Cut&Paste: Chapter 234 – Beginner’s Bow (5) Dungeon of Power

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After Sylphy saw that the demon she cut down was annihilated, I held Aisha’s hand and ran to the boss room together.


「Let’s go Aisha! Let’s go straight to the boss room!」

「Yes, as we’ve promised before, we will follow you anywhere.」


As soon as Sylphy returned, I extended my free hand and joined with Sylphy’s hands, and we walked together.


「So we’ll fight the boss next?」 Sylphy asked.


「Yeah, the boss is just around the corner!」


It’s natural that nobody is waiting in front of the boss room.




Name: Ancient Demon

LV: 75

Race: Demon Race

Gender: ♂



Time Control Maximum



Understanding of Language・ Total

Continuous processing



Magic light




In the boss room, there’s a huge demon that is twice as large as a normal demon.

The Demons so far have skills which were a little hard to understand at first glance, but this is the first time I do not understand any of the skills.

….Since I have no time to read them slowly, let’s 【Cut】 them for the time being, then I’ll read them once I head home.

…..Ehh?? This demon has smelting as well, how did it get that skill? Perhaps this one was the one who created those shields?


「I’m sure even we do not know what would happen with this boss, so it is okay for me to handle this?」


…..Hopefully this makes sense to them.


「Aah, I got it.」 「Yeah, take care Myne-kun.」


Since it’s our first time fighting this boss, let’s be careful as Aisha said.

First, I’ll seal its movement with 【Paste】….Oops, let’s give Tempest Edge and Lightning Edge 【Annihilation Magic】 using 【Magic Cloak】.

Alright, let’s rush into the boss after using 【Block Presence】, 【Leg Strength Up】 and 【Swift・Small】.

Let’s pierce the boss’ right arm with Lightning edge. As expected, the boss’ right arm disappeared.

I further pierced its left hand with Tempest Edge, and that disappeared as well.


「It’s going well.」


I was aware that the damage I’ve done would go according to my calculations, so I continued to pierce the boss’ right foot again.

…..However, the right foot just bleed with blue blood, it wasn’t annihilated…




Panic, I stabbed its left foot with Tempest Edge.

….However, the result was the same as before.


Then, I’ll use 【Arm Strength・Holy】, 【Arm Strength・Extreme】, 【Arm Strengthening・Large】, and added Martial Arts 【Tempest Fang】 on it.

The Tempest Edge glowed for a moment, and turned into a giant monster claw, instantly blowing off the Ancient Demon’s head.


Wow, I was able to beat it without Twirling. There’s no doubt that Twirling is powerful, but this annihilation power is strong as well.

It’s a huge improvement if I can defeat a boss without using it.

Seems like 【Magic Cloak】 still needs some research.




Name: Wisdom Wand

Attack: +6

Class: Super class

Attribute: None

Special attack: None

Characteristics: Increase magic power by 40% when equipped.




Ooh, this is an amazing weapon. Though it’s not a direct damage, it has a great effect.


「I’ve defeated it. Let’s move on to the next level!」 


I called out to Aisha and Sylphy and we touched the Transfer Stone together.


Then we slowly went down the stairs leading to the lowest floor.

Finally, the last floor…..Because a large amount of leather is required from the Manticore, it would be best to defeat Manticore in huge amount.


As we went down the stairs, it was a hall, where 2 Manticores were lying there sleeping.

The skills were again weird, but let’s 【Cut】 it.


「Aisha, you will strike first. This time I won’t use 【Magic Cloak】.」




Name: Manticore

LV: 56

Race: Beast Race

Gender: ♂



Special Magic ・ Stan

Mighty Strike








Name: Manticore

LV: 52

Race: Beast Race

Gender: ♀



Special magic ・ Stan

Magic burst






「Alright, I got it.」

「Don’t worry. If that thing goes to Aisha, I’ll cut them off.」


Apparently there’s a concept called Demonic Hostility. Simply put, demons attack the most annoying person.

The higher the danger, the more it’ll attack that person first.


The term First Hit was used for this, and it refers to the fact that hostility to the first strike deals a greater amount than usual.


In this case, Aisha who makes the first strike would make the Manticore aggro onto her.


Hearing Sylphy’s word, Aisha pulled the strings tightly…and let go to the sleeping Manticore.


The arrow that was shot made a screeching sound and stabbed it into the middle of the Manticore.


For a moment, the Manticore convulsed violently, but after awhile, it stopped moving.

Wow, it was done in with one shot.

That’s my Aisha, a former Grade B Adventurer.


「Haha, there’s not even any left for me! Aisha you’re amazing.」

「Aisha, that was great! One shot even!」


While we’re praising her, Aisha blushed and said. 


「There’s one more, let’s not lose our guards.」


…..In reality, the attack from Aisha is great for me because it doesn’t damage the material.

If it were me or Sylphy, we might’ve scratched the skin, which might make it worse.


「Alright, let’s leave Aisha the last one.」


Sylphy said, and Aisha began to pull another arrow.


「I’m doing it! Yaah!」 she cried as he fired another arrow.


The wind noise echoed around, and this time it pierced the right eye of the Manticore.

Then, red blood gushed out from where the arrow stabbed, and the Manticore cried loudly as it stood up.

It then ran to our direction in rage.


「Leave it to me!」


Sylphy stood in front of Aisha and using her Linus Sword, she sliced through the right side of the Manticore.

…..As expected of the Princess Knight.

While not saying anything, I used 【Paste】 on the feet of the Manticore.


「Ku, Danna-sama?」


Sylphy was puzzled as it saw the coincidental timing.


「Aisha, this is a good time.」


Telling Aisha, she knew what she was going to do, she pulled her bow and take aim.

She fired, and the strike hit wonderfully, and the manticore shook and fell down.


Then, using 【Cut】, I beautifully cut their skin, and safely got 2 pieces of our required material.

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