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[H–llo everyone, it’s me Stasion. This will be the first appearance of Stashion~!

To put it simply, this is a section where I explain stuff. I will be explaining things which were missed by the author or stuff that weren’t explained properly.

To be honest, this has been posted before, but the contents were rather lackluster and I thought that it was so bad that many people have not seen it because the Author deleted it.

Hence why the title ver.2.

Just to let you know, I do not know whether there will be a second time for this. But if needed, I might add it sometime in the future.]


[However, this is an awful choice from the Author for choosing me as a navigator when the story has just been released not too long ago.

But then, I’m told by the Author that I should give a brief explanation today, and that I shall guide you.]


[I wanted to put an explanation somewhere like the author said, but because I missed my timing, I decided that I should make an idle chat with the readers.]


So, there are 2 points which I would explain, the first one being…


■About the poison of this world


I’m told that I’m an expert in talking about this!


[As all our wise readers might be wondering. Do the people of this world have a strange fear of being poison….]


[As of right now, the first volume of the book currently on sale titled “Side Story・The birth of the Holy Bow Aisha” is terribly fearful against poison attack!?]


The fact that there is only a special skill which treats poison. Which is basically a skill that I hold called <Magic・Abnormality Cancel>.

This is the only way to cure poison. Also, depending on the type of poison, there are some which makes you take damage little by little (A.K.A slip damage>, or in some cases it just leads to death.

Hence why everyone is so scared of poison!


Oh and by the way, there’s no such thing as those games where they have this [erasing poison]! If you get poison, you’ll have a high chance of dying.

Kappore-san who appeared in the main story, who got struck on his right arm was due to the effects of such poison!


And also, it seems that this topic is appearing more frequently, if we have some popular votes again, we might vote for Alto-sama’s future wife.


Alright, time for the next explanation.


■The rule of rare monsters appearing in dungeons


This might be difficult to understand, so let me explain it with pictures.


When you enter a boss room, a lottery is done.

This lottery will be translated in deciding whether a regular boss or a rare boss will appear.


For example, let’s talk about the case of Cashew-san. What terrible luck he had….

In addition to that, there is a hidden status. It seems that Luck is a factor to this. And you guessed it, our main protagonist has his Luck set an extremely high value(TLN: A.K.A Plot armor).

So, the higher the luck, the easier it is to get a rare monster. Also by the way, Sylphid-sama’s Luck is set high as well.


…..Alright, I got some questions from the readers as well, so let me explain those too.


About the Troll・Magister in the Dungeon of Power.

In the previous conquer quest, the rare monster was a Troll Magister, but in this current run, it’s a rare monster called the Troll Gazer.

So, this has an explanation as well. Let’s look at figure 2 for this.

(Figure 2)


After determining whether a rare monster would appear in the first lottery, a lottery is performed again to select among the rare monsters.

So, the magister is actually a 2nd rare monster.


In addition, the same kind of lottery occurs in dropped items that appear when defeating a boss.

The Speed Shoes are normal dropped, but if you hit the lottery, you’ll get the Ciel Soulier.

Also, dropped items won’t necessarily drop even with a 100% drop rate. It is also affected by the so called Luck value and the presence of skills, mainly <Probability>.


The skill <Probability> greatly increases the luck value at the time of judging which drop appears.

When the Luck value exceeds a certain level, multiple drops may even appear. Conversely, if your Luck value is low, there may be no drop whatsoever.

Tales and Kapore seem to have low Luck :).


Thus the explanations have been completed.

I’m sorry if you might not understand some.


As conquering of other dungeons will increase in the future.

I think you can enjoy the main story more after knowing about these things.

Also note, that we have received a lot of suggestions for typo errors after the Author has fallen sick …please calm down as we intend on slowly fixing it after he settles down.


Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much to all my patron supporters who have been helping me since the beginning, and to those who are helping me right now as well.


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