Cut&Paste: Chapter 232 – Beginner’s Bow (3) Dungeon of Power

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「It’s the same as before, I think none of us have fought with the Troll Gazer before……

But then again, there’s no adventurers who likes to fight with it.」

「…..Let’s quickly go in then.」

「Sylphy, Aisha…..If it’s really Troll Gazer, never engage battle until I say it’s good, so I’ll be fighting it first.」


While cautioning the two of them, we entered the boss room. I don’t know whether my luck was just that good, but the Troll Gazer was waiting in the middle of the room.



Name: Troll Gazer


LV: 56


Race: Demon


Gender: ♂



Super Regeneration

Demon Eyes of Charm

Strong Arms・Holy







Let’s 【Cut】 it’s skills immediately. That super regeneration skill is just annoying.

Just like before, I’ll use Twirling to end it at once.


But for now, I’ll use 【Paste】 on the Gazer’s ground to have it unable to move.

After restricting its movement, I hurriedly move behind him and……

Simultaneously used 【Body Strengthening・Large】, 【Strong Arms・Extreme】, 【Leg Strengthening・Small】,【Strong Arms・Holy】, and 【Strength Rise】.


Then, I used 【Realize】 and made Twirling.


「Eat thissssss, 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】!!!!!」


The Shark Glow smashed the Gazer in two.

When the Gazer crashed to the ground, the familiar one-handed sword Linus Sword fell on the ground.


「Alright, that’s it. I can give this to Brother-san.

Sylphy, we got ourselves a Linus Sword.」


「Oooh, Brother will be happy with this. Danna-sama, I’m sorry for all your help.」


Alright! With this, we can challenge the Mithril Golem at the final floor.

All we have to do now is to descend down.


「But to defeat the Troll Gazer in one hit. As usual, Danna-sama’s power is just outside of our standard.」


Though it was the same as last time, but I guess Sylphy who wasn’t with me last time thought so after seeing that sight.


Seeing the corpse of the Troll Gazer, she muttered


「If I show this to Dear Father…It might be interesting. Ku ku ku.」


「Well then, the next challenge will be the MIthril Golem. So let’s move on to the next floor.

From now onwards, we shall be entering unknown territory, so we should be extra cautious.」


As I touched the Teleportation Stone, we slowly descended the stairs.


「The Dungeon of Power is basically composed of powerful types of monsters, so I think the next floor might be such kinds of monsters.」


While we were moving down, Aisha said while giving us an expectation of what is to come.

Certainly there is such a tendency other than the first floor.

I wonder what kind of monster is awaiting us? And what sorts of skills I could get.


Soon after descending, we walked in a narrow passage, and we encountered an unfamiliar humanoid demon.



Name: Power Demon


LV: 65


Race: Devil


Gender: ♂



Flame strike

Time control

Fire Lance








Demon races!? And what’s this!?! They have so many skills that are unheard of.

If I look closely, it has a huge shield on its back.

I wonder what that strange shield is….



Name: Mirror Shield


Grade: Super class


Attribute: None


Characteristic: Reflecting magic ▼




Wh-what!? The shield can reflect magic!!!!!!?

This is dangerous!! If I didn’t realize what that shield was, we would’ve been annihilated if I hit them with Maximum magic.


For the time being, since I don’t understand some of the skills, I’ll 【Cut】 them all, and slowly look at the details with 【Appraisal】 later.


「Aisha, did you know that they’re demons?」

「Demon? That? I heard that they are lesser demons, but I didn’t know that they live here.」

「Lesser demons! That is? Then isn’t it a strong opponent to face with?」

「Of course it’s strong, but compared to a real demon, they’re weaker, so it’s easier to deal with than those demons whose skills we don’t know what it might do.

So if we look at it from that perspective, Myne-kun might say that it’s a worthy enemy?」


Hmm, they do have skills that I never seen before, so I won’t say that it’s not good….

However, it’ll be a threat if we engage as a party.

Looking at them walking in a party of 4, they definitely have some sort of combination of skills, especially the “Fire Lance”.

It reminds me of the “Fire Sword” or “Ice Sword” skill.


….However, if magic is a no go….we probably have to use melee to fight. And since it’s in a group, it might be messy. Since I’ve 【Cut】 their skills, I’m sure I’ve significantly weaken them…..


Firmly grasping the Tempest Edge and Lightning Edge, I buffed myself with 【Unbeatable】, 【Defense Raise】, 【Strong Arms・Holy】 and 【Arm Strengthening】.

Aisha then said with an anxious voice.


「…..Myne-kun, don’t overdo it okay, be careful alright.」

「Yes, I’ll be careful. I’ll also take their shield after defeating them.」


I would like to secure more than 1 shield if possible, so I can give them to all the knights.


I breathed deeply, then rushed towards the demons.

As they noticed me, one of the demons pointed its finger at me.

The surface of the shield shine brightly, and a magical object flew towards me.


「W-what is that…..」



Sylphy suddenly cried.


Because it was so sudden, I couldn’t avoid the magical object, and was hit by it.




What was that just now.


It felt like a magic skill. Does that shield not only reflect magic, but also cast magic?

【Appraisal】 did not show such information awhile ago….I stood up slowly and used 【Magic・Recovery Large】.


Damn, that hurts my entire body…..I wonder if the trigger point was when the demons started pointing at me.

Is it laughing at me now?


Damn, we’ll see about that. I’ll make sure that it’ll never be able to make such expression again.

For now, I pasted the demons’ feet on the ground.

Furthermore, I pasted their bodies together.

With this, they could not move properly whatsoever.


One of the demon’s who realized that they could not move shouted an unknown cry.

However, the demon who was swinging around its body made the other demons move as well.

Alright, this is it!


I lightly sliced them with Tempest Edge, and the arms and feet of the demons were cut smoothly.


「Wow, what is with this cut!?」


While being surprised by how sharp the dagger was…..The demons cried and they fell to the ground with blood gushing out.


The sight of the Mithril Ingot is one step ahead, and there’s no doubt it’ll increase the dagger’s strength even further.


Using 【Cut】 on the demons, I threw them into the storage bags one after another.


I wonder if they’ll sell?


Oh, can’t forget about the mirror shields that they dropped, let’s throw them into the storage bag as well.


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In addition, all of you readers have given me good idea by moving nearby.

Along with that, my living and communication environment will change, so there may be days when I might not be able to pay for my water bills.

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