Cut&Paste: Chapter 235 – Beginner’s Bow (6) Power of Dungeon – Battle with the last floor’s boss

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Thanks to Aisha’s huge success, she defeated 2 Manticores without any problems.

Since I did not have enough materials, I wanted to fight one more before facing the boss.

However, I don’t really need to do it now, I can just come here next time with 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

Finding where the boss room is located using 【Map】…..I found it! The Mythril Golem!

……But what is this? Why do I see one more? I wonder what this is …Ehh!? Are you for real? Why is it here?


「Aisha, Sylphy, good job. I’m sorry but, could you leave this to me. I’ll send you two back to Lucas for now.」

「Eh? Why? What happened?」

「Danna-sama, didn’t I say this before? You should trust in us more.」

「….No, something unexpected has occurred. After checking the boss room with 【Map】…I saw Xanadu there as well!」


Yes, I don’t know why, but Xanadu is with the boss. This dungeon is quite old, and I don’t think it’s built by Xanadu.


There’s no doubt that I’ll face with him someday, but this is not the case now. I haven’t considered any countermeasures.

I can’t afford to rematch this guy. If I were to be defeated, Aisha and Sylphy may have the same fate as Luca-sama.

Of course I have no intention of losing, but I can’t afford to bring my wives with me.


Thus, I explained my idea to them.

Both of them were reluctant at first, but they understood my feelings at the end to return to Lucas.

THen, I connected Lucas using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


「…..Myne-kun, be careful.」

「Danna-sama, go on and exact revenge for Princess Luca, and come back safely.」


After confirming that they’ve passed through the black vortex, I shut it off.

Then, I checked the 【Map】 and find out where I could collect more Manticore materials.

Should I head back as well to work on a measure against Xanadu?


Knowing that there’s a group in the next corner, I firmly held my Lightning Edge and Tempest Edge.

Then using 【Magic Cloak】, I applied 【Instant Death Magic】 on both the blade.


Naturally, as I turned around the corner, the Manticore knew about my existence.

I ran through them the next moment and pierced my weapon into their bodies.

….At that moment, they fell into place.

I quickyl dumped the two into the storage bag, and this time used 【Range】 and 【Instant Death Magic】.

Interestingly, all the Manticore fell…..This is illegal.

I secured all 6 bodies and arrived at the boss room.


This is going to be another encounter with Xanadu. I checked what’s inside with 【Map】 again …but.


Eh? The Golem is not there. It’s only Xanadu.

Shall I head inside and have a look?


The only thing that caught my attention when entering the boss room was the figure of Xanadu laughing with a faint green, dull, arm-like object on his hand.

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