Cut&Paste: Chapter 233 – Beginner’s Bow (4) Dungeon of Power

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After defeating the demon, I took the mirror shield and used 【Appraisal】 on it.




Name: Mirror Shield

Class: Super class

Attribute: None

Characteristic: Reflect magic ▼




Looking at the stats closely, there’s a 「▼」 at the last word of the characteristic.

What is that? I thought as I tried to push the image.



Characteristic: Reflect Magic▼

It has the ability to absorb and accumulate parts of the reflected magic. When amount exceeds a certain amount, It is possible to release it.


New explanation text came out! I see, so that was that attack just now.

It’s quite troublesome, but it’s good if we have it.

I think it’s extremely useful…especially for Sylphy who fights in close combat.


Well, now I know why I struggled with the previous battle, so let’s move onto the boss room.

Where could that boss room be.

Without much thought, I opened 【Map】 and started searching for a boss room.

Hm? If we go straight as is, there is only 1 large hall on our right.

This might be the boss room.

And there’s only 1 demon inside the room.

Let’s see the name, Ancient・Demon, yeap sounds like a boss name.

……Let’s move on to the boss battle then. Wait, there’s a group of demons in the corridor towards the boss room.


Let’s get rid of them first.

Standing up, I went back to my beloved wives.


「Myne-kun you foolish fool!!!!」

「Yes, Danna-sama is stupid.」


As soon as I returned, Aisha was hitting me with her cheeks wet with her tears. The so called slapping.

……And them calling me stupid….why though?


「Don’t you know how worried we were!! We thought that you might’ve…」


Aisha then hugged me still with her face tearing up, and using 【Magic・Recovery L】 over and over.


「Danna-sama, listen here, before we were married, weren’t we a party? Why don’t you rely on us?

Well, we might not have enough skills compared to Danna-sama, but still.」


It’s not that I do not trust their strength, but having them fight makes me feel worried to the max.

……But if they really want to fight side by side…I will try to support them in my own way.


「If we go straight ahead, we’ll see another group of demons. I’ll leave it to the both of you, and I’ll be the support this time.」


Before we start, I explained the details about the mirror shield possessed by the demons.


「…..I see, so that’s why you were hurt just now?」

「Yeah, I might bring a lot of those shields back to the konoe knights.」

「…..Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.」


While we were talking, we slowly walked as well.




Name: Power Demon

LV: 66

Race: Demon Race

Gender: ♀


Water Strike

Time control

Water dagger

Shielding ・ Extreme





Oh? The skill composition is slightly different from the previous one.

But first, let me 【Cut】 ‘dem skills and 【Paste】 their feet as well.


「We’re almost approaching. They might fall, so that would be a good opportunity to attack.」


Aisha pulled her string, and fired arrows one after another. Before she fired, I casted 【Magic Cloak】 and 【Annihilation Magic】 on the arrows.


「AIsha, I’ve embedded skills on your arrows.」


I wonder if 【Magic Cloak】 works on arrows as well? Well it should be fine….


Let’s see whether it works.


The arrows that hit the enemy became smoke and disappear one after another.

Then like before, it made a strange noise before dropping down.

Seems like they’ve completely lost their sense of battle.


「Hmm, it’s good that it worked, but only the part where it hit disappears. So what happens if I cast it on a sword?」

「Wh-what did you do Myne-kun?」


After telling them what I’ve done, the two of them sighed and angrily said 「tell us in advance next time!」.


As it turned out well, I don’t get why they’re so angry….

Sylphy quickly ran towards the demon who has lost their senses.


「Sylphy, I’ve casted 【Magic Cloak】 on your Linus Sword. So take care of them.」


Sylphy nodded and continued rushing.


「Eat this!」 A cry that you won’t think came out from a former princess as her Linus Sword shook.

Similar to Aisha’s attack, the demon’s body disappear from where the sword touched…..As a result, the demons were annihilated only by Sylphy swinging her sword 4 times.


「This is ridiculous….」

「Looks like we finished them off safely. Going back to the story before….it’s not that I do not know both your strengths, but I just can’t stand seeing my wives fight.」

「I see, well it can’t be helped if Danna-sama thinks that way….」

「…..I know Myne-kun, but sometimes I want you to rely more on Hime-sama and me as well.」

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