphy jumped into the black vortex, I shall start working on my skills. Of course the first thing to do is to use refining on 【Appraisal · All】 and 【Appraisal · all】.

Suddenly, the space in front of me light up intensely.


「……It’s done.」


【Appraisal ・ God】: You can now know the details of any object.


Even if the status is kept secret, it can be 【Appraised】.

There is no restriction on appraisal.


「Myne-kun, what did you do just now?」


Aisha called out worryingly.


「Ah, I’m trying to do my skill development.」

「Hmm? What kind of skill did you get?」

「… Well, I tried to refine my 【Appraisal・ All】 and 【Appraisal・ All】 I got from Maiya’s.」

「【Appraisal】 !!? And what was the result?

「I got this new skill called 【Appraisal ・ God】. Apparently I can appraise something that is hidden…」

「Isn’t that great !!!」


「With that, can’t you use it on Xanadu?」


That’s true. With 【Magic Cloak】 and 【Appraisal・ God】, I can take measures with Xanadu.

Yeah, I can now get into a decisive battle with Xanadu.




Having arrived at the royal palace, I asked Mateia, where Lewis was.


「Lewis-sama? I heard that he’s with Alto-sama and Fahren-sama….」


That’s convenient, I can hand the Linus・Sword to brother Alto as well.


「Oh, it’s unusual for him to do that. Is there a visitor?」

「That is correct,. The miko of Laurasia, Sheila-sama is here.」


Hm, so Sheila-dono is here.

It would be foolish to enter into the room suddenly.

If there is no visitor, it would be fine to do that.


「Hime-sama, shall I tell them that  you’re coming?」


Seeing that I was thinking about it, Metia gave such a suggestion.


「Hime-sama, it seems that Fahren-sama wants to meet you.」


Morgue who was guiding me, entered the room during the meeting.


「Sy-Sylphy……It’s been a long time.

Congratulations on your marriage!」

「Sylphid, what’s the matter? Did Myne call you here?」

「Sheila-sama, long time no see. What is your purpose of visiting for today?

And Dear Father, I have business with Lewis and brother.」

「Sister, what is it that you want?」

「You’ve heard about Danna-sama creating the beginner’s weapon right? I want you to refine that material with alchemy.」

「Ah, that evolving weapon? Yeah he asked me previously, so he used the troll leather I gave last time?」

「Yeah, he used it on his dagger.」

「I want to skin the Manticore today. This will be the material for Aisha’s bow.」


「Hm? I see, so the dagger made? And how was the dagger?」

「Yeah, listen here. The dagger where Danna-sama is using has its own martial arts, and it has made his fighting power even better.」


When I answered, Father and brother was confused.


「What are you talking about?」


……I think that father and brother did not know about the Beginner’s Dagger.

I will explain the details to them.

Then, it was interesting to see that Sheila also leaned over and listened to my explanation.

Well, Laurasia is just at war with the Demon King right now, so she would like information on strong weapons.


「… Sylphid-sama, why don’t you show them this Tempest Edge?」

「Oh, about that … I don’t have it now because Danna-sama has it.」


Probably if I asked Danna-sama,  he would’ve shown it immediately. However, because it is also a story that talks about his secret, I can’t easily talk about it. It is my fault that I made this talk carelessly in the presence of Sheila-sama … That’s that.


「…I see, I would like to see it once if there is an opportunity.」

「What would you do after seeing the dagger?」

「Honestly…… even as a miko, I possess the 【Dagger・Holy】 skill … and hearing about a good dagger has somehow…」


While speaking with Sheila-sama, father and my brothers were beginning to speak about the beginner weapons.


「Brother, I will talk about the beginner’s weapon to father.

Before that, please receive this first.」


I presented Linus Sword to brother.


「Oh Sylphy, are you sure? Did you say it was an important thing from Mine?」

「… Oh, it’s okay, because it’s a new one.」

「Does that mean you have defeated a Troll Gazer?

Let me buy this sword,how about one platinum coin?」

「Oh, I wasn’t thinking of taking money originally, so I don’t mind you taking it for free.」


My father overreacts to the word Troll Gazer.


「And no, it was Danna-sama who defeated it, even in one shot.」

「Sylphy…..only Alto gets something? Nothing for me?」


Father asked sadly.


「I’m sorry, but there’s no share for father …」


Saying so, Father claps his hands and smiles at Lewis.


「Lewis, make me a beginner’s sword.」



Lewis heard that while letting out a short sigh.


「It’s impossible. There are no materials in the first place!」

「I see, what about Sylphy’s side?」

「I think I can get it if I ask Danna-sama.」

「Well, then Lewis, once you make that one-handed sword, bring it to me!」


{Danna-sama, father hopes that you can make a beginner’s one handed sword. Do you have the two materials?」

{The King wants it? Can’t he buy it in Alto’s weapon shop?}

{Sorry for not being clear, but what do you need for the materials to upgrade?}

{The required materials are Manticore leather × 3, Elder Trent wood × 10, advanced magic stone × 2}


「Lewis, ather, I confirmed with Danna-sama.」

「The main weapon can be bought. The material is Manticore’s leather × 3, Elder Trent material × 10, and advanced magic stone × 2.」

「I don’t have any of those materials !!!」


Lewis begins to shout, while his brother said loudly, 

「Can’t you just request it from the adventurer guild?」


Father seems to be willing to take that proposal …… 


「Alright Alto, you’re in charge for that then!」

「Fahren-sama, will you pay for me so I can make my dagger too?」

「… How about it Lewis?」

「Hmm, it will take some time for the guild to have troll leather.」

「How about asking our sister’s clan to get that request done, Sheila-sama?」

「Ah, then we can let Sheila-sama be handled by us. We have to consult with Danna-sama once, but it should be fine.」


「…… Sylphy, what do you need me for?」

「Da, da, da, da-Danna-sama !! Why are you here?」


I got upset to see Danna-sama who suddenly appeared.


「No, you told me that the King wanted it? So … I got it in a hurry.」

「Oh, are you the new hero … Minesama?」

「… I don’t know whether I’m a hero, but I am Myne … how about you?」

「Well, this is rude of me. Let me introduce myself, I am the first princess of the Kingdom of Laurasia, Sheila Laurasia.」


So that’s the first princess of Laurasia?

For some reason, princesses appears around me one after another ….


「My-Myne-dono, I was wondering if you could show me the beginner’s dagger too?」

「Hmm? The beginner’s dagger?」

「Yes, in fact, my weapon is a dagger … I’ve asked Sylphid-sama about it … and …」

「… Heh, so even Sheila-sama fights as well … if that’s the case …」


I handed the Tempest Edge and Lightning Edge that I had in my waist to Sheila-sama.


「… Ah? This dagger is … Lightning edge, right?」

「Yes that’s right. Sheila-sama, are you familiar with it?」


She asked and smiled then took out her dagger.


「This is my cherished sword.」


The dagger in Sheila-sama’s hand … Yes, it was the same Lightning Edge I have.


「L-Lightning Edge …, where did you get it from?」

「This is a drop from the Rainbow Dragon in the Dungeon of Art.」

「Rainbow dragon … …?」


Brother-in-Law whispered in a loud voice.


It is a Disaster-class monster that is said to be even worse than the black dragon who I fought a little bit earlier.

It’s a dragon with strong overwhelming aggression.

The meat is said to be the ultimate dish, and even if it is a piece of meat, it is considered worthwhile to buy.

It is rumored that confident adventurers gather on their arms and form alliances to aim for a thousand dollars.


「Myne, can you beat it?」


Brother-in-law looks at me and asks.

I won’t know if I don’t try, but … what is it? Does he mean I can win?

However, it doesn’t make sense to get one more Lightning Edge.


「The meat of the Rainbow Dragon is delicious.」


…..I see, so that’s what he meant.


「Danna-sama, the Rainbow Dragon’s meat is really delicious, once you take a bite, you will never go back on other meat.」


Even Sylphy is saying such things …That’s unexpected….

Well, if my lovely wife requested it, I guess I can go for it.

However, the Dungeon of Art …Where would that be?


「I understand. I’ll consider it but don’t expect much.」


I won’t know how long it’ll last if I don’t accept, so I accepted and handed the beginner’s sword and went back.

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