Level 1 Guy: Chapter 256 – Ryouta wouldn’t do that

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The pub, Villa De Edge.

It’s a nice place where you can try out different kinds of beer everyday, and the different taste which they provide.


After a long day of work, I came here with Alice and Rebecca.

Since black beer was recommended to us for the day, we started off with that first.


[I heard about it.] (Rebecca)

[About?] (Ryouta)


When I asked her what was it, she stared me dead in the eyes.

Hey, if you asked me in that manner, obviously I would ask what is it about.


[Are you saying that it’s something not worth remembering?] (Rebecca)

[That’s not it, I really have no idea which case you’re talking about.] (Ryouta)

[…..It’s about the Bodore.] (Rebecca)

[Aah, that one.] (Ryouta)


I clapped my hands together with one of my hands in a form of a fist.


[You’re talking about the guy who published a method in farming in the dungeon?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, that’s right. For that kind of guy to do such a thing …seriously.] (Rebecca)

[I was irritated as well.] (Ryouta)

[Don’t be fooled by such a cliche looking criminal!] (Rebecca)


Rebecca sharpened her lips.

Bang! She slammed her glass on a coaster that was placed on top of the table.

Can’t believe she was angry about it.


[Even if you say that….] (Ryouta)


I scratched my cheeks with my fingers.

Even if this case were not to have happened, I would still publish—–publicized the method to everybody regardless.


In a sense, it’s something that we’re used to as we can just read it on Wikipedia or some other websites.

That’s how we deal with cheaters, by publicizing it….


However, it does not seem like Rebecca liked that very much.


[Yeah, yeah I get it. I just want to let off some steam, that’s all.] (Rebecca)

[I’m glad that you understand.] (Ryouta)

[But why would you waste your time!] (Rebecca)

[I-I see.] (Ryouta)


Rebecca had a completely upset look.

Is she drunk?


[I don’t think it’s about that.] (Alice)


Alice who has been playing with her fellow monster friends finally spoke up.


[What did you say?] (Rebecca)

[It’s in Ryouta’s nature to do it. When troubled——that’s not it, he can’t leave that person alone if there are troubled.] (Alice)

[I know that already!] (Rebecca)

[Yeap~] (Alice)


Alice said with a sweet and lovely smile, as if enjoying it.

In response, Rebecca’s lips became even sharper.


[It seems that you have a lot of time to spare as well!] (Rebecca)

[Me?] (Alice)

[Yes! To bring the spirit and walk around…..Eei!] (Rebecca)


Rebecca then snatched away the peanut that Alice had her hand, then took away Mera-mera as well(!).


[Here, take this! And that! I’ll make you into that!] (Rebecca)


Rebecca then rolled Mera-mera around, like a child playing with clay and mushing it and rolling it around to make it like a dumpling.

The flames of Mera-mera became bright and dark, and when Rebecca had finally released it, it’s eyes were [@@].


How should I put it….she’s clearly drunk.

Well at this stage she still acts cute even while drunk, so I guess it’s fine for now.


With Mera-mera’s incident, Alice and Rebecca started chatting about.

They left me and started talking amongst themselves.

Looking at the two of them, they resemble each other.


Both of them were born from inside the dungeon.

Though their characters are total opposite, but when you look at their background, it’s similar.


Suddenly, Boney-chan lost her balance.

The doll sized monster who stood up and wanted to drink the cup that Alice placed on the table made her lose her balance on her foot and fell.


Rebecca quickly reached out and helped cushioned her fall.


[That’s dangerous, if she wants to drink, give her a smaller cup then.] (Rebecca)


Boney-chan then bobbed her head up and down as if saying [thank you].


[You’re kind.] (Ryouta)

[Monsters are special.] (Rebecca)

[Is it because you’re born in a dungeon?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, that’s right.] (Rebecca)


Rebecca admits honestly.

After being saved, all of Alice’s monster friends went closer to her.


Seems like they both get along well with monsters as well.


[…..It’s noisy outside.] (Rebecca)


Rebecca who was feeding Gau-gau with potato fries said.

At the entrance—-was an adventurer who looked like he has a spirit name attached.


[Now that you mention, it is noisy. Ah, did something happen?] (Ryouta)


I then caught one of the waitress’ attention and asked.


[Seems like a rogue monster is running loose.] 

[Is that so?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, but it’s all alright, since everyone else is getting rid of it. Only reason why it’s rowdy is cause it keeps appearing again and again.] 

[…..I see.] (Ryouta)


I was intrigued by the part where it keeps appearing.


It’s rare for rogue monsters to appear in the streets, what’s more a lot of them at once.


Maybe something else happened?


I stood up and take a look outside.

The city of Shikuro is noisier than usual, as you can hear the sounds of battles here and there.


[So have you heard, apparently this happened because of Ryouta.]

[Ryouta, you mean that <Grandmaster> Ryouta?]

[Yeah, seems like that guy was spreading monsters here and there.]


I heard passerby gossiping about the situation.

I did it? But that’s—–


[Impossible.] [Impossible.] 


The two of them spoke in unison.


When they heard what they had said, they laughed together.

They suddenly appeared right behind me.


[Rebecca.] (Ryouta)

[What ridiculous things are they spouting, it’s impossible for you to do that.] (Rebecca)

[Yeah yeah, Ryouta will never do that. I’m sure everyone in the city knows of it.] (Alice)


Alice agreed with her.


Well, that’s obvious.

They keyword to this city is more to [if you do something unreasonable, Ryouta will find you].

So it should be few who believe in such gossip spreading around the city.


However, I can’t leave it alone.

As rogue monsters are actually out there, damage may occur to unforeseen people.


[I’m sorry you two, I’ll head out for a moment.] (Ryouta)

[Alright! Good luck out there!] (Alice)

[Do whatever you want.] (Rebecca)


After being sent off by the two of them, I went out of the store.



After Ryouta left, only Alice and Rebecca remained.

Alice was smiling, but Rebecca seemed to be bored.


The two of them were standing side by side while looking at the back view of Ryouta.


[Seriously, what kind of man is he.] (Rebecca)

[Eeh, even though you know it well.] (Alice)


Alice placed her hands on her mouth and smirked.


[Saying something like doing things twice. But I can see that you observe him well.] (Alice)

[[—-I don’t know!] (Rebecca)


Rebecca who got figured out stepped on the floor and went back into the store.


[Ahaha, so not honest~] (Alice)


With a sense of familiarity, Alice followed Rebecca and returned to the store.

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